Editor & Filmmaker Contest! 📷 🌏 🎬 ✈️ for Livin That Life YouTube Travel Channel

The time has come. To level up. To follow in Jubril’s footsteps. He recently did this contest and we suggested we do the same. So here it is!

Jubril & his film crew. It’s time to get on his level 🙂

We want to hire an Editor AND a Videographer to travel with us and film for Youtube.com/LivinThatLife (almost) every day and help us take this thing to the Next Level.  Maybe 2 separate people, but if you can do both, perfect.

I’m thinking a 1-2 month internship trial period with a small $500/mo stipend. We’re not on the level to pay for a full time ’employee’ yet. It’s just an internship.

  • Editing and/or filming 5 videos a week (avg 5 hrs per edit x 5 = 25 hrs per week)
  • Including daily Travel Vlogs (Casey Niestat x Gary Vee style), plus interviews, mini docs & promotional content.
  • Opportunity for a full-time paid contract after the trial if things go well, and opportunity to come travel the world with us full-time in the future.

Ideally we want someone to come TRAVEL WITH US NOW and FILM & EDIT daily!

Priority will be given to anyone who can COME TRAVEL WITH US and do the daily filming as well as editing – IF you are location-independent and can pay your own expenses. We are not on the level to pay for someone’s full-time expenses yet.

But lots of people have expressed interest in this so – just for the excuse to travel – to join a group of awesome people and have some priceless experiences with us – in exchange for helping us make videos while gaining experience.

And the opportunity for paid work after the trial period, and to build your skills while LIVIN THAT LIFE!

But keep in mind you would still be working for us pretty much full-time and will be needing to edit 5 nights a week, so many times we will be going out at night and you will have to be back at the hotel or cafe editing.

What we need:

  • Two videos you have edited personally
  • One video introducing who you are why you would be the best fit for this position. The point is to see if we like you, so feel free to include what music you listen to, your passions, any funny travel stories, other skills you have that you can bring to the table, etc. )
  • List your equipment. Computer, editing program & video/audio gear and accessories. Ideally you have a camera but if you don’t we can use my Canon G7X.

livin that life filmmaker contest

Priority will be given to those of you who are Location Independent and can come join us on this trip to do the filming AND editing – that would be awesome and ideal – we would make so much dope content together and explode this thing  – it would be insane. And be part of starting something great.

But still apply if you are interested in just editing remotely from home 5 vids a week for $500/mo starting out – as we may not find the right person to travel with this go around and may just hire a remote editor. Or maybe we’ll bring a filmer with us and hire a separate remote editor! Not sure! Just putting it out there to see what might work!

I will send finalists some of my raw footage – and our favorite edit will win.

Send your entries to [email protected] !!

Also feel free to hit me up on FB for questions! fb.com/rileygbennett – send me a msg.

Talk soon,


Our rough travel schedule: 

FEB 17th-19th – Bangkok

FEB 20th- March 4th – 2-3 short stopovers in TBD Countries en route to Medellin.

MAR 5th-15th – Medellin, Colombia

MAR 16th – 31st – Puerto Rico.

April – Could be anywhere!

It’s possible to meet us anywhere! ASAP! Let’s go!

Why the F*ck Are We in Asia??

Okay, let’s just get this part out of the way… I think everybody has at least some desire to travel in their lives, so, that’s obvious. 

But it’s when and how you make that happen is the tricky part. Luckily, we live in the digital virtual magical harry potter world of the internet so it is easier to make it happen now than ever. 

We have flying busses and telepathic communication… I mean, what more could you ask for?

Basically, we’re in Asia because Parker signed up for the Study Abroad Thailand program at WSU 2 years ago. That set everything in motion and changed both of our futures drastically (for the better).

When he was studying in Thailand, he would call me back at home almost every day and rant about how amazing it was over there. Another friend and I were planning a trip somewhere that Summer anyway, so we said ‘why not just go visit Parker?’ So I spent two short weeks in Thailand, got back, and we both said conclusively, ‘we gotta go back.’

So we moved into a one bedroom apartment (yes, I slept on the couch for a year) and it became our incubator for the next year for figuring out how to get back to Thailand and how we were going to make money there. We looked at job opportunities including working at hotels, bars, being tour guides, promoters, and Teaching English (the most popular).

chaing mai

One Key Decision

Not signing up for cable when we moved into our apartment proved to be the most crucial move ever because by consuming only YouTube, we were able to control what we consumed, which led us to find several travel bloggers which led us to understand the reality that there are tons of people traveling the world working online nowadays. I bought an Apple TV for 50 bucks from a friend and streamed travel videos on our TV each night instead of watching sports or other shows on cable. Eventually, you become what you eat. 

We watched every video about living and working Thailand that we could, and we stumbled on Johnny’s video on his $200 apartment in Chiang Mai. So we followed his blog and found out that he’d recently started an E-Commerce business and was already making 4k per month working online and living in Chiang Mai, all while spending less than a thousand bucks per month there.

Then one day he made the announcement that there was going to be a global Meetup in October in Chiang Mai for entrepreneurs to come learn about Drop Shipping and other E-Commerce methods, and to take your business to the next level while experiencing the city of Chiang Mai, the ‘Digital Nomad Capital of the World’.

Working online seemed like the best option for us, so we signed up right away. This was our chance to surround ourselves with people who have the same mindset and are trying to do the same thing as us. We understood that you become the average of the five people you hang around the most.

When you make money independently from a location, it’s a dream come true because you can move cities whenever you want! We were determined to make that a reality because we saw other people on the internet who were already doing it. If they can do it, why not us. That was our mindset.

This was in the Summer that we decided that the October 7th Meetup would be the day we move back. There was no missing this date. So we both continued working our shitty jobs and saving up as much as we could. I had sold internet independently door-to-door for the past five Summers so I just did that so I wouldn’t get sucked into a corporation, and Parker worked at a the Marriott.

The hardest part was saving enough money to go. I was still unsure up to a month before D-day that I would have enough to last me enough time to build a profitable online business (6 months was our goal). But luckily, Parker bought his ticket first and so I had no choice but to buy mine and say f*ck it. I left with much less money than I had hoped, and I had signed up for 3 credit cards leading up to it to earn flying miles, which I am still paying off, but at least it got me here.

Here's us happy as clams at Songkran Water Festival last week.
Here’s us happy as clams at Songkran Water Festival last week.

Why Chiang Mai?

In short, because it’s so freakin cheap (one of the cheapest cities in the world) and has all the amenities you need. So it’s a great place for the bootstrapping entrepreneur  Over the past few years, CM has gotten more popular for online entrepreneurs and freelancers to work from, and now has come to be known as the ‘Digital Nomad Capital of the World.

As someone else put it

“Chiang Mai is touted as the ‘Digital Nomad Capital of the World’. It has a large community of expat business owners who mainly work in the online arena. Southeast Asia is relatively cheap compared to the rest of the world, so it’s a great place for the bootstrapping entrepreneur. There are lots of coffee shops, great internet, and the people are very nice. It’s a real laid back atmosphere, great food, great cultures, Great WiFi – a lot of great features. A lot of business people come here to take it to the next level. There are quite interesting conversations about marketing and SEO and how to take it to the next level. You can lower your expenses, have a lifestyle, and build your business.

We had started working on our Drop Shipping stores that Summer and continued optimizing them at the coworking office Punspace with a bunch of other guys from the Meetup. But after about three months, no stores were really turning a full-time profit. 

So everyone switched to Amazon! 😀 

Punspace - coworking space in Chiang Mai.
Punspace – coworking space in Chiang Mai.

The Amazon Method

Luckily, one friend at the Meetup had started with selling thru Amazon FBA right away in October after it was presented as one of the top strategies today, but the startup cost to buy inventory put everyone off. But his product was doing so well on Amazon in just 2 months that everyone followed suit in December.

We spent two months researching a product and eventually placed a test order for $1000 of inventory, but shit hit the fan when Alibaba (the website where you buy stuff from Chinese factories) confiscated our product from the factory because some company in the US threatened them with copyright infringement. But that’s business. 

So we had to start all over again picking a new product. In February we made our test order of our new product from China, it went live in March, and sold out in 3 weeks. We are currently placing our next order. 

Why has everyone in CM started to use Amazon FBA? It’s proven to be the easiest, fastest, and most hands-off way to start selling a product online. We simply go on Alibaba.com to find a product, chat with the supplier on Skype to negotiate prices, order a sample, then have them ship the boxes of product directly to the Amazon warehouse in the US, and they sell it online for you. Simple as that. All you have to do is write a sexy description and take some sexy photos of the product. We have at least 10 friends in CM who all do this successfully who started in the last year.

For more on the method, I wrote a blog here

It’s more fun to be different.

Living in Chiang Mai is my first international living experience, and it has been the most interesting, beautiful and fun 6 months of my life. We haven’t really traveled around much, just to Cambodia for a month (the best month ever btw), since we have been bootstrapping, but our goal is to ramp up our Amazon business until we can travel to new cities. 

So that’s why we’re in Asia. To live cheaply and surround ourselves with people who have already done what we are trying to do: break out of the JOB paradigm (Just Over Broke), start an online business, and travel while working remotely. 

We’re not inventing anything new, just paying attention to what others are doing.  

-Riley aka Pliez da God.

UPDATE: Over a year later: Tuesday July 25, 2016

 – Our First Amazon product Launched in July 2015 and we are still selling about 15 units per day, while living in Saigon, Vietnam for most of the past year. We just visited back home for a month and now I’m writing this from Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Here’s last week’s sales screenshot:

Amazon App Seller Sales - Livin That Life, The Amazon Method

Chiang Mai Big Buddha IMG_5233 IMG_5758IMG_5018

What do you naturally do?

For young people out of college and high school, it is important to stop and think a bit about what you naturally want to do. Like all the time. This is a hint as to what type of thing you should look into getting into. Ifincludes taking vacations all the time, then you need to get your butt on google and YouTube and see what people are doing to travel as part of their job. An important reminder these days that travel as a lifestyle is a normal option these days, with the Internet and virtual work.

What you “naturally want to do”, when no one is forcing you to do something and there are no deadlines or requirements, is what you like doing. Isn’t that what life should be like all the time? We have come a long way, so we deserve it. We live in the most amazing time ever, where we can do whatever we want – but until you start thinking like that – outside of the old school system, you will never live the fullest life…. If that’s what your into anyway.

Luke has been one of the big youtube inspirations for me to move forward with things I want to do. It’s crazy that we live in a time what you can reap the benefits of being friends with someone with experience on what you’re trying to do, without ever meeting them – without having to read any books anyway… 😊

5 Reasons to Do Business In Kenya


5 Reasons to Do Business In Kenya

We’re heading to Kenya soon, so if you’re  like us, and you’re passionate about world travel and doing business that matters, here are 5 reasons to do business in Kenya, and why you should join us on some crazy entrepreneurial adventures. Check out the projects and student programs  at kenyasocialventures.com.

1. It’s A Huge Market Opportunity

“Africa has an abundance of natural resources, a rising middle class, a deep penetration of mobile phones and, in another 20 years, it will have the largest concentration of young people on Earth. This continent is about to explode economically.” – Uyi Stewart, IBM

Africa is HUGE. It’s the fastest growing  economy in the world. It has 52 cities with a population of a million or more, the same  as western Europe. More people live in cities than in India, and it has a larger middle class, half of which will have discretionary income to spend by 2020.

africa market opportunity ltl

Johnathan Berman

“Africa needs everything – infrastructure, education, health care, consumer goods, and retail – and can pay for it.” – Johnathan Berman

Because of political instability in the past,  intra-continental trade was the lowest in the world, at 11%,  but things have opened up in a major way. African companies are now capitalizing on the massive opportunity as more stable governments promote free trade across the board.

“We all speak the same language now, and the views of business are welcome at the table without fear or favor.” – Vimal Shah, CEO, Bidco (Kenya)

2. The Rising Billion Smartphone Users

Jon Evans

Around 3 billion people can go online today. That leaves 4 billion people out of the global conversation.  In the next decade, that’s going to change,  immensely. A big portion will come from the biggest continent, Africa, population 1.1 billion.

“Strategically, Kenya is definitely the most important mobile destination in sub-Saharan Africa.” – Michael Dawes, CEO, All Amber

Peter Diamandis, author of Abundance, coined The Rising Billion as the world’s poorest people coming online. In fact, he sited The Rising Billion, along with Exponential Technologies, the DIY Innovator, and the Technophilanthropist, as the four most powerful emerging forces that will solve our biggest problems.

kenya social ventures internship summer 2014

Smartphone use is only around 10% right now, and soon to Double. That changes the game. Access to Google search is perhaps the greatest tool an individual could have. Think about it, a whole new generation of creative smartphone users is about to come online – instagrammers, digital musicians, vloggers, documentarians, pranksters, redditers! The smartphone is an incredibly empowering piece of technology, and before we know it, a billion more hands will be soaking in a universe of information and possibility.

“If you know the African psyche, once you show them it is possible you cannot stop that train.”- Uyi Stewart, IBM

3. Explore Another Way of Life & Culture

Doing business abroad is just simply more interesting! Instead of focusing on the biggest financial gains, the New Rich focus on acquiring amazing and diverse experiences. Experience another way of life and culture.

Travel to a developing country in general. It’s the best education you can get. Gain a new perspective. If you have , you’ve probably witnessed another, simpler, way of life. Yet the people seem to smile more and look happier than people in America! It’s really an eye opener, and makes you re-think what’s important. Planning your next excursion abroad? Why not Kenya!?

kibera slums kenya

“Five days in Nairobi slums will change you.” – Jacqueline Novogratz

The Kibera slums outside Nairobi are the second largest in the world, and the largest in Africa. Walk through it and come out thinking differently forever.

4. The Young Continent

Africa ‘s average age is 18! In other major countries, it’s more like 35-40 . Sure, you can make connections  with young people wherever you go, but if you want to invest time in the largest demographic of future thinkers in the world, it’s in Africa. Go there while you’re young,  meet friends, and make lifelong connections, from school kids first learning computers, to Ivy League educated techies.

workforce africa young ltl

“Africans are in Ivy League schools and returning by the numbers. It’s part of a much larger story of Africans setting larger ambitions because there are proof points of whats possible.” – James I Mwangi, GMP, Dalberg (Kenya)

It’s the continent of growth. Africa isn’t going anywhere, and it’s poised to make noise in the global economy very soon. A whole generation of creative young people is coming online in the next few years. What will they create and share with the world?

africa education livin that life

With African governments spending more on education than America and Europe, and with smartphones and computers soon to be powering the wave in the hands of the masses, there’s no telling what creative  genius content and innovation will soon be  pouring out of the rising continent. What’s even crazier, is secondary school enrollment is still very low, at 35%, so there’s still tons of room to grow.

4. Nairobi – Africa’s ‘Digital Savana’

Nairobi, Kenya

This is Nairobi, where we will be doing business. “Nairobi is exploding with world-calibre techies, and companies such as Google, Cisco, Nokia Seimens, and Airtel, have all built their African headquarters there,” says Eric Hersman, founder of the iHub, a fast-growing incubator space for Kenyan startups, investors and technologists.

The iHub.

Every mobile phone in Kenya can transfer money instantly for free via text message, thanks to the revolutionary mobile payment system M-Pesa. This is the catalyst that will continue to allow Kenyans to do business more seamlessly than ever.

“I see the effect every day on my driver. To bring money home to his family, he used to spend a fortune and three or four days not working. Today, he does it with one text message.”- Vimal Shah, Bidco

It’s a growing global entrepreneurial community, and  tech companies in Kenya are coming on fast.  With so much innovative spirit bubbling in this city, the opportunities are endless. If you haven’t realized it yet, the biggest opportunities are in mobile. As a smartphone aka portal to the universe user for a solid 5 years now, I’m hoping I can bring a thing or two to the table.

Watch this TED talk. It says it all.  They are saying that in 30 years time, Africa will look like today’s Asia. If you’re young and into international business, that’s something you might want to be a part of.

Some articles I read:

Vision Statement: Seven Reasons Why Africa’s Time Is Now – HBR

The world’s fastest-growing continent : Aspiring Africa – The Economist

In 3.5 Years, Most Africans Will Have Smartphones – TechCrunch

Africa is Now the Fastest Growing Continent in the World – African Development Bank Group

Google’s Boss Eric Schmidt Projects Kenya As Africa’s Tech Leader – Ventures Africa

Don’t Call Africa’s Tech Hub ‘Silicon Savannah’ – Mashable

Why Nairobi is exploding as the tech hub of East Africa [Interview with Erik Hersman] – The Next Web

Check out our projects and student programs  at http://www.kenyasocialventures.com/

~Here’s to abundance, freedom, and FUN

Author of Mastery: The One Thing To Focus On In Your 20′s

Author of Mastery: The One Thing To Focus On In Your 20′s


What is all this Mastery talk I’ve been hearin? Parker ordered the book and got me pumped about it, then I listened to this JRE podcast at work the other day, and found out.  (Btw, try listening to JRE as a switch-up from music one day. It’s the most mind-expanding thing out there… if you’re into philosophy. Get the podcasts app on your phone. Do it.)  This one with Robert Greene, author of Mastery, is one of the best yet. The whole thing riddled with golden nuggets of wisdom.

This dude Robert Greene is a beast. Like, meditates every morning in a crazy yoga pose type of beast.  He’s famous for his book The 48 Laws of Power, which is basically a psychology book on why people play the silly games they do just to get what they want (in the words of Greg Proops, ‘wealth and shit?’ lol) and how we can recognize these ‘mind-fucking’ tactics, to use the scientific term, so we can side-step them, or opt out of silly mind-games altogether.

My man 50 Cent got involved with Robert Greene in 2009 to write a sequel, The 50th Law, because he’d experienced some ‘douchebags’ in the music biz and wanted to expand on these powerful mind tricks that were being used with his wisdom from the streets and the drug game.

50 is a beast not because he’s the best at one single thing, but because of his ability to expand. Explore. To keep growing and re-inventing. Not to mention the ability to prevail thru suffering (50 was shot 9 times and survived, and his mom and his rap mentor were both murdered).  He finally left the major label, and has no signs of slowing down as a creative entrepreneur.  50 and Greene both exemplify the well-roundedness that Greene says it takes to become a true master. They are both on the path. To Mastery.

50 Cent performs at SXSW on March 11, 2014 Misha Vladimirskiy/FilterlessCo

“I’m trying to get you to that well-rounded form of Mastery. You have to learn how to deal with people. You have to be socially fluid. You have to know how to be empathetic.” – R. Greene

So What is Mastery?

At it’s core, Greene thinks it has something to do with ‘well-roundedness.’ To be a true Master, I think he wants us to know that it also takes social and spiritual talent as well, not just mastering one thing.

Robert Greene is a very spiritual dude, he’s a Buddhism history buff, and I think the path to mastery ties in well with the path Buddhist monks take to achieve enlightenment. The key message here being, it requires going thru a lot of strife, before you get to be a kickass Master.

“You gotta have the Yin, to get the Yang.” – J. Rogan

There’s no clear cut path to enlightenment. You have to experience the pain if you want to experience the joys. There are no shortcuts. Your experiences are what make you a master.

“It’s a loose path. Its not like a straight line.” – R. Greene

There is no monk who gets to achieve enlightenment without going through years of pain.Years of your teacher slapping you on the forehead, starving you, stretching you, molding you, trying and falling, getting feedback, trying and falling, getting feedback.

“F*ck working for retirement. You gotta enjoy every step along the way. Do what the f*ck you love to do the whole time, and you’ll smile at the end.” – Aubrey Marcus

Mastery is discovering who you are, what you want to do. That’s Greene’s first stage. Then Apprenticeship, then Creativity, then Mastery. I’m excited to be in the first stage – discovering who I am and what I want to do. To work on that, we’re traveling the world. Starting in Africa. Then India, all the way to Thailand. Then Mars.. (jk, or not?)

“Start having adventures. Start living life. That’s where the real education is.” – James Altucher

^Quote from his podcast called Why College is a Waste of Money, check it out, and his book called Choose Yourself.  While you’re at it, you might as well check out video too on VICE,  Is College Worth It?

The Adventure

passport travel livin that life

Here it is, what the author of Mastery thinks you should focus on in your 20′s:

“The goal of your life in your 20′s should be learning as much as possible,  not worrying about how much money you’re making, giving yourself the freedom to make mistakes, to explore, to have some adventures… and you’re gonna make that money eventually” – Robert Greene

Yup. The Number 1 thing to focus on in your 20′s: Adventure & learn as much as possible. I’m interpreting that as: travel to new countries and cultures, explore your interests, try things that are out-of-the-box.

Thank you Mr. Greene for that confirmation, sir. Don’t chase the paycheck, chase the experience. Got it.

To hear the part on the biggest trap: the money trap, fast-forward to 1:16:10, or click here. It’s the idea that when you become used to a good regular paycheck and the associated luxuries, it can make someone less likely to re-route to a newly found, lesser-paying  path that is more correctly aligned with the true self, because nobody likes to ‘downgrade’ their level of consumption. If you take a paycut, and you spend like you’re used to, you go broke. It happens to NFL players, it happened to me. So, I guess we shouldn’t worry about the highest paychecks right now.  Does that mean school’s not over just yet? Yes! Cause I F*ckin Love Learning!

Looking back, I’m glad I quit my good regular paycheck job that wasn’t aligned with where I want to go as soon as I did.  Now I spend more time exploring where I want to go with this thing.  Moving abroad was already on the agenda, but now I’m calling it a strategic first step, on the path to mastery.

Choose Yourself - Livin That LifeMastery Robert Greene - Livin That Life

Yin-Yang - Livin That Life

~Here’s to some crazy adventures.


The Most Important Message: Don’t Work, Play.


The Most Important Message: Don’t Work, Play.


Don’t Work, Play

Okayyyyy, pretty much the beastest post I ever read was posted 3 days ago by Charlie Hoehn, and it is THE MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE that could have been delivered to the human race at this time (link at the end of this post). He gets it, and puts it very well. You have to do shit that’s fun for you, or you will regret it.  Here’s an excerpt:

“I’ve met a lot of incredibly talented and successful people, and nearly all of them approach their lives this way–they play… No one forces them to work on things they don’t care about or tells them how to spend their time. They just give themselves permission to follow their impulses and pursue what excites them. They create a little universe that revolves around their own fun… Every treasured contribution in the history of mankind was created through play: music, art, books, film, comedy, sports, dance, transportation, technology. We pay a premium for these things so we can experience the fruits of other people’s play!”


Our ‘don’t work, play’ mindset all started four months ago when we named our new Wi-Fi network for our tiny apartment playgroundlife during the time that we came back from SouthEast Asia and realized that life truly is a grand playground. It’s the most awesome playground imaginable. I’ve always believed this, that if we are not spending our  lives playingaround on this magical playground, then we have been hypnotized. To quote Joe Rogan, “we live in strange times”, but it can’t be stressed enough that the internet makes it more feasible to make a living doing work you love.

playground life

The Information Age

Imagine the world is one giant marketplace, a huge night market. Each person is offering a piece of art or product or service that is related to something they care about.  This market exists today on the net.

What we need, is for everybody to learn how to put their fun on the net, into the global marketplace. Its a skill, but everyone needs to learn it. Because if everyone had their fun on the internet, everyone would have the chance to connect with thousands of other people who like the exact same kind of fun, who are eager to learn more and get better at it. People who share interest in your fun stuff will want to ‘follow’ you, because by watching you have fun, they are having fun. And when you have a community of people interested in the same fun-ness, you have the ability to offer these people services and tools, specifically designed to help peeps improve their playing skills, or just get more of it.

Simply put, in the age of the internet, there’s no excuse for doing work you don’t love. U just gotta learn to be savvy wit it. Like how to get people to see your fun. My vision includes not just young people putting their ‘fun work’ on the internet for the world to experience, but for old farts too, who once said ‘I’m staying away from technology.’

There’s no hiding from the power of the internet. You can ditch the old mindset of just doing ‘work that needs to be done’, and start working on becoming financially independent doing work you love, spreading it out on the cloud for earthlings to see, or you can ignore the fact that business exists in the stratosphere nowadays.  Information is smeared across the globe almost evenly right now, and it will be virtually even across all continents in the next 10 years. 2 billion people can go online now, and the 5 billion others are not far behind (Mark Zuckerberg is making sure of it).

Image via internet.org

People are talking

Check out my guy Fabian4Liberty’s videos, he’s been preachin ‘Passion-Based Work’ since Day 1. It just makes so much sense. Some good videos are below. Check out my whole playlist too. First one is from Tim Ferriss, check out all his shit on YouTube. Just search him and start learning.

“…How you feel when you go to bed and when you get up… If you’re feeling anxiety [about work] in those places, that’s not success, in my opinion.” – Tim Ferriss

~Here’s to livin that life, never forgetting that child-like curiosity, and doin shit just cuz it’s fun, and hilarious.

Start Livin Life: 6 Must Watch Videos

It’s A Fact. Too Many Of Us Are Just Surviving.

How Do We Break That Cycle and Start Livin Life?

(Hint: The Answer is Doing Something You’re Into ;))

Watch these videos to get jumpstarted.

Let’s get this party started, with Jason Silva – Awe.

When we talk about Livin That Life, we’re talkin about the type of life filled with Awe. Awe-some-ness. We all want our lives to be Awesome! But what is Awe, and why do we crave it so much?

“Awe is that pure ecstatic connection we feel to wonder and infinite ecstasy… a bursting of the senses…. a feeling of radiant pure aliveness… being completely ravished emotionally.”

The problem with humans, says Jason Silva, is our tendency to fall into mental habits.

“Once we fall into a comfort zone, we rarely step out of that comfort zone.”

But the consequence of that, is a phenomenon known as hedonic adaptation.

“Over stimulation to the same kind of thing, the same stimuli over and over again, renders said stimuli invisible. Your brain has mapped it in it’s own head, and you no longer have to be engaged by that. You have eyes that see not, ears that hear not, and hearts that neither feel nor understand.”

Personally, I can’t stand doing the same thing day after day. I get bored very easily. My body needs awe. I feel it. That’s what Livin That Life is all about. This video will get your senses electrified… Give you a little feeling of that awe that we are after.  Hopefully it reminds you to keep chasing awesomeness.  The world is really infinitely awesome and incomprehensible.  This is a constant reminder to remember what’s really important. This video will jumpstart your imagination and get you realizing what’s really possible. Watch all of Jason Silva’s videos for that matter, they’re called Shots of Awe… This one should have 20 million views in my opinion, so be sure to share this page!


Eugene Hennie – How to find your passion.  

Break free. Remember what you loved doing as a kid? Your imagination was running wild.  It still is, but it’s just suppressed because we ‘think’ we’re not supposed to act like kids anymore.Don't grow up it's a trap Go do awesome stuff.  Become an entrepreneur and make a sustainable business out of it.  With the power of the internet, its easier than ever.  What I think the quote to the right really means is, don’t get trapped in the system of hedonic adaptation that we just learned about, but what I really take from it is this: You should grow and mature and evolve and constantly learn and get smarter always, but, DON’T FORGET THAT YOUR INNER-CHILD NEVER GOES AWAY. That inner creative imagination and endless awe. A child’s mind is open, so wonder and awe can flow in.  Get goofy people!


How to Know Your Life Purpose in 5 Minutes: Adam Leipzig – A MUST VIEW.

At his high school reunion, he found that 80% of people were not satisfied, with their lives! With their LIVES?! That should definitely catch a young person’s attention.  He goes on to say that the 20%  – the happy ones – ALL had something very simple in common –  who they are and what they do is defined by how they help other people.


Sell Your Crap. Pay Your Debt. Do What You Love.:  Adam Baker.

He realized after his first kid that his life had boiled down to just having stuffWhat to upgrade next? The kitchen table or the couch? The refrigerator or the TV? I don’t know about you, but these kind of stories FREAK. ME. OUT. lol. I think my biggest fear is getting stuck in a life of boredom and pointlessness. But the awesome thing is, Adam realized the scripted path his life was going down, and he said F-ck it.  He did what most people won’t and decided to leave it all behind and taking my wife and 1-year old kid around the world. He did it. Very inspiring, and a reminder to young and old people alike to not forget about what really matters.


Extreme Lifestyle Experiments: Colin Wright.


“Identify the perfect lifestyle, then work backwards from that.”

I really fucc wit this guy. His financial plan was very similar to mine after college.  Work hard and fast, make a million bucks, then… BOUNCE! Long story short, he realized that he should just bounce anyway, and outsource and virtualize his business so it could be run it from his laptop. This video confirmed by inkling that I should just bounce and start traveling as well, before I get rich, and build an online business that can be ran from anywhere.

For Colin, the simple idea of carrying a camera wherever he went sparked the creative and inspirational chain reaction that led him to live the crazy awesome lifestyle he lives today.

I had been dreaming of the idea of the lifestyle experiment for a long time, I just didn’t know it – the life of constant change awe and excitement and new emersion experiences, meeting new friends around the world – all while CREATING awesome stuff at the same time.  This is what I was after.  Gain as many new perspectives on the world as possible, and make cool shit about it.  After all, this world is the most amazing one we know of ;-) .. In fact, I truly believe that as Earthlings, alien inhabitants of a superstable heavenworld, it is our duty as life-beings to explore every last corner of it. It’s that special. A true miracle that it even exists. This guy gets it.

How to conduct your Extreme Lifestyle Experiment:

  1. Identify – The problem. The thing that is actually causing you the most drama.
  2. Plan – Visualize your exact perfect lifestyle, and trace the steps back to where you are now. (Could be an infrastructure change, like making your business runnable from a laptop, a skill you need to learn, a person you need to meet, place you want to go etc.)
  3. Rules – Decide something creative to do every day, and choose how long the experiment will last, so you know you’re not stuck in it forever, making it easier to jump into.
  4. Jump – The most difficult of all. Just freakin’ do it. 

“Everybody should do this, because if you’re not looking at life through multiple standpoints, and then making changes, you’re insane.” – Colin Wright


My Wakeup Call: Ikenna Azuike.

Yet another awesome ‘break-free’ success story. He woke up to the realization that what he was conditioned to do, wasn’t his passion. The key: he did something about it.  Ikenna was living like this picture: on a treadmill.

the corporate hamster wheel rat race. we're all been there. let's not lose sight of what's really important!

He realized that law just wasn’t his passion.  The key was he actually did something about it. He quit and got online. Traveled. Started making videos about his passion.  Amen to you, brotha. We’re right behind ya.

Again, he had a great job.  He admits, sometimes its so tempting just just call it, ‘all good’.  Great salary, pension, benefits, all that. But the reality is, and I can relate to this in my corporate experience, is that corporations are designed to pay you just enough that you won’t leave, and not too much that you slack off, always leaving higher salaries on the table for you to chase after.

Obviously, this strategy has worked for ages, leading to more productive workers and less turnover.  Its just smart business, for the owner.  But for the worker, that comfort of guaranteed pay and benefits  can be dangerous because its temping enough to settle for.  To settle for a good lifestyle, instead of a great one.  The adventurous one we dream of.

Better to live an unstable life doing what you think is dope, than an elegantly paved one where you wake up each morning to do something you’d rather not do.  Simple concept, but it’s difficult to figure out the financial side of it, because its not easy to make money doing whatever it is that you think is dope… at first.  Ikenna hit it on the head. Thank you for that.

The first thing you should do if you feel like breaking free, is to start writing about it. Yes, start a blog. Get on YouTube and search for people doing what you are trying to get into.  Follow them. Don’t know how to start a blog? I didn’t either, and a friend told me about this online blogging academy, and how it got him into writing. I signed up for it, and I definitely wouldn’t be writing this if I hadn’t.  The videos really inspire you to write about your passions. It works wonders.

Writing about where you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re trying to go, realllly is a healthy thing.  For the mind, the soul, and the wallet. Yes, the wallet.  Because these videos won’t just teach you to write, but they teach you the skill of Internet Marketing.  No matter what you do, or where you’re trying to be, it is IMMENSELY valuable to know how to get yourself,  your cause, and your brand out to the world in a captivating way.  Market to the internet. Where billions of people hang out.

This was the first giant step for me. Because I have been a direct sales person for a long time, but it hit me, if I can get people to buy stuff from me Online,  that creates FREEDOM. Freedom to work when I want, and most importantly, where I want. Not chained to a regular schedule or an office – the WORLD is my office. That was a very powerful idea to me when I first joined internet marketing school.

I knew I wanted to travel as a lifestyle, but I didn’t pursue it because I didn’t know how to work virtually.  Four billion more people will come on the internet in the next ten years, and I’m very excited to start building a brand, online, around my passions – shooting videos, writing blogs, getting creative, interviewing inspirational people, entertaining the masses – getting my word out there through paid advertising, search engines and organic virality, to sustain a lifestyle of exploration and fun, that runs on my terms.  

If you feel me, and would like to get in the game, and learn with us how to create sustainable cash-flow businesses on the internet, click on my link in the Start A Blog page, opt-in, sign up, and watch the videos. That’s all I did. It teaches you how to make online affiliate commissions right away. 

Then you can start building your online portfolio of posts around what you’re trying to do. Tip: start emailing other bloggers who are into the same thing and comment on their blogs just to say that you are getting started and staying tuned. They love that stuff. Then once you have a little blog goin, you can bounce off ideas.  It’s all about reaching out randomly, though organically, and building connections.

Hey, the first step to building a world-class presence online is to get inspired and moved to get online (aka get on your damn computer), and start shaking things up, and it worked on me. [get online rant over].  Now watch Ikenna’s video.




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~Here’s to a life of abundance, awesomeness, and FUN.


Stay Passionately Curious

“I have no specific talent. I’m only passionately curious.”

I almost feel bad for good ol’ Einstein now that I think about it. He must have been SO curious about how the universe worked fundamentally that he HAD to figure out just what was going on. How does the earth pull me down when I am not touching it? How does the sun keep the earth spinning around it from millions Of milea away? There was NO way in his mind that he was going to die without some reasonable explanation for this.. So he thought and thought and thought and thought about how things worked. What’s stuff made of? What would it be like to be riding on a space ship traveling he speed of light?

I can only imagine the depth of thought that was churning inside of his brain as he sat at his desk. Since he was pondering such fundamental questions of physics that no body really knew about, he had to think outside the box. This is what allowed him to come up with the theory that space is a fabric, and stuff stretches that fabric because it is embedded in it. So other stuff that passes by will naturally go in the direction of the other stuff simply because that’s traveling a straight line on the fabric. But the fabric happens to be bent around a massive object like a bowling ball on a trampoline. It’s a bending of straight lines that causes massive objects to move towards each other , not the actual objects attracting.

No one had thought of such an idea before. He had to reach into the deepest bowels of his imagination and out his perspective if the world in so many different angles that it allowed ideas to arise that would normally seem non intuitive.
The skill of changing your reference points when looking at life is a difficult one to begin with, but Einstein excelled at this, and was able to bend and stretch his brain.

I try hard sometimes to put myself into someone else’s head, but it’s not always easy to fully get there, and it takes practice. It’s like trying to master meditation… Completely shutting off the normal voice in your head and trying to listen to someone else’s voice by imagining being in their shoes. Most people will say they understand what it’s like to be in someone else’s shoes, but they never really put in the brain power. It takes at least 5 minutes of solid concentration. At the end of fully transporting your consciousness into someone else’s, you should be drained, like how you feel after a two hour exam.

And that’s how Einstein must have felt. All the time. I wonder what kind of snacks he ate to keep his energy levels up. No chewy bars?

“The cure for boredom is Curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.”

I let curiosity drive me. I think we all can agree that we are all insatiably curious as kids. Well, ever since I was a kid, I knew I never wanted to grow up. I’m proud to say that that part of me never will change. It will only grow and evolve itself, with more curiosity coming with each piece of new knowledge.

I want to know everything. I wouldn’t have a problem with that. I would love to know the true nature of the universe and existence. Of course! Wouldn’t you? Our place in the universe? Or the question of all questions: how did I get into this body. Try that one on for size.

There pretty much isn’t a topic I wouldn’t love to become knowledgeable about. Sometimes I think that there just isn’t enough time to learn all the things I want to learn! To scratch all those curi-itches.
Well, on my quest to live forever and know everything (like, god, I guess?), at least until I die, I will never be bored.

~here’s to a life committed to lifelong learning.

What’s known as: ‘THAT LIFE’

Whattup! I’m forward-thinking entrepreneur excited about the future and the unprecedented era of humankind we are living in. When they tell you to follow your passion, I understood that but couldn’t put my finger on one thing, and that’s when I realized I’m passionate about life. I’m calling that one thing, but its everything, because I’m passionate about too many things! Science, music, spirituality, travel, teaching, learning, art, technology, comedy, health, its too many things to choose just one!

The Peak Hong Kong

So that’s why I decided to become a free entrepreneur so I can direct my passions in many different areas and not just one, for example one career choice in a specific field. With the power of the internet and technology, it is easier than ever to live life on your own terms and earn a living just by being YOU. Doing whatever the f*ck you wanna do, e.g. just show passion for life… At the deepest level, this is a PLAYGROUND (there’s scientific proof ;) …. Just have fun and PLAY….. This is what’s known as ‘THAT LIFE’. We bout it. Just came back from Thailand. Lets git it.