Best Online Marketing Tools, Apps & Resources – for Internet Entrepreneurs & Digital Nomads

This is a List of resources that I or my friends use  –

This list is ever-updating. If you want to get updated with the newest resources, join The List. Also, comment your suggestions below and I’ll add them!

(if the resource has an affiliate program, I’ll link my referral link below. By using a referral link it doesn’t change the price of the service, it just gives the referrer (and many times, you) a cash bonus or discount)


Online Buiness Models Explained

Get my new course on the Top 10 Online Business Models to make money / earn remotely and travel.  The best opportunity for digital nomads to make six sigures.



Amazon Selling Resources & Tools


Everyone knows a market analysis tool is necessary for getting into physical product selling. So,  What Market Research Tool Should I Buy? Viral Launch

Viral Launch – Best Product Research Tool

My Review:I think it’s the best Amazon market research tool –  the chrome extension button is solid and reliable, and now they have a new Keyword Search Volume tool, which is a must have for product research.   And I recommend it over JungleScout.  It’s got everything you need for Amazon data – online tools, chrome extension, and even a search volume data.   It’s nice cuz they offer other services like Amazon giveaways, product photography, and listing optimization. I’ve used literally every service from them.  Yeah it may be a little more pricey than hiring a random freelancer, but you are paying for speed, convenience, and solid work every time. The product photoshoot they did for us was done on a beach and it looked stunning.

CashCowPro – Best Amazon Sales & Profit Dashboard + Email Follow-Up

My review:  This it the best site I’ve seen for Amazon Sales Analytics, PLUS it’s got Follow-up Emails built in.  The main page breaks down your sales #’s, ROI, Inventory etc. All the stats you need to see in one place. We use CashCowPro for our personal FBA biz daily.  We’ve tried others, this seems to be the best and most comprehensive by far.  It even includes customer Auto-Email automation, which is $29/mo alone on other platforms, like Sales Backer which we switched from. So at $99/mo, CashCow is actually a deal. We bought the yearly plan cuz, ya know, #BossShit. Sign up here for $15 off monthly!

Payoneer – receive Amazon payments in your home currency at the best rates. Use my Referral link and we both get $25 after you transfer $1000.

China Sourcing Trip – The Yiwu Sourcing Trip for Amazon selling by Quick Fast Hurry.  If you are interested in rapidly growing your Amazon FBA Biz  by testing out multiple of new products as fast as possible, these guys do it by sourcing direct from the best wholesale markets in Yiwu, China.  I know about it because a friend has been a part of RapidCrush for some time and recommends it highly.  Apply here!

Helpful Articles:



Recommended Courses:


Best Amazon FBA Courses:

One on one advising: Book a Product Advising coaching call with me, or a general advising call on what business model to choose, how to get started, life situations, or anything! [I’m doing this experimentally at first and the price will likely go way up]


Best Facebook Ads Courses:


My homie Jubril’s Facebook Ads Course – The Best Facebook Ads course out there by far!


Facebook Ads Tools:

AdEspresso – search for examples of Facebook and Instagram Ads in your niche.





TubeBuddy the best YouTube optimizer and automation tool



How to Start Freelancing


Getting started guides:



Starting a Digital Marketing Agency



Travel Tools & Resources

Best Fintech Card with no foreign transaction fees – Revolut. I have several nomad friends who rave about this card – they send you a metal card, which holds all your cards in it. Switch which one is active in the app. I’ve joined the waitlist for the US launch, which they say is coming soon as of late 2019.

Best Travel Insurance – I signed up for SafetyWing. It was recommended to me as the best company that is the least hassle and has less payout complications compared to other companies who always get you on the technical details. 

Travel Insurance Tips: in order to be covered for a motorbike accident, which is one of the more common things, especially in SE Asia, you must be sure of these things, otherwise you will NOT be covered and have to pay cash, for example for a $10,000-$20,000 surgery that a buddy just had to pay for a broken leg in Bali, because he did not have the intenational driverse license.

  1. You must have travel insurance, of course
  2. You must have an official International Drivers License / Permit.
    1. Getting an International Drivers Permit one in the US is pretty easy I hear thru AAA
    2. For getting an International Drivers Permit when already abroad 
  3. You must be wearing a helmet
  4. The bike can’t be more than 150cc
  5. You’re not covered if you are broke traffic laws like speeding, or doing wheelies seems to be a popular choice amongst hotels in Southeast Asia. I use it frequently to find cheap hotels. Use this referral link to get a discount on your first booking, cuz why not.

Book Onward Flights Tickets – I discovered this service that provides you proof of onward flight tickets, often required when you enter a country free as tourist on arrival, e.g. for Thailand or Bali! They only charge $5 bucks which is the cheapest I’ve seen.

Google Voice – Gives you a virtual phone number  – I use it every day for receiving SMS verification codes & texting family. Have also used it many times to make international calls. Just top-up your balance and call worldwide.

ExpressVPN My review: I even did a youtube video asking people in China for the best VPN for China or anything else, and this seems to be it. I’ve used & tested it. Works good. For mobile & desktop. Allows you to use YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Google, etc in China.


Thailand Resources


Thailand Travel Health insurance – no referral link, but this was recommended by a friend. I personally don’t currently pay for insurance.

My Chiang Mai Travel Guide – for visiting and digital nomads

My Bangkok Travel Guide – for visiting and digital nomads

ClassPass –*Update November 2018: ClassPass is now in Bangkok! They are offering First Month FREE for a limited time, so use my referral link to sign up and also get a discount. I’m using my free month now, and they have a couple CrossFit gyms on there yippee!



Social Media & Design


Schedugram – Bulk schedule Instagram posts! I’ve been using for over a year – Get $5 off

Envato Market – Good design templates, for everything. – Make great designs for free. I’m using this more and more for Amazon images and marketing stuff. Great stuff.

Free Stock Images & videos – and – limited selection but free.

IFTT – autopost your IG posts to FB, YouTube posts to WordPress, etc.

Bulk resize photos! Lifesaver.

BuzzSumo Find Trending articles & content in your niche, and find influencers –



Best Digital Marketing Tools


Email Marketing: Active Campaign – I switched from MailChimp and.. oh my.  Miles ahead.  Miles easier.  SUPER simple DRAG AND DROP flow – easy to create auto campaigns, forms, etc.  I’ve integrated it all over my blog.   I’m a fanboy of ActiveCampaign lol. Use this link to sign up.

Quiz Builder: Interact – Quiz Builder, Giveaway System & Polls – I use this on my blog to grow my list & learn about my audience – and quite frankly I’m super stoked about it! Super clean look and feel and SUPER easy to setup. Feels just like ActiveCampaign with the drag & drop, and integrates super easily with the tag system – so you can know all about people’s interests from the quiz, then send out segmented emails later. Click here to sign up for the best deal!











WordPress themes: ThriveThemes – WordPress themes for marketers. I switched to a Thrive Themes template for my blog – it’s optimized for marketers.  They sell the whole package with everything you need. I’m stoked about it.

ClickFunnels: The best landing page maker, sales pages, ecommerce page, and online course platform. I use it to sell my E-commerce products via FB ads, and for my online course funnel and backend membership. Go here to get a 14-day Free ClickFunnels Trial

Random Tools & Plugins

The Best Video Speed Controller – (Chrome Extension) great for webinars where the controls are hidden. Crucial! Allows you to skip ahead and speed up.


Team Management


Time Doctor – Track the work time of your team, via screen logs. Like upwork, but it’s not for payroll, just so everyone can track their work time for productivity & analysis.

Zoom conferencing Group call & screen share app I like.





Best Writing Outsourcing Service – High Quality writing services for the best prices. From ecommerce copywriting to blog article writing to social media content to ebook ghostwriting, they do it all.


Best Freelancer Site –! Unlike Upwork, they review your posting and recommend the top 1-3 freelancers for you, instead of having to look over dozens of applications. Then you skype chat with the applicants from there. It’s free to post a job. My boi Matt Laker recommended Freeeup to me because they specialize in Amazon FBA experts. But they also have experts in everything. – I’ve hired multiple people from here for short term and longer term jobs – customer service, packaging, Amazon PPC management, video editing etc. I’ve had a friend who found a rockstar Filipino VA here and couldn’t recommended it enough. I pay my one of my video editors thru here – get $20 credit with my link 

LibertyVA’s  – Now for crypto tasks only. Hire the best VA for your cryptocurrency project.




Books to Get – (Start Your Free 30-day trial on Audible)

The 4-Hour Workweek (‘Digital Nomad Bible’) by Tim Ferriss


Also recommended by Tim Ferriss – Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel

Travels with Charley (rec by a friend)

Cheers guys! What are your favorite resources? Put them in the comments and I just might add them to this page:)

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