Top 10 Budget Travel Tips ✈️

Top 10 Budget Travel Tips ✈️

via IFTTT Top 10 Budget Travel Tips ✈️

I know that some people just want to get the most BANG for the BUCK while traveling, and don’t necessarily want to travel for LONGER periods and MORE OFTEN … but if this IS the case, then I propose at the end, my favorite suggestion to make this possible …

… have a career that can go with you! Aka a ‘remote job’ or ‘work from home job’ or ‘location independent’ career, or ‘digital nomad’ whatever you wanna call it.

Of course, just because you work from a laptop, doesn’t mean you constantly have to move cities. But it makes it possible.

Bottom line is, if you LOVE travel and want it to be a part of your life, then this type of career is just great for that lemme tell ya! ?

I think u get the point yea??

If you are going down this path – see my article on the Top Online Business models that my digital nomad friends make money online with:


How to Get Cheap Flights with Travel Hacking – Fly Free Academy


What are your thoughts tips & ideas on budget travel and/or making money online!? Comment below

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