121 Amazon Product Ideas

Yo guys!

I get asked these question a lot –

“What product should I sell? What types of products do you sell? What type of products should I sell on Amazon?

And understandably so.  When it comes to getting into Amazon, the most important thing is being smart about which product to sell.

There are tens of thousands of niches to get into…

In my opinion, smart product research is all about:

  • Finding a good ‘niche within a niche’ keyword
  • Differentiating your product.


For my full guide on the that, check out this post: http://livinthatlife.com/amazon-product-research-2018/



But for now, since you guys asked,

Here’s a list of products that people private-label on Amazon. 

*Note: many of these products niches are not ideal – they are just some examples of products other sellers are launching to get your mind jogging!


1) Outdoor Sand Free Beach / Picnic Blanket

2) Plastic Cutting Board



3) Aerial Yoga Swing

4) Toddler Activity Tray


5) Stainless Steel Wine Cork Screw

6) Exercise Pullup Bands


7) Baby Safety Magnetic Cupboard Locking System


8) Pepper Grinder

9) Inflatable Travel Camping Pillow

10) Cut Resistant Gloves

11) Silicone Baking Mat

12) Camping Hammock

13) Salad Cutter Bowl

14) Folding Ball Pit Play Tents

15) Compact Binoculars

16) Exfoliating Back Scrubber

17) Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps

18) Beach Mat Sand Proof Rug

19) Silicon Oven Mitt

20) Letter Board

21) Potato Ricer And Masher

22) Fire Proof Money & Document Bag



23) Dog Seat Cover

24) Camping Self Inflation Sleeping Pad


25) Blade Meat Tenderizer

26) Memory Card Carrying Case

27) Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle


28) Microfiber Travel Towel

29) Cooling Towel Chilly Pad


30) Water Proof Pouch Dry Bag

30)Car Pillow


31)Car Garbage Can


32) HeadRest Stand Mount

33) No Tie Shoe Laces

34) Portable Travels Clothline

35) Air Sleeping Bag


36) Manicure Pedicure Set

37) Portable Outdoor Shower



38) Hydration Running Belt



40) Bike Mount Phone

41) Soft Sided Pet Travel Carrier 

42) Nintendo Carrying Case



43) Kitchen Stink Stainer

44) Pineapple Cutter

45) Copper Mugs


46) Blender Bottle

46) Cozy Sleeping Bag



47) Car Trunk Organizer

48) Ski Goggles

49) Heavy Duty Bike Lock

50) MicroPhone Pop Filter

51) Apple Corer

52) Tennis Elbow Brace

53) Calf Compression Sleeve

53) Foam Roller

54) Swiss Army Knife

55) Banana Slicer

56) Travel Dental Flosser

57) Watch Organizer 

58) Portable Travel Shoe Bag

59) Camera Floater

60) RFID Neck Wallet

61) Baby Shampoo Cap

62) Memory Card Carrying Case

63)Yoga Mat

64)Hidden Flask Umbrella Booze Holder

65)Pipe Cutters

66)Spectacles Cleaning Brush

67)Action Camera Accessories 

68)Onion Chopper

69)Paracord Survival Bracelet

70)Infusion Water Pitcher

71)Lumbar Support Pillow

72)Poster Corrector

73)Laptop Sleeve

74) Tactical Pen 

75) Flexible Phone Stand

76) Can and Bottle Opener

77) Compression Knee Sleeve

78) Cat & Dog Hair Cleaning Tool

79) Storage Bag Organizer

80) Women High Heel Pads

81) Car Seat Cushion

82) Backpacking Tent

83) Mesh Laundry Bag

84) Sports Arm Band Cellphone Holder

85)Guitar Hanger

86) Portable Phone Tripod

87) Furniture pads

88)Packing Cubes

89)Pill Fob Necklace 

90)Manual Coffee Grinder

91)Pork Shredder Claws

92)Baby Sling Carrier

93)Diaper Changing Mat

94)BBQ Grill Brush

95)Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar 

96)Transparent Spice Storage Container

97)Watermelon Slicer

98)Pickle Ball Paddle

99)Eyelash Curler

100)Steel Dart Set

101)Inflatable Pool Drink Holders

102)Reflective Cat and Dog Collar

103)Full Face Scuba Mask

104)Lightweight Portable Camping Chair

105)Hand Grip Strengthner

106)Shower Squeeze 

107)Gas Range Protector 

108)Bike Seat Cushion Cover



109)Mermaid Tail Blanket

110)Glow Tape

111)Stress Relief Balls

112)Lemon Juice Squeezer 

113)Potty Training Seat

114)Sports Hydration Vest

115)Inflatable Bed

116)Sofa Armrest Organizer & Cup Holder

117)Whipped Cream Dispenser

118)Cat House

119)BBQ Grilling Basket

120)Multi Position Body Pillow

121)Cheese Grater





























































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