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Hey guys. I’m a ‘digital nomad’ and YouTuber since 2015.

My story: Like many, I always wanted to travel.  After college I took a 2-week vacation to Thailand with some friends, and caught the travel bug.  So my friend Parker and I decided we’d look into a ‘work-abroad’ situation in Thailand, and hopefully experience living there for a year.

Long story short, we started watching a lot of YouTube about living in Thailand, and discovered some ‘digital nomads’ on YouTube, talking about how they work from their laptops doing internet marketing stuff, while based in Southeast Asia most of the year.  Most notably, Johnny FD and Jubril Agoro of PassportHeavy.

Soon after diving down the digital nomad wormhole, Johnny announced there would be a Digital Marketing conference happening in Chiang Mai, Thailand in October 2014.

So we set that date on the calendar as our deadline to take our online side hustles full-time.  We saved up money from our corporate jobs, and we went!  Our mission was to build an online business in order to continue the dream of traveling the world.

After getting into selling physical products on Amazon and making some money online, they bought a vlog camera in 2015 and started to to document the life out in SE Asia, being highly influenced by other travel YouYubers such as Jubril & Casey Neistat. Livin That Life was born!

Since then, I’ve gotten questions from people all around the world about how to become a digital nomad. So! This blog is a place to share all my experience and knowledge to help more people make the dream a reality! Because I’m living proof that it’s possible!

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My 2014 bio:

Yo! My name is Riley and I’m addicted to learning. I’m a scientist by certification, but I’m also passionate about travel, recording, entrepreneurship, blogging, philosophy, technology, and funniness! I also can’t wait to have a personal assistant robot in my phone. Currently studying internet entrepreneurship at University of The Internet.

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