Tips for Amazon FBA Beginners in 2019
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Tips for Amazon FBA Beginners in 2019

Starting a business selling a private label product via Amazon FBA is still one of the best opportunities to break into the world of entrepreneurship and digital marketing. Never has it been easier to bring a physical product to the market – and set it on autopilot!

Carolina and I were talking about her tips she gives to beginners, so why not record it and share it with you! Add your tips & tricks to the comments and I’ll add them here.

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  • Have a budget for marketing!
    • For PPC!
    • For social promo!
    • And for giveaways!


  • Always have extra $$ for things that will go wrong… and you will not get rich overnight! Don’t blow your whole bank account.


  • Think of how to make your product stand out
    • add useful physical features
    • make it visibly higher quality than the others, and charge higher price
    • make it a 2-in-1
    • make it a bundle package


  • Expect to create a brand
    • Plan to expand into shopify


  • Expect MAYBE 1 of the first 3 to be successful


  • Definitely need someone to help you do it
    • Carolina bought a $500 course (dan bass)
      • Best part was the FB group – searching the problem, and there was always a convo.
    • My course! >> [*Price goes up after Cyber Monday!*]


  • Gotta know how to deal w suppliers
    • It’s about the feeling
    • She valued having a nice supplier
    • Chat on Wechat or whatsapp or skype
    • Use smiley faces, keep it friendly and nice


  • Buy the Viral Launch chrome extension for product research


  • How long does product research take?
    • It took Carolina 2 weeks of full time 8 hrs days to find her product idea

What are your questions, stories & tips? I’ll add them to this post.



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