How to Ship to Amazon FBA 2018 | Step by Step Inventory Shipment Tutorial for Beginners to Sell

How to Ship to Amazon FBA 2018 | Step by Step Inventory Shipment Tutorial for Beginners to Sell


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One of the most FAQ I get – How to send inventory into FBA? How do I add a new product? How do I get a UPC? What is a FBA barcode? What warehouse do I send to?

What is FBA?

FBA means Fulfillment By Amazon. They have several warehouses throughout the US (and other countries too, like UK and others in Europe, India, Japan, and more).

It allows Amazon to ship your products automatically via their Amazon Prime service, which is very fast shipping, like 1-2 days in the US now. So we don’t have to hold or ship any of our inventory, it makes everything very passive.

The TOTAL Amazon Selling fee via FBA is AROUND 30%, depending on the category and size.

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