4 Things Einstein Wants To Teach You Today

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4 Things Einstein Wants To Teach You Today

“I have no specific talent. I’m only passionately curious.” -Einstein


4 Things Einstein Wants To Teach You – NOW

Key Message #1: Stay Curious


Einstein couldn’t talk enough about the importance of curiosity. 

So, in the spirit of maybe the filthiest dude that ever lived, allow me to express my passion for being curious. I want to know everything. I wouldn’t have a problem with that. I would love to know the true nature of the universe, existence. Of course! Wouldn’t you? Our place in the universe? Or the question of all questions: How did I get into this body? ;) Try that one on for size.

I let curiosity drive me. I think we all can agree that we were all insatiably curious as kids. Ever since I was a kid, I knew I never wanted to grow up – what I was really feeling, was a passion for curiosity. That that part of me never will change. It will only grow and evolve with each new piece of knowledge.

Curiosity is the most fundamental thing that makes us human. When we feel curious, we are feeling a desire to know ourselves. In Buddhist philosophy, they way that we are here simply to have experiences, that the universe created us just so it could experience itself – to learn more about itself. When we are curious about new ideas or things or experiences, this is the universe doing its job, getting closer to discovering who we actually are.

Einstein was a curious beast. Perhaps the most infamously curious person ever. That’s why I’m such a huge fan.

“Never lose a holy curiosity.”

I almost feel bad for good ol’ Einstein’s brain now that I think about it. He must have been SOcurious about how the universe worked fundamentally, that he had to devote all his energy just to figure out what was going on. He had a knack for asking questions that nobody was asking.

How does the Earth pull me down when I’m not touching it? How does the Sun hold the Earth in its grips from millions of miles away? There was NO way in his mind that he was going to die without some reasonable explanation for this.

So he thought and thought and thought about how things worked. What’s stuff made of? What would it be like to ride on a space ship traveling he speed of light? These are the deep questions that fueled his curiosity, and his contributions.

I can only imagine the depth of thought that was churning inside of his brain as he sat at his desk. Such new abstract ideas in physics were being studied that his only hope to come up with a new understanding of the fundamental workings of the universe was to think ‘outside’ the box. To completely let his mind go – and let the imagination take over.

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This is what allowed him to come up with the idea that space is a fabric, and all ‘stuff’, is embedded in it. More massive objects stretch more fabric around them, creating a slope of fabric inwards towards it, like a bowling ball on a trampoline. Objects that slide freely past these massive objects will fall down this slope, if it is steep enough. So the faster you are going, the less likely you will fall in, because you will fling yourself out of the other side of the slope, just like going down a half-pipe.

Magic. And all of a sudden, we get gravity. He thought of an idea no one had before. He had to reach into the deepest bowels of his imagination – to change his perspective of the world so vastly that almost allowed his brain to go into another state. Deep thought. It’s almost like a drug. I dig it.

Key Message #2: Change Your Perspective.

It makes sense that in order to fully understand something, you must look at it from all angles. Most of the time, however, we cannot put ourselves in a position to see the world from every single angle physically, so we have to use our imagination. In everyday life, trying to understand a situation from someone else’s point of view is called empathy, and it’s very important. Empathy in my opinion, is the biggest part of the changing perspectives lesson, and is an essential life skill.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Trying to put yourself into someone else’s head is not always easy, and it takes practice. It’s like trying to master meditation, completely shutting off the normal voice in your head and trying to listen to someone else’s voice by imagining being in their shoes. You have to imagine their past, present, and immediate future all at once – very difficult.

Most people will say they understand someone else’s situation, but they never really put in the brain power. It takes at least 5 minutes of solid concentration. At the end of fully transporting your consciousness into someone else’s, you should be drained, like how you feel after a two hour exam.

And that’s how Einstein must have felt. All the time. I wonder what kind of snacks he ate to keep his energy levels up. No chewy bars?

Key Message #3: Question Everything.

It’s the healthiest thing you could to for the mind and soul. Don’t let anybody tell you how to think. Think for yourself. Explore for yourself. Investigate for yourself.

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” – E

Check out this great resource to help you get in the right mind state called Powerful Primates. It’s a great place to start. Check out their blog, and watch their YouTube vids. Money stuff.Watch my YouTube playlists as well, I’ve compiled lots of videos teaching the stuff they don’t teach you in college, like how to find your passion. Below is a video of Joe Rogan, the ambassador of questioning everything, and a great teacher.

Key Message #4: Educate Yourself. 

One thing that I am particularly passionate about now is Self-Education. Seek out knowledge, and Educate Yourself.  I have learned more valuable info in these past 2 years after college than in my entire time in the schooling system.

Why? Because when you seek out information yourself because you want to, and not because you have to, you actually learn it. I’m a slow reader, so I educate myself on YouTube. It’s really all you need to learn about anything.

My recommendation: Unsubscribe from Cable TV, buy a $99 Apple TV on Amazon. It’s the simplest thing you can do to get smarter. Switch to the internet. It did wonders for my brain, its amazing. Americans watch a lot of TV… Imagine how smart we could get if we all watched 3 hours of Edu-tainment every day? It’s awesome when when entertainment blends with education. That’s how it should be, right?

Think about it, your favorite teacher in school was the one who had the most fun, therefore you probably learned the most. Problem is, most teachers suck in real school. On YouTube, they’re good, real good. And there’s more coming on every year. The trend is catching on. Don’t get left behind in the education revolution.

“It’s a miracle that Curiosity survives formal education.” – E

Dang, this guy sure thought curiosity was important, huh?

Yep, cuz it is. There pretty much isn’t a topic I wouldn’t love to become knowledgeable about. Sometimes I think that there just isn’t enough time to learn all the things I want to learn! To scratch all those curi-itches. Well, on my quest to live forever and know everything (like, a god, I guess?), or at least until I die, I will never be bored.  Sounds awesome.

~Here’s to it. Committed to lifelong learning.



What it means to ‘Live the Life of a Rock Star’ Pt.1

What it means to ‘Live the Life of a Rock Star’ Pt.1

I think we all want to live like a rock star in some way, deep down.

But what do we really mean when we say ‘Live the Iife of a rock star?’ What are those feelings that we associate with that lifestyle?

Excitement – music stars live exciting lives because there are always new creations to promote and perform… There is never boring monotonous repetition. It’s always a new vibe. And when something you create is pleasuring other people, that’s exciting. We want to make others feel good, and receive recognition for it as well. There’s no better feeling than making someone else feel good.

Fun – When you’re with people who are sharing the same excitement and passions with you, that’s fun.

Freedom – We typically view rockstars as touring around the country and the world. They are not tied down to one job location or household. Their love is spread around the world, experiencing different people and cultures. Free to roam. No chains attached.

Love –  music is something we like because it just makes us feel good. It brings us together to feel good together. Therefore, rock stars are living out of pure love. Pure passion. We want to love others, and we want to feel loved.

This exciting and free life filled with love and fun stuff… Adventure… Art… Creativity… Evolution… Friendships… I think we all want to live it deep down… But everyone doesn’t live like a rockstar.. Somewhere along the way, something happened.  What happened?

Please comment and Share! 🙂

~Here’s to all of us living like rockstars

–>And Remember, ‘Everything is you, and You are Everything’


Why NFL Players Go Broke, + My Broke Story

Why NFL players go BROKE, & PHILO$OPHY of Ca$h Flow

Have you ever been so broke it’s hard to breathe?

I remember one of my lowest days..  One I will remember forever. But the crazy thing is, I actually enjoyed it.

I had 3 one-dollar bills in my wallet, $3.29 in my checking account and $0.01 in my savings. Ya! One cent! Haha!

Oh yeah. And I had NO gas in my car.

I needed to drive to Seattle to take my exam at 8:30.  With $6 to my name, I had to plan this out. I drove out of my apartment building which was luckily virtually touching a chevron, ran inside and the dude driving the BMW (me) hands over three one-dollar bills.

‘Um, three dollars, of gas, on that one, over there. Um, ya, there. Please. Thanks.’

Who gets 3 dollars of gas? She probably thought I stole the whip. I just realized that I avoided eye contact. Funny how that works. It was kind of embarrassing.

So I made it accross the toll bridge to seattle (the toll had been leaving me voicemails saying they are unable to charge my account for a while aka pay me nuhkkah!). Now I need to pay for muhfuggin parking. Fucking PARKING! How long is my exam? It was a 3-hour exam and parking was $1.50 per hour. Fuckit I guess I’m paying for just two. I inserted my debit card and held my breath as I waited to approve my account with $3.29 in it. I could’ve been fucked here. A parking ticket would put be overboard, and if I had to drive around the block in busy ass confusing ass downtown seattle to look for another spot I would miss the exam and have to pay another god damn $138 bucks to retake it… APPROVED. I now had 30¢ to my name. Three dimes. Too funny. I’ll never look at three dimes the same again 😉

So Somehow I passed the exam when I was sure I would fail, so that made me feel like the universe was on my side. (I literally walked out of the testing room prepared to be back – I was positive I didn’t pass – but I did).

Crazy emotions. 😋


So I’m the brokest I’ve ever been since my mom opened me a kids banking account probably in first grade, at an all-time financial low, but I’m fuxkkin pumped about the universe not makin me take that goddamm test again. Godforsaken place.

It was rock bottom with a new beginning. I got a new hustle in the real estate game.

So I barely made it back to the appartment on fumes, and now came the toughest part of all. But somehow I enjoyed it. It was humbling and grounding experience of the real world.

I walked.

This was not just to get outside and go for a stroll. This was because I HAD to walk. My energy reserves had depleted, so I no longer had the energy to buy some carbon-oxygen containing compounds to combust so I could extract their chemical energy to push up a piston that pushes a lever that moves my car wheels. Or something like that.

No money = no energy = you’re walkin my dude

I had to walk to my parents to borrow $ for freakin gas. This was my true ‘Walk Of Shame’. And it was appropo because it gave me time to reflect on how I got to where I got. MILLIONS of Americans are broke. It gave me a chance to sit in and experience what many other poor Americans and humans feel every day. When your that broke, you actually physically breathedifferent.  You can’t take easy nice deep breaths because it feels like there is a weight on your chest squeezing you like you are stuck in a trap. Like you are stuck in a 5-foot deep hole and you’re too heavy to climb out.  Paralyzed.

I actually wasn’t feeling like this on my walk of shame because I had felt it a bit earlier.  On my walk I was actually happy – because I knew I would be able to write about this in the future when I’m living an abundant life and tell my true story of when I walked to my parents house with cents in my bank account to ask for gas money for my BMW!

‘I could’ve sworn it was you we drove by on the way home’

Yup, that was me. My dad gave memory for gas then jokingly goes ‘do you even have any food to eat?’  Then it crossed my mind I had no food in my fridge!  I was officially a poor person! Yay! No money to eat!

It also dawned on me that night why there’s so much crime in poor America – and the world. Because I actually stole food from my friends pantry on my walk home so I could eat when I got back. Crazy. I took a small bag of pasta and a ziploc of pecans. 😂😂😂. I actually went back to put the stuff back though cuz it was too grimey.

But that’s what poor people do every day without even thinking about it!! They fear that they won’t be able to eat dinner that day so they break into houses and steal stuff! Without even thinking!  The fear of starving conquers all. Up to this point in my life I’ve never faced that feeling of possibly having to go to bed without any food available for dinner. Going to bedhungry. Freakin cray cray!! There’s millions of kids all over the world who have to accept that there’s no fluffy substances to put in their mouths and just go to bed with an utterly uncomfortable growling stomach. It makes me cringe. That’s actually my worst fear. And it crept into my mind subconsciously and propelled me to jack some food when no one was around. And I never jack shit. Wowwww.

Crazy emotions.

So why did I get so broke in the first place? I realized. Same reason almost 80 percent of NFL players do. 


That is, for people who are not financially smart/savvy/disciplined with their money.
If you are having a good year or a string of good years financially, your lifestyle will reflect that. Aka level of consumption. The amount of entertainment you buy. The shopping you do. The amount of times you eat out per week (or per day). The stupid shit you buy. The more money coming in, the less you think about the money going out.
And the faster it comes in, the faster it goes out.

And when it starts to come in more slowly (and for NFL players when they retire, exponentiallymore slowly), it still goes out FAST because psychologically you have mind-fucked yourself into that high level of consumption. So the moment the typical NFL player retires, the hole in the bucket is bigger than the stream pouring in. So it’s just a matter of years before they have CENTS in their bank accounts. Aka that’s when when they say you went broke. Bankrupt.


Your bank has fucking popped, and all money spills out. We call it bankrupt. That’s funny.

But I’m glad I learned my lesson early on about going broke. It’s pretty clear why the ones who don’t go broke after their playing days don’t. They invested their time and money into assets that pay them continually – to keep the stream pouring into the bucket thicker than the stream leaking out. Simple as that.

Many NFL players invest in businesses like restaurants. Those are great assets to have that pay you every month that for the most part run themselves. Or real estate. Same thing for rental properties. They pay you, but you don’t spend time on it. The cash just flows to you automatically, hence the term ‘cash flow property’.  Also stocks and many other types of businesses you can start or buy.

Moral of the story: it’s HARD to bring your level of consumption down.

People always want upgrades. Not downgrades. So when you want an upgrade in lifestyle, people who trade time for dollars are screwed spending even more of life out in the field raking in dollars.

What’s easier, is to work SMARTER.

INVEST time and money in things that keep pouring money into your bucket. So you will never have to tape up any of those holes on the bottom. That’s not fun. Life should be always filled with new and more exciting experiences, not be ‘toned-down’ as we get older…. Society accepts getting older as ‘toning-it down’, but that’s just lame, I say!!😋. This is the coolest place to be in spacetime right here&now, but that’s for another rant.

~~Here’s to a long life of abundance

..with family (and I use that word interchangeably with friends..)


NBA:  “Neva broke again, neva, neva, broke again!!” ~ joe buddens 💵 (good song)

How Much Is A Front Row Ticket To LIFE?

Just watched a BEAST youtube video..

In it I learned….

The late great George Carlin once said:

“When you are born on this planet, you are given a ticket to the freak show. And if you are born in America, you are given a front row seat.”



Life is kinda like a super interesting freak show. And being born in America totally does give you that front row seat because we have the wealth to import and create these crazy and fun things and bring them to the masses. Here in America, we have more money to buy more tickets, and more power to put on more shows!

It really is true, compared to a less wealthy country, we get to experience an abundance of cool and different things because of our level of energy.

We could say then that we are in the front row and the less rich are in the bleachers — Aware of the crazy shit that’s going on, but viewing from a distance.

And if life is about experiences, the front row can only be a good thing, right?

A front row seat… to life….

How much would that even cost?

Unlimited cash-flow perhaps…

To be front row for every show and every concert and event that you wanted, whenever you wanted.

That situation is actually quite desirable for most people I would say.

And that is achievable and there are people with deep energy resources who live like this….

Point is, there’s nothing wrong with fighting for the front row seat at a concert.

People do it all the time, because OBVIOUSLY the front row is just better. It’s realer. We want to be in reality and experience all that is has to offer. Not just get bits and pieces if it.

We just want to experience more.
So then it’s fair to say that fighting for energy is totally normal for anyone who would much rather be in the front row than in the back.  Extra energy would allow you to get to the front easier.

Because remember, what is energy in this market society we live in?



We’re fighting for money because we just want a front row seat!!

To life!!

Ever since my first rap concerts I ALWAYS DESIRED the front spot. Lil Jon, Clipse, The Game, Eminem, Ying Yang Twins, Young Buck, Lil Wayne, all the ones I can remember I wan front row  bangin.

And it took a fight.

I guess it comes down to: if you want to EXPERIENCE more, you have to FIGHT for it.

And you don’t have to hurt people along the way… You can actually help more people learn to fight to experience more as you do it.
The world is the ultimate show…. And If you’re not front row, I say you missed the whole thing.

Here’s to Living life. FRONT ROW. 

I’m down.
And Remember:

“Everything is you, and you are everything.”

Entrepreneurship & Energy Flow

Let others determine your worth and you’ve already lost, because no one wants people worth more than themselves. ~ Peter V. Brett http://ow.ly/24XVwd


ENTREPRENEURSHIP = Taking Control of your flow of energy and how you expend that energy. In physics we use the symbol E. In society we use $.

Why would you let others control the amount of energy flowing to you?

That’s like a tree in the forest deciding not to grow tall and reach towards the sun, instead leaving it up to let the other trees to let just enough sunlight thru for it to survive.


Plants naturally compete for the best flow of energy.. Why aren’t we? Or is it okay to settle for the stuff that trickles through the cracks….


Work Smarter, NOT Harder?

 How to Work smarter, not HARDER.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 1.42.14 AM

Have you ever heard the expression work smarter not harder?  Its not even too common to hear out there in the business world.  I for sure had not heard the term until recently I embarked on my journey to decondition myself as an employee-mindset person and recondition my mind into an entrepreneurial thinking one..

See, my dad always told me that to make a lot of money is takes hard work, and it does!

Don’t get me wrong, of course nothing is easy that is worth doing….. But there was a second part of that sentence that he left out…. Which potentially cost him millions of dollars over his lifetime… Just sayin..

That part was incorporate SMART work into that equation with hard work, and you’re making adifferent kind of money.

A different kind of money??? WTF?

Yes, a different kind of money. The kind that you don’t have to show up to work for.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 1.44.54 AM

You see, where I live, in a rich suburban neighborhood outside Seattle, there are wealthy professionals, and then there are wealthy business owners.  The professionals, aka specialists, like doctors, lawyers, surgeons, self-employed people and stuff like that, they have to get up and  go to work every morning to get paid that day.. Sleep in, no business done… Break a hand or get sick? Nothing gets done.. No money coming in.

The difference is, the business owners DON’T!

They get paid because their business runs and makes money whether they are there or not, and that’s why they live on the waterfront properties lol..

Simply put, they were smart, so they got other people do go to work for them.

Of course, it takes hard work to be a business person and deal with people and work on (notice I didn’t say in) your business and to even seek out and acquire the knowledge that it takes to become a big business owner.  I say BIG because a lot of small business owners are not in it for the time freedom anyway.. They just plain like running their business themselves because they like it and thats dope!  Big business owners know about acquiring assets.  Assets that pay you even once you die.

All i’m saying is that when we say HARD WORK in business, we also need to say SMART WORK.

If financial success is the goal, which it is to most of us because financial success just means energy success, and with more energy you can do more on this world, so that makes sense..

More Energy = More FUN!

And what’s life all about when you look deep enough??




(aka pleasant experience)

Hard work will only get you so far, just incorporate a little bit of SMART WORK, and your efforts might be able to duplicate and expand beyond your personal energy level.  You can’t always duplicate your efforts just by working harder because you can only work so hard and you only have to many hours in the day….

There are people out there that are working Extremely hard who were never told that it also takes smart work and strategy and careful planning to reach the upper-echelon

Think waterfront….. What do they know that the layman doesn’t?


Some people have never even heard of that…. it pissed me off.. lets change that.

Rant over. I’m passin out. Monkey balls.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 1.46.50 AM

Positive Visions, A.k.a. ‘The Secret’

I was rummaging thru my old iPhone notes and stumbled upon upon this…

If you haven’t heard of ‘The Law of Attraction’ yet aka ‘The Secret’, it’s a theory of positive psychology that you should know, but it also has lots of physical proof that the effect is real…. Let’s see if I can explain it. Basically its a scientifically tested and demonstrated idea that our minds are a part of and are connected to what physicists call the Universal ‘Field’ aka all forces or ‘energies’ aka ‘vibrations’ in the world. Essentially everything is connected to everything in this Field aka the fabric of the universe…. And our minds happen to be strong electrical devices – there’s a TON of electrical activity goin on in there. This activity creates ‘ripples’ of energy that propagate out into the world just like a vibrating thing on the surface of a pond. Electricity and light and magnetism (aka frequencies of vibration) are able to travel across what seems to be ‘empty’ space because its actually just a ripple in the universal ‘Field’ or ‘fluid’.

Funny thing… TURNS out, POSITIVE thoughts aka ‘vibes’, electrical activity, frequencies etc. have different effects on the world than negative vibes. These are just like different notes in an orchestra. Positive vibes are emitting a certain tone, that you cannot hear, into the world, and same with negative vibes. Your mind is playing a silent symphony of electrical notes all the time!

Let’s call positive vibes a ‘genre’ and negative vibes a different ‘genre’ of music.

Idea is – music that is of the same ‘genre’ is attracted to itself like a magnet! Frequencies naturally want to resonate with each other to achieve the most relaxed state. Good music sounds good because the notes in it are in the same ‘key’ – their wavelengths just fit together physically in space & time and it feels good to us… if the notes don’t resonate it sounds like rubbish, like how it feels when you mash the piano keys.

When positive vibes are resonating around you, it has a compounding effect, and it feels good because our bodies like to be in a naturally relaxed and organized state.

Keep the positive notes in the air around you, and other people playing the same notes will come around you naturally, just like two magnets come together. If your brain is singing the song that it wishes to sing, it will attract other brains who may have already achieved that state of vibration, e.g. reached that level of success or enlightenment or whatever. And your success is determined by who you hang around, so there ya go! Is it a secret? Or is it physics! ;)

My notes from the film which you can check out here

The Peak Hong Kong

The Secret – Law of Attraction

Thoughts Become things.

Focus on what you want not what you don’t want.

Attract positive thoughts in your life.

If you’re positive you attract positive people and thoughts – conscious or unconscious

If you’re negative you attract negative thoughts – attract negative outcomes

The Mind is shaping what you perceive

It’s Proven scientifically a positive thought is way more significant (thousand times more powerful) than a negative thought

You are the masterpiece of your own life. You sculpt your success with your thoughts

The rich is such a small population because most people don’t know the secret

Law of gravity – Everything around you in your life that your complaining about you attract it

Most attract by default – learn how to control your thoughts and monitor them – it seems hard at first because its impossible to control all your thoughts

Our feelings let us know what we are thinking, emotions are an incredible thing!

Bad frequency or vibes lets the universe draw bad negative things

Feelings are our feedback method. If you are feeling good you are creating a future on track with your desire

Law of attraction – thinking, feeling creates our future and brings it into your life

What ever you’re thinking or feeling today is creating your future

Stub your toe out of bed.. Your whole day goes to shit because of your negative emotions,

Learn to shift emotions to positive

Begin to feel healthy, love, prosperous – the universe will correspond to your feelings

what you focus on with thoughts and feelings attracts you to your creation of your own universe

The more you can feel good the more you can attract things to make you feel good

Music, happiness thoughts can change your mood to be positive effecting your thoughts of happiness and success

Master your thoughts and feelings -you can create your own successful happy life with the law of attraction

Make a vision board of what you want in life (All your goals that you want to achieve) and put it above your bed (family, friends, love, success, happiness, dream career, what ever you want to be – let the universe know what you want so the universe can give you that) ..


think about it make it happen – short and long term goals

Be grateful. Get a gratitude rock (find a special rock around you) put it in your pocket – every time you touch it say what your grateful about, health, family, friends, ect.)

Believe that what ever you want is yours (confidence is so powerful) – the universe will rearrange yourself to manifest to whatever you desire

Generate your feelings of having it now to have it attract to you

The universe likes speed – don’t doubt, don’t slow down – act on your intuition and what you want

don’t wait to get what you want

A car driving through the night seeing only 100 feet ahead can drive all the way from washington to newyork because you can see ahead and follow that successful road path

Hold a image of talking to an old friend that you haven’t talk to in a long time. That friend will soon be brought up in your life

People feel stuck or imprisoned by life circumstances because they dread on that feeling of being stuck

Law of attraction is always being obedient of your thoughts

What can you do to change your life around now? Start feeling grateful on what you have in life this will shift your energy to happiness and will make you positive
which attracts positive things in your life….. find that feeling

Miracles happen because of the law of attraction

Religion is so powerful because of the belief of attracting positive things in your life and using the law of attraction when you don’t even know it

Visualize what you want & how you will get there – we only use less than 10% of our brain power – the answer is there to your success and you control it.

Feeling creates power of attraction

Put yourself in being in a dream car, home, ect. the universe will attract it to you

This feeling will be an open doorway to power & success

The HOW will show up with commitment, belief, hard work, ambition

This shouldn’t be a chore to feel good or control your feelings – this should be a natural high (of happiness) something you use all the time – if you don’t practice it you will lose it.

Close your eyes & envision having what you want and feel the feelings of already having it, use those positive thoughts to go towards your goals

You control your own destiny

When you want to be successful as bad as you want to breathe that’s when you will be successful

Practice the law of attraction and reap the benefits of living a life full of happiness and health


What’s known as: ‘THAT LIFE’

Whattup! I’m forward-thinking entrepreneur excited about the future and the unprecedented era of humankind we are living in. When they tell you to follow your passion, I understood that but couldn’t put my finger on one thing, and that’s when I realized I’m passionate about life. I’m calling that one thing, but its everything, because I’m passionate about too many things! Science, music, spirituality, travel, teaching, learning, art, technology, comedy, health, its too many things to choose just one!

The Peak Hong Kong

So that’s why I decided to become a free entrepreneur so I can direct my passions in many different areas and not just one, for example one career choice in a specific field. With the power of the internet and technology, it is easier than ever to live life on your own terms and earn a living just by being YOU. Doing whatever the f*ck you wanna do, e.g. just show passion for life… At the deepest level, this is a PLAYGROUND (there’s scientific proof ;) …. Just have fun and PLAY….. This is what’s known as ‘THAT LIFE’. We bout it. Just came back from Thailand. Lets git it.