Bangkok Guide: How to get Around – Motorbike Taxi, BTS or Boat ? (Cost of Thailand Travel)

Bangkok Guide: How to get Around – Motorbike Taxi, BTS or Boat ? (Cost of Thailand Travel)

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Below is a section from my Bangkok Travel Guide blog post:

Bangkok Travel Guide: Best Things to Do, Food, Nightlife, Where to Stay, Work Cafes, Tips & Tricks


*What is the best way to get around?*

From the airport:
taxi stand – follow the signs, show hotel address, done. *Don’t forget to get your SIM card from AIS at the airport:)

Around town:
I rent a motorbike, and I couldn’t do Bangkok any other way. I just love cruising around a motorbike, personally. It’s around 300 baht a day ($10 bucks) or 3000 baht a month ($90 bucks)… so if you like cruising motorbikes around Chiang Mai or elsewhere, don’t be afraid to explore BKK by motorbike… many tourists do it even for a short stay.

Most people use BTS along Sukhumvit road. Especially during rush hour it will be faster than car. Walk or take a taxi to the nearest station. Motobike taxi, Grab bike, regular Taxi, Grab car, or Uber, depending on if you’re alone and close to main roads where street taxis are around. In traffic, bikes are faster than cars because they can cut thru traffic jams.

I always check Google Maps tho to check the options… it will tell you ETA by BTS and by car. But make sure you compare the ETA from the nearest BTS station to your destination. A lot of the time if you taxi to the nearest station, then BTS-walk or BTS-cab to destination, it will be around the same ETA time as just a cab all the way there, but BTS-cab combo will be cheaper. BTS is only around 30 baht ($1) to the other side of town… while a cab to the other side of town could be around 200 baht ($6).

But at the end of the day, it’s personal preference! There’s no right way to get around Bangkok!

Oh yeah and I forgot Tuktuks! That’s also a great way. Not the cheapest, but the funnest. If you’re going not far, they’re a good option. Make sure you bargain. take their offer price and counter with 50-75% of that… To go only one or two BTS stations away, around 1-2 kilos, it should be in the realm of 50 baht per person. But 100 baht per person if a little farther isn’t uncommon… just bargain quickly and go… don’t fret too much over a few bucks:)

Read the rest of my Bangkok Travel Guide:

Bangkok Travel Guide: Best Things to Do, Food, Nightlife, Where to Stay, Work Cafes, Tips & Tricks


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