The Most Important Message: Don’t Work, Play.

The Most Important Message: Don’t Work, Play. “WHAT DO STEVE JOBS, BOB DYLAN, AND PLATO ALL HAVE IN COMMON? APART FROM BEING SOME OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE IN HISTORY, ALL OF THEM THOUGHT OF WORK AS A GAME.” Don’t Work, Play Okayyyyy, pretty much the beastest post I ever read was posted 3 days […]

From College, to Thailand, to Internet Entrepreneur

February 10, 2014

After college, I had to rethink everything about how I thought I wanted to live. Thanks to friends introducing me to entrepreneurship, my brain shifted from employee mindset, to owner mindset. Taking control and designing your own life. When I was living in Thailand, I realized that America, is just one of the countries. Just oneon the list. It’s not the top one […]

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