Top Ways to Make Money Online in 2018.

People ask me all the time how – 'How do I become a digital nomad?'  Well, it starts with making an income online.  This page will be my breakdown of the top ways that, in my experience,  digital nomads are making money online.  E.g. these types of businesses / careers / hustles can be done from a laptop from anywhere in the world.  They don't require you to be at any specific place. 

Ways to make $$ from anywhere

Work from Thailand, or work from home – these are some of the most popular ways that digital nomads are making money online. I've personally met people who do all these things. 

Working remotely:  This can be a great starting point - is essentially take what you're already doing or already good at, and do it online.  The big picture goal as an entrepreneur is to create passive income streams – but working remotely by 'trading your time for money' can allow you to leave your day job quicker, and start living abroad or traveling.  While on the side, you can work on building a passive income business. 


take your job remote

  • Teach english online 

Online Businesses:  Of course, nothing is completely passive, but these types of businesses can be relatively passive. As always, it's up to you how soon and how much you want to outsource & automate.  And of course, it takes a lot of work to start up - like any real business. 





Long-Term – Build a 'Passion Business': Personal brand, blog or channel:  In my opinion, it takes a long time to build up a personal brand, blog, or YouTube channel to the point of making real money, e.g. over $1000/mo.  Like 2-3 years or more, from my experience, and I think this is typical.  But I think its something you should be constantly growing on the side.  

your personal brand

  • Become a voice – Build an audience, provide awesome content, offer products & services. 

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Let's break em down. 

This is the brief idea, with links to a full breakdown on how-to.

Amazon FBA

This is my main income. If you know a little bit about it but want to know exactly what is entailed & what it takes, including realistic time & cash investments, I make a mini crash course for that. See it here.

  • Startup cost: $500-$2,000
  • Scaling cost: $5,000-15,000 
  • Time requirement: full time or part time
  • Realistic time to 100% ROI if full time: 6-9 months
  • Realistic time from product research to first sale: 4-6 months
  • Realistic time to cashflow positive: 6-12 months

What is FBA?

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is what allows anyone in the world to sell a physical product on It happens to be how I make my main income ($4-$8k/mo) and what allows Parker and I do to live out here in South Asia and nomad around full time, as we can run our Amazon store from anywhere. It's totally location-independent.

We create & order products in bulk, send them to Amazon's FBA Warehouses, it goes live on, and they handle the orders it from there. Now of course, Amazon is a competitive marketplace, like any marketplace, and a lot of smart work goes in to finding what to sell. To learn more about if this might be something you can do, or want to do, I made an easy to follow mini course for people who ask me exactly that.

drop shipping

There are different methods of drop shipping, but the core of it is, getting your own traffic to sell other people's physical products. 

  • Startup cost: $200-500
  • Ongoing cost: $100-$300
  • Time requirement: full time or part time
  • Realistic time to 100% ROI if full time: 6-9 months
  • Realistic time from product research to first sale: 4-6 months
  • Realistic time to cashflow positive: 6-12 months

Solo Freelancing 

Get paid to do digital projects for clients around the world, who find you through freelancing sites like Upwork and Freelancer.

  • Startup cost: minimal
  • Ongoing cost: low
  • Time requirement: full time or part time
  • Realistic time to make money: some freelancers have scored their first gig in a matter of weeks! This is definitely one of the fastest ways to start making immediate cash – although it will start small and grow over the months as you build your profile. 

Kindle publishing

Publish a bunch of niche books to Amazon Kindle by outsourcing the writing process.

  • Startup cost:  $300+
  • Ongoing cost:  low
  • Time requirement:  full time or part time
  • Realistic time to make money:  6-12 months.
  • Passive income? Relatively very passive - 5/5

What is Kindle Pub?

Slowly (or quickly) build your portfolio of e-books sold on online platforms like Amazon's Kindle, CreateSpace & Audible. Millions of people go these places to buy books. They will find you by small niche keywords, and buy based off your intriguing book cover, title, book preview, and of course, reviews. 

You outsource the writing process for at little as a couple hundred bucks per book, and outsource the ebook formatting & cover design as well.  If your books do well, they will continue getting sales for hopefully multiple years – with little to zero maintenance required.  But of course it takes deep keyword research & sales demand research to find these little profitable niches!

Personal brand
(Long-term side project)

  • Startup cost: minimal
  • Ongoing cost: minimal
  • Time requirement: part time
  • Realistic time to make money:  1-2 years

Monetize a Personal Brand:


  • Startup cost: low
  • Ongoing cost: low
  • Time requirement: high - full time at start
  • Passive score: medium
  • Realistic time to make money: 4 months 

What is a marketing agency?

WORK for your employer REMOTELY

  • Startup cost: none
  • Ongoing cost: none
  • Time requirement: depends on your boss
  • Realistic time to make money: now

A good option?

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