How to Build a Digital Marketing Agency for Passive Income – The Matt Laker Method
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How to Build a Digital Marketing Agency for Passive Income – The Matt Laker Method

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This is how Matt Laker makes $8,000 a month creating & outsourcing digital marketing agencies.

The video above is  the story of Matt Laker and his breakdown of his business philosophy!

Enter Matt:

The Story of My Tribe

Getting back to my story, I was never successful with any of my businesses. I failed big time until I joined the tribe of entrepreneurs. Here are the core principles that I have learned:

1. Stop being an employee/freelancer

Imagine that this is you:

Now, let’s get some perspective. You are actually a tip of an iceberg inside somebody’s else business model:

Is this bad? Yes, because you are at the end of the value chain. You make the least money. Naturally, managing clients expectations with workers (project management) are more important than just doing the work. But, project managers are useless without the sales team. Without Sales there are no clients, hence there is no business. This means that sales commissions are going to be higher than let’s say development work. However, salespeople don’t have prospects to talk to (leads) if there is no lead generation system in place. Hence this is the highest paid part of the entire business model. Here is what the value chain looks like, and why you are being paid the least:

 Now that you know that you are on top of this value pyramid, you want to get to the bottom instead. This way you will be able to leverage your time and money…

2. Leverage Your Time & Money By Paying Others For Their Time

At the beginning when you run a business, you are implementing all of the parts of the business model yourself. In other words, you have to hustle all the time (at least 30 hours a week). You can start leveraging your time and money and get from phase 1 (hustling everything) to phase 2 (part hustle), once: – You can survive from your business – Have enough revenue from the business to pay people on top of the value chain Then you leverage your time and money even more and get to phase 3 (no-hustle) where all you do in think, read, keep your CEO accountable and conceptualize. Here are the stages of the hustle that you need to climb in order not to hustle and buy back your time: 

3. Copy paste what works instead of trying to reinvent the wheel

For example, you can just copy this business model below because the chance of success is 100% – it’s proven to work, whereas if you come up with a startup idea, the probability, it’s going to be profitable is less than 10% (simple math).Once you choose your business model, focus on this for a long period of time. Don’t get distracted. In the beginning, implement all of the parts of the business model yourself – to briefly understand all of the processes.

4. Get Inside The Knowledge Value Cycle

Knowledge Value Cycle (KVC) or Peer 2 Peer Mentorship is the fastest way to understand and make your business work. It is faster and more effective than: – University – Books – Mentors In KVC or P2PM you learn from Mentors who are your tribe members who are just a little bit ahead of you: 

Once you become Intermediate you learn from Advanced members and teach Beginners. This is value cycle. The full structure of P2PM requires 4 leveraging each other components:

P2PM is a method created and mastered by our tribe of entrepreneurs for the last 4 years.


Ok! Riley here again….

Is this resonating with you?

If you are ready to learn this this business model and get on the FAST TRACK to building a REAL marketing agency, Matt is occasionally taking in newbies to his Acceleration group.

Update Nov 2018: I’ve started my own Digital Marketing Agency! And I’ve been accepted to join Matt & Jonas’ bootcamp in Bali. Stoked to get into this business model as my second stream of income. I personally love that while they’re focused on growing their businesses to 6-figures per month, they are equally focused on building a smooth, semi-automated company that is still considered a ‘freedom business’, that can run on it’s own by oustourcing and systemetizing the entire company … like all business owners should do!

Work ON your business, not IN your business – says all freedom-minded entrepreneurs.

Now like all business models, it takes a lots of work to setup and build, but it will be worth it in the long run to have a new relatively-passive income coming in from my new marketing company, allowing me to continue traveling and making videos and doing dope shi!t. Just at the next income level. Plus, it’s a company that you can sell in the future for a big paycheck.

Jonas’ story: Making 20k/mo: I had an interview with Matt’s buddy Jonas, who profits around $20,000 a month from his digital marketing company.

Here’s the interview:

Here’s my notes / summary of Jonas’ business model, with examples from his business:

Breakdown of the 4-pillar system:

Example: Jonas’ business.


  • Jonas has a team of 5 Lead Gen freelancers
  • Lead Gen team solely uses LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator tool: a premium version of LinkedIn
    • targets certain people and companies, mostly SaaS companies
    • Lead Gen team contacts companies
      • offers their Explainer Video services
      • triggers pain
  • Jonas has one 30% biz partner who is is managing the lead gen team of 5
    • they are currently getting around 20 projects per month

Pillar 2) SALES GUYS

    • 2 freelance sales guys
    • Young European guys
    • Getting 10-15 sales calls a week
    • Paid $500/sale, commission only
    • One guy making 2-3k /mo


  • they communicate with the client about what they want, and relay it to the creator
  • 4 project management guys, all part time
  • each one doing about 3 projects a month
  • paid $300 euros per project

Pillar 4) DELIVERY

  • Jonas uses 5 animators to create the explainer videos
    • 2 Eastern Europe,
    • 1 Pakistan,
    • 1 Nigeria,
    • 1 Nepal
      • found all on Upwork
      • they know its an agency

Ok cool hope that makes sense!  If you have been wanting to start a this and have questions, shoot me a message on fb and i’ll get a group chat going <img class=” />

If you are ready to GO:

If you are committed to this and want to fast-track this shit, you can apply to Matt & Jonas’ business group – you can apply here.

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