What do you naturally do?

For young people out of college and high school, it is important to stop and think a bit about what you naturally want to do. Like all the time. This is a hint as to what type of thing you should look into getting into. Ifincludes taking vacations all the time, then you need to get your butt on google and YouTube and see what people are doing to travel as part of their job. An important reminder these days that travel as a lifestyle is a normal option these days, with the Internet and virtual work.

What you “naturally want to do”, when no one is forcing you to do something and there are no deadlines or requirements, is what you like doing. Isn’t that what life should be like all the time? We have come a long way, so we deserve it. We live in the most amazing time ever, where we can do whatever we want – but until you start thinking like that – outside of the old school system, you will never live the fullest life…. If that’s what your into anyway.

Luke has been one of the big youtube inspirations for me to move forward with things I want to do. It’s crazy that we live in a time what you can reap the benefits of being friends with someone with experience on what you’re trying to do, without ever meeting them – without having to read any books anyway… 😊

Author of Mastery: The One Thing To Focus On In Your 20′s

Author of Mastery: The One Thing To Focus On In Your 20′s


What is all this Mastery talk I’ve been hearin? Parker ordered the book and got me pumped about it, then I listened to this JRE podcast at work the other day, and found out.  (Btw, try listening to JRE as a switch-up from music one day. It’s the most mind-expanding thing out there… if you’re into philosophy. Get the podcasts app on your phone. Do it.)  This one with Robert Greene, author of Mastery, is one of the best yet. The whole thing riddled with golden nuggets of wisdom.

This dude Robert Greene is a beast. Like, meditates every morning in a crazy yoga pose type of beast.  He’s famous for his book The 48 Laws of Power, which is basically a psychology book on why people play the silly games they do just to get what they want (in the words of Greg Proops, ‘wealth and shit?’ lol) and how we can recognize these ‘mind-fucking’ tactics, to use the scientific term, so we can side-step them, or opt out of silly mind-games altogether.

My man 50 Cent got involved with Robert Greene in 2009 to write a sequel, The 50th Law, because he’d experienced some ‘douchebags’ in the music biz and wanted to expand on these powerful mind tricks that were being used with his wisdom from the streets and the drug game.

50 is a beast not because he’s the best at one single thing, but because of his ability to expand. Explore. To keep growing and re-inventing. Not to mention the ability to prevail thru suffering (50 was shot 9 times and survived, and his mom and his rap mentor were both murdered).  He finally left the major label, and has no signs of slowing down as a creative entrepreneur.  50 and Greene both exemplify the well-roundedness that Greene says it takes to become a true master. They are both on the path. To Mastery.

50 Cent performs at SXSW on March 11, 2014 Misha Vladimirskiy/FilterlessCo

“I’m trying to get you to that well-rounded form of Mastery. You have to learn how to deal with people. You have to be socially fluid. You have to know how to be empathetic.” – R. Greene

So What is Mastery?

At it’s core, Greene thinks it has something to do with ‘well-roundedness.’ To be a true Master, I think he wants us to know that it also takes social and spiritual talent as well, not just mastering one thing.

Robert Greene is a very spiritual dude, he’s a Buddhism history buff, and I think the path to mastery ties in well with the path Buddhist monks take to achieve enlightenment. The key message here being, it requires going thru a lot of strife, before you get to be a kickass Master.

“You gotta have the Yin, to get the Yang.” – J. Rogan

There’s no clear cut path to enlightenment. You have to experience the pain if you want to experience the joys. There are no shortcuts. Your experiences are what make you a master.

“It’s a loose path. Its not like a straight line.” – R. Greene

There is no monk who gets to achieve enlightenment without going through years of pain.Years of your teacher slapping you on the forehead, starving you, stretching you, molding you, trying and falling, getting feedback, trying and falling, getting feedback.

“F*ck working for retirement. You gotta enjoy every step along the way. Do what the f*ck you love to do the whole time, and you’ll smile at the end.” – Aubrey Marcus

Mastery is discovering who you are, what you want to do. That’s Greene’s first stage. Then Apprenticeship, then Creativity, then Mastery. I’m excited to be in the first stage – discovering who I am and what I want to do. To work on that, we’re traveling the world. Starting in Africa. Then India, all the way to Thailand. Then Mars.. (jk, or not?)

“Start having adventures. Start living life. That’s where the real education is.” – James Altucher

^Quote from his podcast called Why College is a Waste of Money, check it out, and his book called Choose Yourself.  While you’re at it, you might as well check out video too on VICE,  Is College Worth It?

The Adventure

passport travel livin that life

Here it is, what the author of Mastery thinks you should focus on in your 20′s:

“The goal of your life in your 20′s should be learning as much as possible,  not worrying about how much money you’re making, giving yourself the freedom to make mistakes, to explore, to have some adventures… and you’re gonna make that money eventually” – Robert Greene

Yup. The Number 1 thing to focus on in your 20′s: Adventure & learn as much as possible. I’m interpreting that as: travel to new countries and cultures, explore your interests, try things that are out-of-the-box.

Thank you Mr. Greene for that confirmation, sir. Don’t chase the paycheck, chase the experience. Got it.

To hear the part on the biggest trap: the money trap, fast-forward to 1:16:10, or click here. It’s the idea that when you become used to a good regular paycheck and the associated luxuries, it can make someone less likely to re-route to a newly found, lesser-paying  path that is more correctly aligned with the true self, because nobody likes to ‘downgrade’ their level of consumption. If you take a paycut, and you spend like you’re used to, you go broke. It happens to NFL players, it happened to me. So, I guess we shouldn’t worry about the highest paychecks right now.  Does that mean school’s not over just yet? Yes! Cause I F*ckin Love Learning!

Looking back, I’m glad I quit my good regular paycheck job that wasn’t aligned with where I want to go as soon as I did.  Now I spend more time exploring where I want to go with this thing.  Moving abroad was already on the agenda, but now I’m calling it a strategic first step, on the path to mastery.

Choose Yourself - Livin That LifeMastery Robert Greene - Livin That Life

Yin-Yang - Livin That Life

~Here’s to some crazy adventures.


4 Things I WISH I Knew Before Leaving College

4 Things I WISH I Knew Before Leaving College (Enter The Matrix)

(If you dont even read this post, make sure to watch the #1 video below – ‘Joe Rogan – What is REALITY’)

This post has some stuff in it just to get you thinking. My post-college self has a whole new view on the idea of money and jobs, and it’s a result of asking new sets of questions about things that I never thought to question before.  A lot of these new questions came about during college when I started to unplug myself from standard TV, and plug myself in to YouTube education. Funny how one simple shift in entertainment source can change how you think.

“Over love, fame, fortune, give me truth.” – Thoreau

The Red Pill, Or the Blue Pill?

I never took Sociology 101, but some of the things that control/organize society are pretty strange when you think about it. I guess this is my first time questioning how it all works.

[note: the source for my motivation to open the computer and write about these thoughts stems from the feeling of being tricked. No one likes to feel like they were lied to. In some way, I get a bit of that feeling as I leave college. Like I was duped. It must be a motivating emotion?

I guess I wasn’t exactly lied to by school, per say, but its mostly that I feel that there is so much important information out there about the way money and society really works that wasn’t taught to us in school, and I’m a bit astonished by it I guess.

At first, learning a strange fundamental fact about that world that goes against everything you were taught is like swallowing a big round bitter pill, without water.

Of course, you can always spit it out if you don’t like the taste and ignore it forever. Heck, you can even throw it up hours later. But once its swallowed and digested, you will never view the world the same again.

This I why they call it, going down the rabbit hole.  

I took the red pill and headed down the rabbit hole about 4 years ago as a sophomore in college. The further I went down the rabbit hole, the more I found.  This kicked off my first year of Self-Education School.

So, what’ll it be. The Red Pill, or the Blue Pill?

Take the Red Pill, keep reading, and you will learn about four things that I wish I had understood before leaving to college, which may change the way you think about the world forever. Or, take the Blue Pill, and read the next post ;)

A paradigm shift.

A paradigm shift. A change in how you think about the world. If you have not experienced a similar shift, I urge you to keep reading – if you are curious.

You have a choice. This paradigm shift was caused by information I learned that you would not see in public or from major public sources. In order to see whats really going on, you have to look. But all searching is these days is typing words into a search bar.

So yeah, you have to type words into YouTube to find truth. Hard, right? So finding the truth comes down to either someone sharing it with you, or typing in words. But you have a choice – to look or not look. Depends how curious you are.

big-pharmaone major paradigm shift that hit me big time after college was the pharmaceuticals industry. wtf. its blatant to me now that doctors, whose research was funded by the pharma corps, prescribe prescriptions to treat the symptoms, not the root causes of the disease or ailment. the real cure is in prevention, witch happens to be tremendously more effective and true than waiting til you get a disease to deal with it. chronic disease, the most common thing people get medications for, has to do with the immune system and your body’s natural ability to heal itself. those mechanisms are dampened when your body does not have enough voltage aka energy aka electrons aka nutrients aka antioxidants aka good shit. but thats for another post.

“look beyond what is being presented publicly. if you outsource your thinking, that is as bad as being stabbed in the back. you should be free to do anything that you want to do.”

“don’t let elites manufacture reality for you, unleash your imagination and creative power and create your own reality outward.”

This will be a link to my youtube playlist called “The Pill”

…that is, the Red pill.  To swallow it, click here. If you’re not ready to change the way you think, and start self-educating instead of relying on sources to come to you to deliver information, don’t.

“This is your last chance, after this there is no turning back. You take blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and you believe whatever you want to believe.”You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and i show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

Its called a Paradigm Shift


Or Not?

All I’m offering is the Truth, Nothing More.

Get eased into it with Joe Rogan, a great place to start to get into the habit of thinking for yourself about everything. This video will soften up your mind, get it more open and free to think new, original thoughts.


“Over love, fame, fortune, give me truth.” – Thoreux


if you are of the curious type, and you really value the true nature of things, start self-educating.

jump right in if you wish, with state of mind: science of social control… scary stuff, but it just might get u thinking…

copy–> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47gd_wfsN78&list=PLIsHX7vpse9naZHrJhf7R8RVKTELGeDMy&feature=share&index=2

and see for yourself how deep the rabbit hole goes… its fun!


From College, to Thailand, to Internet Entrepreneur

After college, I had to rethink everything about how I thought I wanted to live. Thanks to friends introducing me to entrepreneurship, my brain shifted from employee mindset, to owner mindset. Taking control and designing your own life.

When I was living in Thailand, I realized that America, is just one of the countries. Just oneon the list. It’s not the top one on the list, like how it always is when you select your mailing address online. That’s how I viewed America before. But it’s not any more special than any other country, and it’s not on top of the list. We should be forced to scroll down every time, past 200-something other countries, to select our home addresses, so we can be constantly reminded we are living in one of many, many, others.

“People rarely succeed unless they have FUN in what they’re doing.” – Dale Carnegie

Each country has it’s own things that are DOPE, that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. That’s why this trip solidified my belief that travel is how I want to live.  It led us to connect with other travelers from around the world, and gave us a new idea of what living to travel means – not just as a thing to do once a year, but as a way of life.

“Shape your life or someone else will.” – Gary Lew

This was it. This was how we wanted to live. So began our quest for the dream job. The virtual job.  We’ve started learning about strategies to make money online, so we can sustain the travelling lifestyle.  If you think the same way we do, you love to travel but would like to travel more, or maybe you’re just out of college and aren’t sure where you want to take your skills like I was, learn to work virtually, on your own.  In the age of the internet, you can work from anywhere.  And the #1 way to get started –  learn to blog. Even if you don’t want to make any money online, getting in the habit of writing daily or weekly is therapeutic.  A very healthy thing to do, mentally, spiritually, and eventually for us, financially. Check out the online blogging academy!

Its just an idea folks! What do you think? Leave a comment!!