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Why Amazon is Hands Down THE BEST Model to Create a Passive-Income Online

Sick and Tired of Not Having Freedom & Flexibility? And no automatic cash flow?? I was too!

  • angle-rightI was working a corporate 9-5 sales job, which was good for a while to make some money, but it left us feeling empty, unable to satisfy our desire to travel and explore, and live life on our own terms.
  • angle-rightGetting into the Online Shopping industry was the solution to our problem. I’m now  able to work from anywhere, and on my own time. 
  • angle-rightThis course to show my friends and family how I went about creating a killer physical product. And how to utilize the POWER of Amazon to sell it.

Hi, I’m Riley. I’ve been running my Amazon-selling business full-time for 5 years now, while living & working in Southeast Asia for most of the year, and traveling often – visiting a total of 33+ countries so far.

My Mission is to Show YOU that it’s Possible to create your own online income if you are willing to put in just a little bit of work in your spare time!

(but not as much work as you do for your job)One thing I DO know for sure, is that there are more opportunities nowadays to create your own location-independent income than EVER before in history.  Even in our parents’ generation, this was NOT possible!

If your goal is to TIME Freedom, SCHEDULE Freedom, and TRAVEL Freedom, there is NO better way to have all of that than by building an online business. In my post-college job, I was knocking door-to-door for Comcast, getting one-time sales commissions from $50-$300 per sale.  This was a good learning experience, but I had a fundamental realization… this is not SCALABLE!  I had to shift my thinking from an ’employee mindset’ to a ‘business owner’ mindset. In order to become rich, you need to create systems that get sales for you! Well, the world of online shopping is a system that now works for us 24/7, all day, all night, 365 days a year!For the past 4 years now, I’ve been able to start my day on my own time, hit the gym in the afternoon or whenever’s convenient, and overall live a more healthy and balanced lifestyle.  In the end, that’s what it’s all about! Life is a balance, and it ebbs and flows.  A balance of family, fun, business, fitness, passion, adventure, and love. Making money online isn’t the one-all-end-all of having a more exciting and balanced life, but is a great TOOL that allows us to have more freedom to achieve our visions of our ideal life.  

Before you read any further!  If you are looking for a ‘get rich quick’ type of thing that’s gonna make you thousands within 30 days, or even 90 days… this is not it.  In fact, there is no such thing as a ‘make money online fast’  type of thing.  This is about creating a REAL business, not some gimmick.  And as in all business, it takes WORK and SMARTS to succeed!  In the end, like all startups, your business will succeed because you are smart about bringing an awesome product to a target audience that you identified based on market research analysis. So… if you are looking to just put in a few hours here and there and expecting to make tons of money, sorry but that’s just not realistic, in Amazon selling, or any online hustle.  It is a FULL TIME effort at the beginning to get up and running, but if it gets momentum, yes it CAN be very passive after time.

By the way:  you don’t need online marketing experience to sell on Amazon. That’s the beauty of it. Bring a good product to the marketplace, and Amazon gets the traffic for you.  

As an internet marketing newbie in 2014, I  struggled with drop shipping.

My story:  

As a recent college grad in 2013, some friends and I went out to visit Parker in Thailand while he was on semester abroad there.  Well, this trip to Thailand hooked us both on the travel bug / international lifestyle.  It was our first time traveling outside of North America, and 2-weeks (aka ‘too weaks’) was definitely not enough . We left wanting more of the tropical life. Not wanting to jump into a ‘serious’ career too soon, we decided that we wanted to explore the option of ‘working abroad’ in Thailand.

Parker had connections to some major hotels & resorts thru his Hospitality major, so we looked into working in that industry for a year in Thailand. We moved into a small 1-bedroom studio apartment together, with this as our mission. A Major Breakthrough for us was: not signing up for cable TV.  Because of this, we started consuming only YouTube.Through going down the YouTube wormhole about living and working in Thailand, we stumbled on the one and only Johnny FD’s channel.  It was about his journey with ecommerce and living in Thailand.  This was our first introduction to the ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle. We even bought his book called ’12 Weeks in Thailand: Living Good on the Cheap.”

From then on, we realized that having an online business would be way better than working at a resort or teaching english abroad – if we could make money online, not only could we live in Thailand, but have the freedom to travel other places as well! Perfect! Sounds good right!

There are two types of mindsets:

1) Johnny can do that because he got lucky / is a computer whiz / got in early, etc.2) If Johnny can do that, why not US!Luckily, we had the right mindset going in, because we are naturally ambitious and optimistic.  We bought his recommended drop shipping course called Dropship Lifestyle for $597 and got to work looking for our niches *nights and weekends* (this is what it takes!). 

What’s crazy is, not long after joining the course in early 2014, Johnny and Anton announced that they were putting on a eCommerce CONFERENCE in, where of all places? … Chiang Mai, Thailand! And it would be happening in October of 2014. This was it! We thought. This was our ticket – our excuse, not only to get back to Tropical Land, but to jump in with both feet into the online hustle. So we put it on the calendar, and started to tell our friends and family that in October we would be going Thailand to do a ‘semester abroad’ studying internet marketing. Well, that’s kind of what it was! Lol. We saved up nearly 10 grand each from our jobs (I was doing door-to-door sales, Parker was front-desk at the Marriott) and flew to Chiang Mai (the digital nomad capital of the world) to attend the conference.  Our drop shipping sites were still in beta-mode, after a few months of niche research and playing around trying to design the Shopify site (I actually switched to Wix halfway thru and then back again because I got frustrated over the design stuff).

Longstory short, our shopify stores weren’t getting sales because we weren’t getting cheap, targeted traffic. In order to get a sale, we had to budget $30/day on google PLA ads, which would barely get enough traffic to get one sale to break even. The method the course taught was ‘high-ticket drop shipping’.  This is where you create your own niche site like “” or “” (< my actual site! XD) and list ‘high ticket’ items, like $200 to $2000 items, like furniture or inflatable jacuzzis, or whatever small niche you select. The idea being, some customers don’t like to buy from Amazon – they’d rather order from a site that specializes in that one thing. But with this method, you have to get the traffic yourself. Whereas on when selling, the traffic is already there inside Amazon.  So we failed in creating a good, cheap, targeted traffic source. Now do I know people who are successful with this method? Yes. And it’s all about getting what I call ‘tricky traffic’either thru FB ads, retargeting, influencer marketing, etc.  But we didn’t know much about different traffic generation methods back then so, our stores weren’t profitable (Park and I had one store each).It was at the conference that we had our revelation.  It seemed like most drop ship newbies were having similar struggles.  We met one guy who had recently gotten into Amazon Private Label sales, and was already crushing it, making over $5,000 profit per month. We were sick and tired of struggling to optimize our Shopify store conversion rate and trying to get traffic at the same time. I remember when Parker finally said “You know what, F–k drop shipping”… lol …  And the rest is history! We decided to try the private-label method on Amazon, and here I am writing this nearly 4 years later!

Keep in mind: of course there were many struggles, obstacles, and ups and downs along the way, but our Amazon private label products have been our main income that has allowed both of us to live in SE Asia for the past 4 years.  

The beauty of Amazon is they provide you with all the traffic: people go there Ready to BUY.

Keep in mind: while selling on isn’t the end-all-be-all of creating a successful brand, it’s a GREAT starting point. There has NEVER been an easier or more affordably opportunity for a small brand to get their product seen in the biggest store in the world, right alongside the big boys. 

People Ask Me All the Time: Is Selling on Amazon Still Profitable!?

The way I think of it is, selling on Amazon = selling online in general! Over 50% of products bought online in America are off Amazon!  So saying that selling on Amazon isn’t profitable, is to say that selling online in general isn’t profitable. 

So yes, it’s still profitable, and I will continue to create and sell physical products as part of my online-income portfolio for the long term. 

Keep in mind:  YES, it’s more competitive than a few years ago, meaning there are more sellers overall, thus more options results for each shopper.  So trying to throw up a “me too” generic copycat product these days is the most commonly made mistake.  This is what most courses teach. What we learned from the get-go, is that our quality, unique products are the ones that make the money.  You MUST stand out.

Also remember that what you’re looking at is only a template. Maybe you want to spend more time on the story. Maybe you want to add several more headline + text blocks, to really elaborate and evoke emotions. With Thrive, you can easily do so (just duplicate some of the existing blocks). Let the template inspire you, but don’t let it limit you.

You Probably Already Know What This Business Model Looks Like, But In Case You Don’t…

We do the private-label method, aka white label method.  This means that we create our own brand of product, not just re-sell products from other brands.   Our products have our custom branded packaging, and the logo on the product.  This means we control the pricing on Amazon, and we are building a brand that we OWN, that we can sell in the future for a six-figure or seven-figure exit.  

Do SMART market research and find a niche to target that interests you

Find a way to make a product in that niche BETTER and STAND OUT from the crowd

Source it in bulk from,  send it to, and watch the sales come in!

Our Major Keys to Success

  • angle-rightFind a ‘niche within a niche’ keyword to target.How do you find a small niche to target? Do deep dive market research.  This includes combing thru, and other shopping sites as well.  It’s your job to come up with a great product ideaThis could be a summary of the page so far, for example (remember those scanners?).
  • angle-rightMake your product stand out.To be honest, success on Amazon these days has more about having a good product IDEA than anything.  After all, most successful products out there start from someone having a good idea.  But there are certain tactics that can help you come up with a good idea.
  • angle-rightOnce you understand what it takes and believe it’s something you CAN do and WANT to do, you can move forward.Amazon selling is just one avenue to make an online-based passive income.  I’m not gonna sit here and act like it’s the only way to achieve freedom.  But it happens to be the way that I PERSONALLY make my income. SO, as a blogger, this is what I can naturally write about the most!  So, if you want to learn from me, I’m happy to share all I know to help as many people as possible get to where they want to go!

And let’s get this out of the way… here’s my sales snapshots for my FIRST year, and THIRD YEAR in business. In our first year, we did $209,590.65 in sales. And in 2017 we did $416,908.71 in sales  

So… Understandably, People Ask Me a LOT… “Riley! What’s THE Best Way to Get Started on Amazon!?”

I tell people there are basically two ways:

Option 1)  Watch a bunch of YouTube videos and read a bunch of articles

Some people aren’t into online courses, and would rather learn it themselves as they go down the rabbit-hole that is YouTube and blog articles.

Option 2)  Buy a Course

Some people prefer to have things laid out in an organized way, a that goes thru everything you need to so in an organized, 1-2-3 step by step manner.  With no distractions. 

Are there people who succeed AND flop using both methods? Yep!

Keep one thing in mind: your ultimate success will come down your product!  And there’s no one single way to skin a cat.  There are different philosophies out there as far as how to pick a profitable niche, and how to differentiate the product to stand out.

I do know one thing for sure, if your product doesn’t stand out from the pack, it won’t make good money. Okay, maybe it could make a few hundred profit per month, but it won’t be that ‘home run’ that we are all after –  making thousands in profit per month. 

Take your Pick:

Take a Course

  • angle-rightA step-by-step plan of action DONE FOR YOU: Do Step 1, then Step 2 etc. 
  • angle-rightNo distractions!
  • angle-rightTight knit community to lean on, all doing the SAME METHOD 
  • angle-rightFastest way to learn
  • angle-rightFastest way to make real profit

Watch YouTube Videos

  • angle-rightRisk of suffering from “Paralysis by Analysis!” (a HUGE thing that prevents many people, including me, from doing things.
  • angle-rightDifferent guys teach different methods!
  • angle-rightFree, but slower way to learn
  • angle-rightVideos are scattered, out of order
  • angle-rightBeware of YouTube wormholes!

My Recommendation 

My honest recommendation is to get the best course possible, and just dive in, and treat it like a University class! If there was a college course called “How to $1,000 a Month Passively within 12 Months by Creating a Unique Physical Product”… Would you enroll? Of course! Everyone would. Buying a ‘business creation’ course can AT LEAST make you back the money you invested! While college business courses just teach you concepts and not ACTUALLY how to create a business! Let alone a lifestyle business, one that operates lean, with little upkeep, that gets sales while you sleep. 

You already know you want to take advantage of the power of Amazon to make extra income.  The opportunity is there and I’m living proof, every single day of my life. Every single day as I  go about my day on my own time, it’s literally fueled by (wow, crazy).

So the only thing standing between you and your cash-flow product is, putting your money where your mouth is!  Honestly, by watching tons of youtube videos, you are just procrastinating!  Investing a course is the quickest way to start because it puts SKIN IN THE GAME!  Not only is it the most effective way to go about the process of creating your business (hundreds of checkmarks to be completed), but is psychologically FORCES you to take action!  Because now you’ve invested money into something, and you want to get a return on that investment! 

There’s a reason why all the top entrepreneurs say “What is free has no value”.  If we get something for free, we don’t take it seriously! But if we put up a few grand of our hard-earned cash towards something (like a college course), then we put ALL our effort into it! Because if we don’t succeed with it, then there are real-life consequences! E.g, in college, if you don’t put in the time & effort to study, then you will not pass, and be forced to pay for the course again! Even worse another semester! Which could cost tens of thousands. Same goes with online courses. If it’s free, there’s no reason to go quickly NOW and succeed. You might just look at it and forget about it (and it will be sh*t if its free). On the other hand, if you invest $$$ into your success, not only will you get the best strategies, but if you quit, you will feel stupid that you just lost all that money. So it forces you not to quit and stick with it! And as all entrepreneurs know, it usually takes many swings of the bat before you get that home run! (or even base hit!)

This is what you NEED  to succeed

Here it is:​ 90 Day FBA

This course is the perfect solution to everything you’ve been looking for.

While I was were holding back before, it’s now time to get very specific. About the course, what it is, and what you gets when you enroll.  At this point, after all the buildup, I’m sure you are dying to know.  

  • 1Over 40+ videos & tutorials: each video explains exactly what you need to do, and in order, so there is no confusion. 
  • 2The SECRETS of differentiation that no one is talking about! It seems like everyone is still preaching what I call the ‘old FBA’ methods. Its a new game now. 
  • 3Chat with someone who’s actually done it, doing it still, and LIVES it: for every feature your product has, try to translate it into a benefit (i.e. a positive end-result your customer will get).

I cover All the Processes you need to know. Nothing you don’t!

  • How to find hot & in-demand niches on Amazon, based on sales data, competition & search volume, using the latest software
  • Access to my custom spreadsheet to track ideas and narrow them down
  • How to comb thru the RIGHT WAY to get new ideas
  • How to get Alibaba suppliers to bid for your business
  • How to create mockup drawings to get suppliers to customize your idea
  • How to design a logo & packaging
  • How to negotiate with suppliers as if you’re a huge buyer
  • How to place a small test order, with minimal upfront investment
  • Tricks to get the best possible freight shipping price
  • How to open your Amazon Seller Central account (even as a non-US citizen)
  • How to create your Inbound Shipment order and NOT F*ck it up!
  • What to do if you’re getting quoted way too much for shipping
  • How to calculate shipping cost, and when to ship Sea vs. Express Air
  • Bonus: Access to our personal Sourcing Agent’s contact info
  • Bonus: Access to our personal Freight Forwarder’s contact info
  • And everything in between!
  • Oh yeah, and that’s just the Research & Sourcing phase! We also cover everything you need to know about how to launch, and optimize your sales, of course!
  • But I’m gonna stop writing checkmarks now, just look at the curriculum below! lol.

A glance at what’s covered….. Everything that we do in our business!

Riley Bennett

Creator of LivinThatLife

and The Amazon Method

About the Instructor

​Selling on Amazon for 3 years has allowed me to live in a tropical country ​year round, while visiting my parents back home once per year, and taking epic trips to new countries multiple times per year.  ​And I’ve been documenting it all on my YouTube channel!

I have the ultimate freedom to work in any city in the world. One thing I wish I had was more of my buddies out there doing the same! So I recorded this course largely for my friends who ask me, “Riley, how do I do this!” You will learn everything I know. Let’s do this. 

Enroll and Start Your Journey

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

Literally the only thing I have to show people when they ask me if Amazon is ‘still possible?’ … 

Will Bennett 

Yep, my brother! Speaks for itself!

Mary Bennett

Yep, my freakin Mom! Speaks for itself!

Yup… not only does my little brother have his own successful product (Update 2020: now has multiple products and profits over $12,000 a MONTH and has $100,000 in the BANK!) …. but my freakin MOM also profits over $1,000/mo from her little product on Amazon and just sits back and collects checks!

And no, my Mom is not a tech whiz! Just a regular Mom who had a good idea for a product, and I showed her how to go onto and make it happen!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.  If you follow the methods, and don’t make at least your investment in the course back within 6 months of launch, just let me know and we’ll give you a rebate for the full course amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this course different?

1) Other courses are still preaching the ‘private label copycat’ method. 2) I teach how to develop a unique & useful product3) I keep it real. No BS or exaggerated expectations

How big of an inventory investment do I need?

For a test order: usually at least $500

For a scaling order after a successful test order. As much $$ as you can get! At least 2X-3X your initial order usually!

Will I need an outside investor for success?

If we ask this question for any business, the answer is often Yes.  After a successful test product, many businesses need extra cash to scale. 

1) Seek a ‘silent investor’ that you know. You can work it out either as a equity in the product/business, or as a loan.

2) Apply for business loans thru your bank, PayPal, or other service

How much can I realistically make and how fast?

This is not for folks who want to ‘make money online fast NOW’.  However, this method has realistically been used to get to $1,000 in profit a month, within 6-9 months of STARTING product research, or within 3-6 months of product launch. For example, my Mom’s product was cash-flowing about $800 a few months after launch.

Am I guaranteed to make money?

Of course nobody is guaranteed success. It comes down to you taking action, adapting the strategies, and your original product ideas. But even for dud test products, even if they sell slowly, it’s common for most to make back the cost of inventory after it sells out, even if it takes 6 months or a year. 

​Will I get personal help from you?

Everyone can post questions in the Private Insiders Facebook group, and other members and I respond to them.When you buy the “with 2-months of Mentoring” option, I help you 1-on-1 with your niche selection / product development ideas. This includes two 60-min hangout calls with me, where you share your screen and show me your narrowed product research spreadsheet and go over your thoughts and ideas. And I share my honest thoughts and ideas as you go. The calls will be scheduled at around 30 days in and 60 days in after you start. I am not here to create another job for myself – but I am willing to help those who are willing to pay extra for 1-on-1 advising.

If the course isn’t for me can I ask for a refund?

No. This isn’t for tire kickers. It’s clear this business entails, the curriculum is laid out, and you can see my teaching style in my YouTube videos. I’m not pretending to be a high school teacher. I speak how I speak, in my own words – unfiltered.

How much money does your business make?

P.S.: You have already been thinking about getting into the Amazon hustle.  So my hope is that you don’t wait til it’s too late.  I’ve had several people tell me that their only regret is wishing they’d started a year earlier when they first started looking into it.  The door will never close with e-commerce.  It’s an ever-growing market.  Whether your Amazon hustle makes thousands a month, a few hundred, or even if you lose a few grand – your feet will be wet  in the e-comm game, and it will be a positive learning experience EITHER WAY!  In my opinion, this is the best ‘real world education’ any entrepreneur can do to break into a lifelong career in the Online Shopping industry. It’s only getting started believe it or not!  By giving it a go, not only will you have experience under your belt in the physical-product e-comm game, but you will be an overall better internet marketer by learning everything involved first hand!  We are living in the heart of the Digital Revolution. And it’s only accelerating from here. Get in the game now! I can’t think of a better career than one in digital marketing. Especially if you value schedule flexibility and location flexibility.  And I can’t think of a better way to break into the game by ACTUALLY going out there and creating your own physical product. And own business! Everything from setting up the LLC, taxes, seeking investment etc. is invaluable real-life learning experience that you don’t get in school.  Just a reminder that if you don’t jump on this opportunity right now you will be missing out.

Copyright – The Amazon Method.


Disclaimer: it should be clear that there is no magic pill for success in business, and making money is never guaranteed in any online course, or college university for that matter. Your success will come down to you. And anyone claiming that you will make $10,000 profit your first month, while it has been done, is not at all typical.