121 Amazon Niches! (for Private Label Product FBA Selling)
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121 Amazon Niches! (for Private Label Product FBA Selling)

Yo guys!

I get asked these question a lot..

“What type of products should I sell on Amazon?

And understandably so!  When it comes to getting into Amazon, the most important thing is being smart about the product you are going to sell.

There are tens of thousands of niches to get into…


In my opinion, in 2018,  it’s less about the ‘numbers’,  and more about having a good UNIQUE product IDEA! 

  • Finding a good ‘niche within a niche’ keyword
  • Differentiating your product.

AKA, nowadays (IMO) its more about CREATING a product, than just CHOOSING a product from a list of best-sellers. (That’s why I’m starting to offer more 1-on-1 product advising calls, because I realize it’s so important – and it’s my area of expertise so, I’d feel bad not offering my experience to the world…. I’ve personally launched a handful of moneymakers, and a handful of flops… so I’ve learned a think or two about what works and what doesn’t!)


This list will get your brain thinking – it’s not intended for you to just choose a product from this list and buy 200 from China.

But what it will do is get you to maybe realize that there are niches out there that you’ve never even heard of – and maybe get your mind jogging on some unique product ideas.

For example, I am always thinking ….  “How can I make this product BETTER”, by making some simple changes to it.  Sometimes, Alibaba suppliers can make simple changes to products… and sometimes not! You just gotta put in the work to find out what’s possible.


For those of you who ARE ready to go Full Speed Ahead into the Amazon Selling Business, and are looking for the BEST Education POSSIBLE, well, ASM9 happens to be open this week, and closes for enrollment May 3  (It’s the course I got started with 3 years ago… and yes, its only open for enrollment twice per year…).  To hear me talk about my story with it and why it might be a good deal if you have the $ to invest – go here: http://www.livinthatlife.com/asm/




But for now, since you guys asked,

Here’s a list of products that people private-labeled on Amazon. 

*Note: many of these products niches are NOT ideal – and aren’t necessarily successful right now – they are just some examples of products other sellers are launching to get your mind jogging!


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1) Outdoor Sand Free Beach / Picnic Blanket








3) Aerial Yoga Swing





4) Toddler Activity Tray









6) Exercise Pullup Bands







7) Baby Safety Magnetic Cupboard Locking System





36) Manicure Pedicure Set





37) Portable Outdoor Shower






38) Hydration Running Belt






72)Poster Corrector





73)Laptop Sleeve





74) Tactical Pen 





75) Flexible Phone Stand






76) Can and Bottle Opener






77) Compression Knee Sleeve






78) Cat & Dog Hair Cleaning Tool






79) Storage Bag Organizer






80) Women High Heel Pads






81) Car Seat Cushion






82) Backpacking Tent



83) Mesh Laundry Bag





84) Sports Arm Band Cellphone Holder





85)Guitar Hanger






86) Portable Phone Tripod





87) Furniture pads





88)Packing Cubes





89)Pill Fob Necklace 





90)Manual Coffee Grinder






91)Pork Shredder Claws





92)Baby Sling Carrier





93)Diaper Changing Mat






94)BBQ Grill Brush





95)Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar 





96)Transparent Spice Storage Container





97)Watermelon Slicer





98)Pickle Ball Paddle





99)Eyelash Curler





100)Steel Dart Set





101)Inflatable Pool Drink Holders





102)Reflective Cat and Dog Collar





103)Full Face Scuba Mask





104)Lightweight Portable Camping Chair






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  • Yawar September 20, 2018

    hi ,

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and research with us its realy very helpful for newbies to get right niche idea from your niche list given above . newbies can get right blog/affiliate site idea to start their own site .

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