2018 – What’s Next for LivinThatLife? ? Join the Team [Blog post]

2018 – What’s Next for LivinThatLife? ? Join the Team [Blog post]

Yo guys!

I think I should do a yearly recap video and talk about the mission moving forward.

2017 was the best year ever, we visited 11 Countries.

Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, UAE, Spain, Colombia, Puerto Rico, China, Japan, Hong Kong…. not counting our annual visit home to Seattle:)

This next year, the main mission is to start building a team. I can’t do everything myself. Right now I have 1 part-time video editor. And seeking interns to help with social media marketing, article writing, and further video editing, for Facebook & other platforms.

The next step will be getting a traveling filmmaker to travel with us and film our fun trips.  But this channel is not currently bringing in the monthly income to pay for that.

So, if that’s something you’d like to see, check out the new Patreon page and see if there’s anything you’re interested in.

Including getting shoutouts in the description, joining a monthly subscriber call, suggesting video ideas, doing video collabs, partnering on ways to monetize the channel, and getting interviewed on the podcast, and getting your own commercial on the channel.


The revenue will go 100% to hiring a team member.

Patreon team-members will get interaction with me on a monthly basis. To ask me personal questions, etc.


If you have any other ideas of how to monetize the channel in the best way for everybody, let me know!


Als0 – video coming soon about an Amazon apprentice.  Preferrably a Chiang Mai ‘freshman’



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