The 3 Things that Stop you from Living the Life you Want (once and for all) – DREAM – BELIEVE – ACHIEVE.

Yo! This is a guest post by Helene. We met in Bali and she’s interviewed over 300 successful people! I’ll let her take it from here!

[Enter Helene]

What’s up guys?

My name is Helene Clabecq and I travel the work seeking and interviewing people who challenge the status quo.

I dig people who pursue their dreams and live fully, even though that implies having to go against the grain one way or another.

Being a digital nomad might soon become the ‘new normal’, but for those building the path, it can be full of pitfalls.

It’s a lifestyle that calls for entrepreneurial skills, an iron determination and a taste for adventure.

About 1,5 years ago, I came across Riley here in Bali, Indonesia (our podcast interview on the 4 hour work week here). At the time, I was observing and studying rare birds like him, before becoming part of the family myself.

Whether that’s jumping into that digital nomadic lifestyle, starting that company you’ve told everyone about or booking a one-way ticket to the other side of the world to recenter, here are the three things that most likely stopped you from living the life you want so far, and how to finally overcome them:

This is the overlapping advice I’ve gathered from both personal experience and 300+ interviews of game-changers.

1. Not knowing what you want

What do you want? You have 10 seconds to respond!

Are you able to express your deepest desires clearly?

You see, most people don’t know what they want. Maybe they hate their current job, but they don’t know what their passion is. What excites them, what gives them a buzz. 

If that’s your case, take a paper and pen (or the keyboard of your laptop) and tune in. 

Who are you and where do you want to be a year from now? What do you truly want out of life? 

That sounds like simple stupid questions, but trust me, I’ve created more waves in people’s lives by asking them those direct questions than anything else. 

So first step, dream away. 

2. Take action

There’s this common pattern I’ve noticed in people’s unique hero’s journeys.

There’s always a “fuck-it moment”. 

You know, this specific moment when the comfortable becomes uncomfortable and it’s time to move on.

Finish that artwork, send that resignation email or pack your backs. 

Once the last drop has hit you, you know it’s time to step up your game.

You have this one life and you can do whatever TF you want with it. Maybe it will feel scary, but if you play it smart and plan it out, you will be proud of yourself once you do it. So don’t worry about it too much, and take action before your brain finds a million excuses not to.

3. Self-confidence. 

Realize that you CAN do this. 

Surround yourself with inspirational people who live the life that you want. Continue watching vlogs, blogs, listen to podcasts with inspiring content… This will excite you because you will realize that those people were in your shoes at some point. They will show you it’s possible. And soon enough you’ll catch up.

There are no such things as boxes. We can move from one to another. Actually, the most passionate and successful people have. Because their personal struggles shaped their story.

I’ve interviewed homeless turned millionaires, accountants turned rock-stars and criminals turned speakers on empathy.

You can do this. 

And once you’re ready to receive, synchronicities will rain on you to turn your dreams into reality.

Now write in the comments below the one thing you’ve shifted to get closer to living the life you want!

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