How to Sell on Amazon as a non-US Citizen

How to Sell on Amazon as a non-US Citizen

First of all, yes, you can sell on even if you are not American. 

I know friends from all around the world who sell on Amazon. Most sell in the US, on This is by far the biggest market. In fact around half of all online shopping in the United States is on Amazon. Pretty crazy!

These are the biggest markets. Other markets like Canada, India, and Australia have relatively little volume to base an entire business off of.

Setup your account here:

1- Amazon USA –

2-Amazon UK –

3-Amazon Germany –

4-Amazon Japan –

So you want to start here. UK and Germany are combined because when you send your inventory to the UK, customers in the 5 European markets – UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, and France can all order your product.

US or Europe? US has bigger volume, but Europe is newer, so there may be opportunity for some niches to get in the game early. Every niche is it’s own story. So do the market research for both marketplaces and make your decision. Keep in mind that Europe has an extra 20% VAT tax if you are not from one of the 5 countries, as far as I know… Yeah it sucks. So it basically cuts into your margin by 20%. Personally, we launched our main product in Europe, after it was selling strongly in the US for a year and a half months or so. It does maybe 20% of the sales volume on kids electric cars that the US does. So it doesn’t make a ton of money, but it makes some. Enough to keep re-ordering.

So how to setup an account to sell on Amazon?

Have these things ready:

  1. Proof of address
  2. Bank statement
  3. Credit card
  4. Phone number
  5. Bank account details

If you are from one of the below countries use all of your personal information (including bank details for the deposit method, credit card number, address, and telephone number) to set up a Seller Central for in the USA:

– Australia                                   – Austria

– Belgium                                    – Bulgaria

– Canada                                     – Croatia

-Cyprus                                       – Czech Republic

– Denmark                                  – Estonia

– Finland                                     – France

– Germany                                  – Greece

– Hong Kong                              – Hungary

– India                                         – Ireland

– Italy                                           – Latvia

– Liechtenstein                            – Lithuania

– Luxembourg                             – Malta

– Monaco                                      – Morocco

– Netherlands                              – New Zealand

– Norway                                        – Philippines

– Poland                                         – Portugal

– San Marino                                  – Singapore

– Slovakia                                       – Slovenia

– Spain                                           – Switzerland

– United Kingdom                         – United States

Group Two Countries:

If you’re a citizen of one of these countries, use your local information to set up your SellerCentral account, but you have to use Payoneer to accept payments, instead of your bank account directly. 

  • Albania
  • Argentina                          • Brazil
  • Cambodia                        • China
  • Colombia                         • Indonesia
  • Israel                               • Japan
  • Jordan                             • Korea
  • Lao                                  • Malaysia
  • Mexico                             • Nepal
  • Pakistan                           • Romania
  • Russian Federation          • South Africa
  • Sri Lanka                          • Sweden
  • Taiwan                              • Thailand
  • Turkey                               • Vietnam

How to open Payoneer Account for non-US citizens.

1 – Create Payoneer account at

2 – You will have to provide a bank statement. 

3 – Enter your address for Payoneer’s pre-debit card. Warning: They send the debit card without a tracking number so if you are working make sure to write your company’s address otherwise you can’t reach the pre-debit card.

Sign up with Payoneer here and get $25 when you transfer your first $1000.

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What other tips do you guys have? Leave them in the comments and I’ll add them to this guide!

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