📝 About Livin That Life:

Riley moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2014 to attend an e-commerce conference with his best friend Parker on a mission to build an online business in order to continue the dream of traveling the world.

After getting into selling physical products on Amazon and making some money online, they bought a vlog camera in 2015 and started to to document the life out in SE Asia, being highly influenced by other travel youtubers such as Jubril & Casey Neistat & Johnny FD. Livin That Life was born.



My 2014 bio: 😉

Yo! My name is Riley and I'm addicted to learning. I'm a scientist by certification, but I'm also passionate about travel, recording, entrepreneurship, blogging, philosophy, technology, and funniness! I also can't wait to have a personal assistant robot in my phone. Currently studying internet entrepreneurship at University of The Internet.

Travel Channel: YouTube.com/LivinThatLife