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Matt Laker Calls Me Out on Preaching the ‘4 Hour Work Week’ book… Scam or Legit?

via IFTTT The 4 Hour Work Week … What does it mean to you? More about Matt and how he makes $8k/Mo via Upwork: What is The “4 Hour Work Week” – My YouTube Playlist: My main takeaways of The 4HWW philosophy: – Use technology & outsourcing to automate the mundane tasks […]

Top 5 Life Hacks to Become a Digital Nomad

This talk is from the 2017 Nomad Summit. Nomad Summit 2019 is January 19th in Chiang Mai, Thailand! Seriously hope to see some of you there! Get your tickets at [it was my first public speaking gig EVER so, it was messy i know.. give me a break ?] See below for the slides […]