How to Build a Six Figure Service Based Business from Scratch - Viola Schenkel


Yo guys! These are my notes from Viola's talk at Nomad Summit 2018! Leave your thoughts, tips & experiences below!


Viola Eva Schenkel -Building a Six Figure Service Based Business from Scratch

Viola Schenkel built a service based business making over six figures in revenue and hiring 15 employees in just 4 months! You can see her digital marketing agency here.

An Agency business = a peoples business.

Agency 101

  1. What to sell
    1. Choose the field in which you have knowledge & experience (or perceived expertise right? Per 4-Hour Workweek:)
  2. How to sell
    1. Add value, add value, add value, then sell.
    2. Get a CRM, follow up
    3. Go for their heart on the first phone call
    4. Follow up and see how things are doing
    5. Close the deal quickly
      1. proposals and invoices are always first priority
      2. The most successful agencies have the best sales people
    6. Be bold. Be confident.
    7. Your best investment? Spend time with a good sales person.
  3. Managing clients
    1. Be professional
    2. Use a google form (doing this now with intern apps;) to ask questions, when someone signs with you
    3. Write well designed organized emails
    4. #1 Question: How can I make this easier for you?
    5. Ultimate success metric: Client Happiness. Do exceptional work but also tell them all they need to know to be happy.
    1. What do we expect from our team members?
    2. What do we expect from our leadership body?
    3. What is the company vision?
    4. “We expect honest communication and delivery ON TIME.”
    5. Vision: we are all one and interconnected. We use
  5. Hiring
    1. Hiring is like dating. Don’t get married on the first fate. Build the relationship step by step.
    2. Trick: Function accountability chart (I need to do this asap!)
  6. Accountability
    1. If several people are accountable for 1 function.. no one is accountable! (love this)
  7. Communication
    1. #1 trick - the daily stand up. (fixed time & channel, max 15 mins)
      1. How are you? (I've been using this)
      2. What have you been working on today?
      3. What will you do?
      4. What do you need help with?
    2. “Clear the Mind” … #Equanimity
  8. Leadership
    1. As the leader, I am accountable for getting the task done. That includes being clear with mu team members and giving them everything  they need to succeed.
  9. Celebrate! (yay🍻)
    1. Show them you know they’re important

Make your clients happy.

Make your team happy.

Make yourself happy!

  1. Scalability
    1. Hire a person to take over your job - (I'm looking for this on this now!)
    2. "Hire a Navy Seal"


Theres much more to this so please Leave your thoughts, tips & experiences below! Thanks homiez!

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