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Great! You want to watch the full mini course today, so you can decide if Amazon FBA is right for you.  Awesome.

Here’s how I’m doing it.  The course is available to my $10 a month and up LivinThatLife Members (LFG Level and up), via my Patreon page. (Hey I’m tryna run a business ova here! :P)  

By subscribing to my Patreon, you will to get instant access to all the mini-course videos (and future mini-courses) for as long as you’re subscribed.  You’ll also have access to tons more exclusive monthly content & experiences if you remain subscribed… but no commitments! Let’s take it slow! πŸ˜‰ 

Click this button then hit “Join $10 tier” to unlock the course and watch it.  Then download the Patreon app and check out my feed to see if you like what’s going on – if so, stick around.  If not, just downgrade, its easy.

What is Patreon?

What’s Patreon?

It’s the hot shitt right now for creators. It’s kinda like Facebook or YouTube, but fans can pay a monthly subscription at different tiers to unlock exclusive content.

Any commitment period?

Nope. It’s month to month. You can sign up and unlock this course for $10, go thru it for 29 days, then cancel if you want, or downgrade to a lower tier


Let me tell you what you will also get​ if you remain subscribed to my Patreon​

All your questions & comments responded to – Daily


See scheduled vlogs before they hit YouTube – Weekly


Attend Q&A group calls where I can get to know you – Monthly



NEW  LFG Mastermind Hub

I’m excited about this one.  I’m putting together an exclusive Mastermind Group for LFG Members.  We’ll have a master group messenger chat, a shared team work calendar where we can schedule goals and tasks and keep each other accountable for daily & weekly productivity, and also pair you up with an accountability buddy for even more realness. Yup. We doin it.


I’m calling this membership level:  “LFG”  Let’s Fuccin GO!


For people who are ready to take massive action & fuccin go! 

Whether it’s Amazon FBA or anything else!


We’re all on this same mission of time, location & financial freedom. This will be how I do my part to connect likeminded, hungry people. 



actionWith my LFG Membership, you get:


Early Access to YouTube Vids

I post scheduled videos on my Patreon page for you to comment on before they go public, and even make suggestions!

Your Questions Answered

It’s just like Facebook – Post a comment to my page or comment on a post. And I’ll take a minute to formulate a thorough response. 

Monthly Video Hangout

Elite members will join me on a Google Hangout where you can share your story & goals, and ask me questions. 

LFG Mastermind Hub

I’m excited about this one.  Join an exclusive group chat, join a team work calendar, get an accountability buddy & more.

Unlock the course and JOIN LFG 



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