Top 10 Lessons from Traveling the World for 10yrs While Running Successful Business – Matt Bowles
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Top 10 Lessons from Traveling the World for 10yrs While Running Successful Business – Matt Bowles

Matt Bowles – Selling Turnkey Physical Real Estate while Location Independent!

Matt Bowles  has been running a physical real estate business Maverick Investor Group while living in 45 countries in the past 4 Years, proving that you can design your life and business anywhere.

Founder of The Maverick Investor Group – “Wealth Building Velocity and Lifestyle Design Through Real Estate” (helping people buy turn-key RE investment properties)

“Top 10 Lessons from a my career”

  1. its OK to pivot
    1. (he read the 4 Hour Workweek the year it came out… was searching Barnes & Noble on how to start a business)
  2. Self awareness is crucial
  3. Reverse Engineer your business Plan
    1. start where you wWANT to be
    2. include BOTH financial AND lifestyle goals
    3. Start with your end vision
  4. Prepare for the Entrepreneurial roller coaster
    1. you WILL get the wind knocked out of you
    2. get your bounce back plan in place in advance
    3. SETBACKS = a business problem to be solved
    4. Hustle Harder. Get up earlier. Stay up later.
    5. Think outside the box for bigger picture solutions
  5. Abolish perceived limitations in your mind
    1. Convince yourself of the vision FIRST… if you don’t believe, nobody else will
    2. Self doubt WILL creep in… prelate yourself in advance
    3. Surround yourself with supportive inspiring people
  6. Avoid the “Self-Employment Trap” (Build a BUSINESS, not  OB for yourself)
    1. Self-Employed people charge fees for their own labor
    2. Business Owners build effective systems and hire others to fun them.
    3. Focus on the pillars (6 pillars – lookup)
  7. FIERCELY Safeguard Your Time
    1. 20% of your Efforts are responsible for 80% of their results
    2. Do an exercise where you Audit your time of what you do each day
    3. Figure out which 20% effort gets you the 80% of results
    4. Then, maybe 4% creates 64% of results
    5. then, maybe 1% of effort creates 50% of results
  8. Integrate your Lifestyle Design into your company culture (and Brand Identity)
    1. I’ve discovered absolutely it adds value to let everyone know i’m sitting on the beach in thailand
    2. Being Boring is bad for brand & marketing
    3. It makes people want to work for you
    4. makes your business more fun
  9. Create Affinities (Sell your stuff to people who have things in common with you)
    1. people feel more connected to people who have shared interests
  10. Travel the world with as little luggage as possible [yay!]
    1. 90% of my clothes are Merino Wool. (temperature controlled & antibacterial)



Viola Eva Schenkel -Building a Six Figure Service Based Business from Scratch

Viola Schenkel built a service based business making over six figures in revenue and hiring 15 employees in just 4 months! You can see her digital marketing agency here.

An Agency business = a peoples business.

Agency 101

  1. What to sell
    1. Choose the field in which you have knowledge & experience
  2. How to sell
    1. Add value, add value, add value, then sell.
    2. Get a CRM, follow up
    3. Go for their heart on the first phone call
    4. Follow up and see how things are doing
    5. Close the deal quickly
      1. proposals and invoices are always first priority
      2. The most successful agencies have the best sales people
    6. Be bold. Be confident.
    7. Your best investment? Spend time with a good sales person.
  3. Managing clients
    1. Be professional
    2. Use a google form to ask questions, when someone signs with you
    3. Write well designed organized emails
    4. #1 Question: How can I make this easier for you?
    5. Ultimate success metric: Client Happiness. Do exceptional work but also tell them all they need to know to be happy.
    1. What do we expect from our team members?
    2. What do we expect from our leadership body?
    3. What is the company vision?
    4. “We expect honest communication and delivery ON TIME.”
    5. Vision: we are all one and interconnected. We use
  5. Hiring
    1. Hiring is like dating. don’t get married on the first fate. Build the relationship step by step.
    2. Trick: Función accountability chart
  6. Accountability
    1. if several people are accountable for 1 function.. no one is accountable!
  7. Communication
    1. #1 trick – the daily stand up. (fixed time & channel, max 15 mins)
      1. How are you?
      2. What have you been working on today?
      3. What will you do?
      4. What do you need help wit?
    2. “Clear the Mind” … #Equanimity
  8. Leadership
    1. As the leader, I am accountable for getting the task done. That includes being clear with mu team members and giving them everything  they need to succeed.
  9. Celebrate!
    1. Show them you know they’re important

Make your clients happy.

Make your team happy.

Make yourself happy!

  1. Scalability
    1. Hire a person to take over your job
    2. “Hire a Navy Seal”


Nick Nimmin – Youtube for Brand Building, Authority, and Business

Nick Nimmin went from 0 to 5 Million views on Youtube, and has gained over 100,000 subscribers in just a year. He now teaches others how to do the same with his channel.

Youtube Channel > Ecommerce Store > > package services and/or recurring memberships etc.

The 9 ways I monetize:

web store

consulting services

affiliate sales

merchandise (t-shirts)

crowd cuffing

email list

youtube ads (smallest)



  1. Why youtube should be a part of your strategy:
    1. over 1 billion users
    2. 88 countries
    3. growing 50% year over year
    4. mobile usage reaches more 18-29yr olds than cable TV
    5. Cisco VNI forecast video to be 82% of all IP traffic by 2021
  2. How Youtube can be a powerful tool
    1. Para-social interaction / one sided conversation
    2. Humanizes your business
    3. Brand / Product awareness (search/shares)
    4. Repeated brand exposure by adding value
    5. Traffic (emails, retargeting etc.)
    6. Search rankings (can also rank elsewhere)
    7. Create advocates for your brand
    8. Direct sales
  3. How to take a Brand Channel
    1. A youtube channel for the purpose of exposing your brand
      1. e.g. Starbucks, GoPro, Rode mics
      2. e.g. AM Detail Shop: does ‘How To’ videos & behind the scenes vlogs
    2. What you need to do
      1. Set you measures of success (leads, sales, traffic, engagement, shares, etc.)
      2. 3 types of content to focus on (Hero, Hub, Help)
        1. Hero – lots of production, expensive, promote w/ ads
          1. E.g. Viral type commercial, GoPro type, Pquatty Potty
        2. Hub – the stuff people can expect on a regular basis
        3. Help – the real juice. What will keep a longterm steady traffic coming in.
          1. Simply the content you create to solve peoples problems.
            1. E.g. Selling iPhone cases? Video on solving probs w/ iPhones
      3. Create content FOR series playlists
      4. Focus on watch time: Search & Discovery >> Good Watch time = youtube success
      5. Optimize EVERY video for discovery
  4. Youtube Basics
    1. You don’t need fancy equipment
    2. Stabilize your footage
    3. Good audio. (Microphone)
    4. Good lighting. (people respond to quality! .. “Digital Authority”)
    5. Consistent video structure.
      1. Test diff structures of Intro up front, delayed, etc.
    6. Dedicated programming schedule
      1. Think of your YouTube Channel as a TV Channel
    7. Effective Video Structure
  5. Short teaser > intro > content > outro
  6. The #1 hangup is people are shy to be on camera – just get used to it. [vid to do : “How to be comfortable vlogging on camera”.. my tip: pretend you’re talking to a best friend]
  1. Youtube Ads Tips
    1. you only get charged if they don’t skip it
    2. Target specific channels & specific videos = can be POWERFUL
      1. target ppl in your niche, or keyword, e.g. ‘how to make money on youtube’
        1. ad intro: “you’re getting to watch ‘Jubri______ video’ passport heavy video to learn FB ads… come watch my video ____”
    3. The UScreen strategy
  2. Influencer Outreach
    1. Contact influencers using:
    2. – go there, see which channels are growing. Once you find someone you want to work with, watch their recent videos, see if audience is engaging.
      1. The more engagement on the channel, the better the conversion
    3. – make a post about what you are looking for  (owned by Youtube)
    4. (smaller)
    6. Contact them via their About Me page
    7. MCN (Multichannel Networks) .. Like an agent
    8. Other social media outlets


Derek Pankaew – From Bootstrapping to Millionaire Mindset

Derek Pankaew went from bootstrapping small businesses to making $10,000 a month, to thinking big with the millionaire mindset. You can see his Flexr: Travel Pull Up Bar product here.

Summary: basically, you gotta be unique!

As more and more people use the same business models…

– Increased Cost per Acquisition

– Decreased Margins

– Platform Actions

– Customer Skepticism

The Quest for a Strategic Advantage

4 Ways:

  1. Intellectual Property
    1. e.g. – using that brand they were able to contact the NFL etc. and ask to sell the sports memorabilia.
  2. Unique Product
    1. e.g. Dereks Travel Pullup bar got featured on Mens Health & more\
    2. e.g. Thisiswhyimbroke is a weird fun niche affiliate site
    3. e.g. have a normal looking guy explain how the product works
    4. Have something affiliates would be proud to promote
  3. Network Effects
    1. Where each additional user makes the product / platform more valuable
  4. Customer Lists & Audiences
    1. Derek spent 10k on building a huge fb email list before his kickstarter
    2. Got him 30k+ is first 24 hours.

3 Tips for Developing your Strategy

– Focus on a unique strategy so your business won’t die suddenly

1. Never position yourself against the platform

– Avoid low quality experiences for customers

– if your biz is dependent on your customers not finding out that you’re doing something.. its prob gonna fail in the longer

– e.g. Aliexpress drop shipping should transition to a more solid foundation business.. because customers may figure out they can order from Aliexpress, thus get annoyed by the product fb ads.

2. Position yourself in a Rising Tide

3. Consider the Whole Ecosystem

– Platform

– Competition

– Customers

Cost Derek 1.2k for first engineering design travel pull-up bar, and 3k for revised design. Then took it to China .

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