What do you naturally do?

For young people out of college and high school, it is important to stop and think a bit about what you naturally want to do. Like all the time. This is a hint as to what type of thing you should look into getting into. Ifincludes taking vacations all the time, then you need to get your butt on google and YouTube and see what people are doing to travel as part of their job. An important reminder these days that travel as a lifestyle is a normal option these days, with the Internet and virtual work.

What you “naturally want to do”, when no one is forcing you to do something and there are no deadlines or requirements, is what you like doing. Isn’t that what life should be like all the time? We have come a long way, so we deserve it. We live in the most amazing time ever, where we can do whatever we want – but until you start thinking like that – outside of the old school system, you will never live the fullest life…. If that’s what your into anyway.

Luke has been one of the big youtube inspirations for me to move forward with things I want to do. It’s crazy that we live in a time what you can reap the benefits of being friends with someone with experience on what you’re trying to do, without ever meeting them – without having to read any books anyway… 😊

The Most Important Message: Don’t Work, Play.


The Most Important Message: Don’t Work, Play.


Don’t Work, Play

Okayyyyy, pretty much the beastest post I ever read was posted 3 days ago by Charlie Hoehn, and it is THE MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE that could have been delivered to the human race at this time (link at the end of this post). He gets it, and puts it very well. You have to do shit that’s fun for you, or you will regret it.  Here’s an excerpt:

“I’ve met a lot of incredibly talented and successful people, and nearly all of them approach their lives this way–they play… No one forces them to work on things they don’t care about or tells them how to spend their time. They just give themselves permission to follow their impulses and pursue what excites them. They create a little universe that revolves around their own fun… Every treasured contribution in the history of mankind was created through play: music, art, books, film, comedy, sports, dance, transportation, technology. We pay a premium for these things so we can experience the fruits of other people’s play!”


Our ‘don’t work, play’ mindset all started four months ago when we named our new Wi-Fi network for our tiny apartment playgroundlife during the time that we came back from SouthEast Asia and realized that life truly is a grand playground. It’s the most awesome playground imaginable. I’ve always believed this, that if we are not spending our  lives playingaround on this magical playground, then we have been hypnotized. To quote Joe Rogan, “we live in strange times”, but it can’t be stressed enough that the internet makes it more feasible to make a living doing work you love.

playground life

The Information Age

Imagine the world is one giant marketplace, a huge night market. Each person is offering a piece of art or product or service that is related to something they care about.  This market exists today on the net.

What we need, is for everybody to learn how to put their fun on the net, into the global marketplace. Its a skill, but everyone needs to learn it. Because if everyone had their fun on the internet, everyone would have the chance to connect with thousands of other people who like the exact same kind of fun, who are eager to learn more and get better at it. People who share interest in your fun stuff will want to ‘follow’ you, because by watching you have fun, they are having fun. And when you have a community of people interested in the same fun-ness, you have the ability to offer these people services and tools, specifically designed to help peeps improve their playing skills, or just get more of it.

Simply put, in the age of the internet, there’s no excuse for doing work you don’t love. U just gotta learn to be savvy wit it. Like how to get people to see your fun. My vision includes not just young people putting their ‘fun work’ on the internet for the world to experience, but for old farts too, who once said ‘I’m staying away from technology.’

There’s no hiding from the power of the internet. You can ditch the old mindset of just doing ‘work that needs to be done’, and start working on becoming financially independent doing work you love, spreading it out on the cloud for earthlings to see, or you can ignore the fact that business exists in the stratosphere nowadays.  Information is smeared across the globe almost evenly right now, and it will be virtually even across all continents in the next 10 years. 2 billion people can go online now, and the 5 billion others are not far behind (Mark Zuckerberg is making sure of it).

Image via internet.org

People are talking

Check out my guy Fabian4Liberty’s videos, he’s been preachin ‘Passion-Based Work’ since Day 1. It just makes so much sense. Some good videos are below. Check out my whole playlist too. First one is from Tim Ferriss, check out all his shit on YouTube. Just search him and start learning.

“…How you feel when you go to bed and when you get up… If you’re feeling anxiety [about work] in those places, that’s not success, in my opinion.” – Tim Ferriss

~Here’s to livin that life, never forgetting that child-like curiosity, and doin shit just cuz it’s fun, and hilarious.

How To Get Rich? Don’t Compete. Dominate, Free Yourself

How To Get Rich? Don’t Compete. Dominate, Free Yourself

“You wanna get rich? You wanna be really successful? When I talk about rich, I’m not talkin about money. I’m talkin about a rich life. Freedom. Time with family. Choice. You get to move where you want, go where you want, do what you want. That’s why I’m in business for myself.”

I wish I had heard this before I went to college. But they don’t teach you this concept in college. They don’t teach you how to go into business for yourself, they teach you how to be a worker drone [watch]. Ever since I learned “the owner mindset” 18 months ago, I foresaw a level of freedom I didn’t know existed. Then, when I found the internet marketers who were living this mobile reality, running their business while traveling the world, the vision only got bigger. Btw, when Grant says family, I use that word interchangeably with friends. And as the world gets smaller, our families will grow. Let’s add as many interesting and fun people to our families as we can.

To paraphrase how Mr. Cardone opened his talk: What is success? Success is freedom, not any amount of money or recognition. Run your own shit, so you can do whatever the fuck you want,whenever the fuck you want, wherever the fuck you want.

Why is Mr. Cardone so passionate about helping others live free, rich lives? Well, his father bought his dream home months before he died. He never got to experience it with his boys. Now he teaches people how to not fall into that same trap. To get free. To stop going along with the crowd. That you have to do extraordinary things to get ‘not ordinary’ results, aka complete time and location freedom. He awakens people to the idea that although we live in a ‘free’ country, you still have to fight for your ultimate freedom.

“My Dad worked so hard, with no concept of freedom. He had a good job, he made some money, but he was basically imprisoned in his thinking – that work is hard.”

He’s a Freedom Fighter.

photo 1-1

Mr. Cardone gets it. He’s got the goods. I just watched this talk, and wrote down my favorite notes & quotes. What does Grant Get? He gets that if you want to be successful, you have to do what everyone elseisn’t doing.

It’s being able to do what you want, when you want,where you want. That’s living like a homo sapien in the 21st century. The age of crystal balls and flying machines. And telepathy. Think about it.

telepathy |təˈlepəTHē| noun – the supposed communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses.


5 tips to DOMINATION:

1. Write a book

2. Cut negative people

3. Blog.

4. Change what you read (and watch)

5. Get Certain

Beast Quotes:

“If you won’t pressure somebody to do the right thing, it’s something you don’t believe in. Have confidence in the truth…Stay with the cycle until the cycle is closed. Because you believeBuild your confidence until you’re invincible.”

Grant truly wants us to know that if we stop before we get what we want, we are not confident. And if we are not confident, we have nothing.

“It takes 10x more activity than you think…”

Scary. Just have more activity. Reach out to more people. Blog more. Do more research. To dominate, it takes crazy levels of activity. Is your business active? The cool thing is, nowadays with automation (technology and virtual assistants), it’s easier than ever to keep shit active even when you aren’t.

“I had to keep my targets high, to keep myself interested.  It’s your responsibility to live up to your potential.”

If you’re not genuinely interested what you’re doing, it’s gunna be tough to dominate. I am especially guilty of this, because I get bored easily. I always have. That’s why I’m choosing to do business based on lifestyle that is interesting to me, not which brings the quickest or most money.

“Uncertainty is the problem.”

Even if you’re a little uncertain with what you’re trying to do, others won’t follow. It’s just pure psychology.

“You gotta Practice enthusiasm.”

Most people get more excited about american idol than they do their own business or careers. That says it all. TV is the biggest sheep dog ever. It gives you a virtual reality to be excited about, even though it has nothing to do with you or reaching your freedoms…see my post on BIRGing (Basking In Reflected Glory).

“Did somebody tell you to ask for me?”

Lol what a great line to say when somebody asks you for something… No matter what they’re asking for, it says ‘I’m your guy’. To Dominate, you have to do a little mind fucking.

read listen watch riley bennett

“Most people are gonna spend more time in their life working, than any other thing…and not being successful.”

Watch The Story of Your Enslavement – for more history on this sad truth.

“To do daily: READ. LISTEN. WATCH. It’s 3 different ways of learning.”

The Trifecta of lifelong learning. He’s beast for that one.

“This is not about a college degree. This is massive amounts of action. To get attention for yourself, your brand, your company, your product, your ideas, your dream.”

(That part gave me the chills).

“What do Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet and Oprah have in common?”

1) DUTY. Aka ‘I HAVE to do this’. Aka ‘I won’t be able to live with myself if I don’t’.2) IMMERSION. Aka they live and breathe their work b/c they like it. Aka they fuck wit it. Aka they think its dope.

Grant’s 4 steps of Success: HEY!!! U listenin to ME?? Here it is:

get attention, get criticism, get haters, get money, grant cardone


To Summarize this talk (and what Cardone is all about):

  • Have Crazy Confidence

  • Don’t follow the herd

  • Blog (aka write)

~Here’s to Livin That Life.

“Lifestyle Entrepreneurship — Time Freedom / Location Freedom / Financial Freedom”


“How do I Get Rich? Don’t Compete. Dominate, Free Yourself”

What are some other good Grant Cardone videos? This is only the second one I’ve seen haha. Put it in da commentz!