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Welcome to Livin That Life

I started this blog in 2013 after a short trip to Thailand as a 'life-hack' on my mission to make 'location independent' income and be able to travel the world indefinitely and work from wherever on my own time. By writing about what I wanted and paying attention to what other travel-preneurs were doing to build a business from a laptop, I eventually became what I consumed. After some trials and tribulations, I got into Amazon FBA selling with my best friend Parker – importing physical products to That allowed us to stay in Chiang Mai after indefinitely after we attended the DropShip Lifestyle e-commerce Conference in October 2014. So after a year of living in Thailand, as a huge fan of YouTube, I wanted to document the 'Digital Nomad' Life on my own channel called, what else - Livin That Life - born September 2015. Honestly, I just wanted to document all the fun we were having so we can look back at the good times. Uploading a every single week for 2-years straight has got the channel to this point - over 20k+ likeminded subscribers. The coolest point has been connecting with you all and hearing your success stories. Welcome to LivinThatLife!