My Post-College Rant – Why You Need To Create Your Own Dream Job

My Post-College Rant – Why You Need To Create Your Own Dream Job After graduating college, I have been on quite the rollercoaster. Where to work? Where to live? Most college students expect their college education to get them a job immediately. This has been far from the case. With many entry level jobs being in the […]

Positive Visions, A.k.a. ‘The Secret’

September 28, 2013

Positive VIBES – A.k.a. ‘The Secret’ I was rummaging thru my old iPhone notes and stumbled upon upon this… If you haven’t heard of ‘The Law of Attraction’ yet aka ‘The Secret’, it’s a theory of positive psychology that you should know, but it also has lots of physical proof that the effect is real…. […]