Last day in Colombia! BogotΓ‘ to San Juan Puerto Rico. Which is part of the US, so you go through US customs. So Americans don’t need a passport to travel to PR.

Call it a questioning or interrogation or interview whatever ya like to call it, they brought be in the back for a good 20 minutes and proceeded to ask me tons of questions about my life lol.

Which totally they’re just doing their job obv, im sure they do this everyday, and I wasn’t angry at all, and they were nice about it mostly, they were probably just bored.. but I guess just having a lot of passport stamps is a security threat πŸ˜‡just saying it was an interesting first-time travel experience.

One of those things you should be proud of that you’ve been to so many countries and continents;)

Fun fact
Do you need a passport to travel to Puerto Rico?
For US citizens, no!
So visit Puerto Rico. It’s nice.


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