I was rummaging thru my old iPhone notes and stumbled upon upon this…

If you haven’t heard of ‘The Law of Attraction’ yet aka ‘The Secret’, it’s a theory of positive psychology that you should know, but it also has lots of physical proof that the effect is real…. Let’s see if I can explain it. Basically its a scientifically tested and demonstrated idea that our minds are a part of and are connected to what physicists call the Universal ‘Field’ aka all forces or ‘energies’ aka ‘vibrations’ in the world. Essentially everything is connected to everything in this Field aka the fabric of the universe…. And our minds happen to be strong electrical devices – there’s a TON of electrical activity goin on in there. This activity creates ‘ripples’ of energy that propagate out into the world just like a vibrating thing on the surface of a pond. Electricity and light and magnetism (aka frequencies of vibration) are able to travel across what seems to be ‘empty’ space because its actually just a ripple in the universal ‘Field’ or ‘fluid’.

Funny thing… TURNS out, POSITIVE thoughts aka ‘vibes’, electrical activity, frequencies etc. have different effects on the world than negative vibes. These are just like different notes in an orchestra. Positive vibes are emitting a certain tone, that you cannot hear, into the world, and same with negative vibes. Your mind is playing a silent symphony of electrical notes all the time!

Let’s call positive vibes a ‘genre’ and negative vibes a different ‘genre’ of music.

Idea is – music that is of the same ‘genre’ is attracted to itself like a magnet! Frequencies naturally want to resonate with each other to achieve the most relaxed state. Good music sounds good because the notes in it are in the same ‘key’ – their wavelengths just fit together physically in space & time and it feels good to us… if the notes don’t resonate it sounds like rubbish, like how it feels when you mash the piano keys.

When positive vibes are resonating around you, it has a compounding effect, and it feels good because our bodies like to be in a naturally relaxed and organized state.

Keep the positive notes in the air around you, and other people playing the same notes will come around you naturally, just like two magnets come together. If your brain is singing the song that it wishes to sing, it will attract other brains who may have already achieved that state of vibration, e.g. reached that level of success or enlightenment or whatever. And your success is determined by who you hang around, so there ya go! Is it a secret? Or is it physics! ;)

My notes from the film which you can check out here

The Peak Hong Kong

The Secret – Law of Attraction

Thoughts Become things.

Focus on what you want not what you don’t want.

Attract positive thoughts in your life.

If you’re positive you attract positive people and thoughts – conscious or unconscious

If you’re negative you attract negative thoughts – attract negative outcomes

The Mind is shaping what you perceive

It’s Proven scientifically a positive thought is way more significant (thousand times more powerful) than a negative thought

You are the masterpiece of your own life. You sculpt your success with your thoughts

The rich is such a small population because most people don’t know the secret

Law of gravity – Everything around you in your life that your complaining about you attract it

Most attract by default – learn how to control your thoughts and monitor them – it seems hard at first because its impossible to control all your thoughts

Our feelings let us know what we are thinking, emotions are an incredible thing!

Bad frequency or vibes lets the universe draw bad negative things

Feelings are our feedback method. If you are feeling good you are creating a future on track with your desire

Law of attraction – thinking, feeling creates our future and brings it into your life

What ever you’re thinking or feeling today is creating your future

Stub your toe out of bed.. Your whole day goes to shit because of your negative emotions,

Learn to shift emotions to positive

Begin to feel healthy, love, prosperous – the universe will correspond to your feelings

what you focus on with thoughts and feelings attracts you to your creation of your own universe

The more you can feel good the more you can attract things to make you feel good

Music, happiness thoughts can change your mood to be positive effecting your thoughts of happiness and success

Master your thoughts and feelings -you can create your own successful happy life with the law of attraction

Make a vision board of what you want in life (All your goals that you want to achieve) and put it above your bed (family, friends, love, success, happiness, dream career, what ever you want to be – let the universe know what you want so the universe can give you that) ..


think about it make it happen – short and long term goals

Be grateful. Get a gratitude rock (find a special rock around you) put it in your pocket – every time you touch it say what your grateful about, health, family, friends, ect.)

Believe that what ever you want is yours (confidence is so powerful) – the universe will rearrange yourself to manifest to whatever you desire

Generate your feelings of having it now to have it attract to you

The universe likes speed – don’t doubt, don’t slow down – act on your intuition and what you want

don’t wait to get what you want

A car driving through the night seeing only 100 feet ahead can drive all the way from washington to newyork because you can see ahead and follow that successful road path

Hold a image of talking to an old friend that you haven’t talk to in a long time. That friend will soon be brought up in your life

People feel stuck or imprisoned by life circumstances because they dread on that feeling of being stuck

Law of attraction is always being obedient of your thoughts

What can you do to change your life around now? Start feeling grateful on what you have in life this will shift your energy to happiness and will make you positive
which attracts positive things in your life….. find that feeling

Miracles happen because of the law of attraction

Religion is so powerful because of the belief of attracting positive things in your life and using the law of attraction when you don’t even know it

Visualize what you want & how you will get there – we only use less than 10% of our brain power – the answer is there to your success and you control it.

Feeling creates power of attraction

Put yourself in being in a dream car, home, ect. the universe will attract it to you

This feeling will be an open doorway to power & success

The HOW will show up with commitment, belief, hard work, ambition

This shouldn’t be a chore to feel good or control your feelings – this should be a natural high (of happiness) something you use all the time – if you don’t practice it you will lose it.

Close your eyes & envision having what you want and feel the feelings of already having it, use those positive thoughts to go towards your goals

You control your own destiny

When you want to be successful as bad as you want to breathe that’s when you will be successful

Practice the law of attraction and reap the benefits of living a life full of happiness and health