How to Launch an Amazon FBA Product in 2018 by Building Launch List – GUIDE
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How to Launch an Amazon FBA Product in 2018 by Building Launch List – GUIDE

This post is a summary of Scott Voelker’s (Product Launch List Building) Workshop. It is an integral part of the detailed summary we made a blog post about a month ago from Scott’s video on the proper way to use Facebook to build stable income. If you stumble on this one, I think you must also check out the Facebook post to build Six figure income.

Without delay …..

Let’s get into this….

Growing Your Business Using assets YOU Control

Now that Amazon similar to other platforms changed rules and will continually do that to ensure (pretty good claim) better and authentic reviews and fair ranking to a lot of listings to serve their users. Thanks to many marketers who clearly ruined it for all of us (I’d say don’t jump to conclusions) by using shortcuts that don’t add value to the consumer such as an incentivized reviews by offering giveaways and gifts which obviously encouraged biased feedback and comments.

Amazon Changed The Rules “BAD NEWS”

  • No More Discounts in Exchange for reviews
  • Harder to Launch Products Now
  • Harder to Boost Sales
  • Harder to RANK for Keywords.

Amazon Changed The Rules “GOOD NEWS”

  • We can build our OWN Targeted List
  • We can Launch Products Easier
  • We Can Boost Sales Whenever We Want
  • We Control and OWN a REAL Asset

The Old Way

It was the norm back then that marketers used to find review groups or simply ask people for reviews in exchange for discounts/giveaways etc. although it was easier to do that and make a ton of sales, but the reviews obviously were biased and less honest and, therefore, Amazon in an attempt to protect their reputation “their Brand”, they had to restrict sellers. In a way, it’s was good for all sides starting from Amazon (clearly), buyers (especially when reviews aren’t reflected by the quality), sellers (made them focus on building long-term business by looking at branding and such).

The New Way

Now, you need to find people who are interested in a niche you have chosen such as fishing. Collect their email addresses by offering an irresistible giveaway, or useful and entertaining information. Additionally, this allows you to know more about your market and have much control.

Scott and his team have made a case study with a headline that says; “How we were able to get 7,160 emails in 30 days, in a market we knew nothing about.”

Furthermore, they went on to explain….

 Why Did They Build an Email List?

  • Creating Asset You Own
  • Have More Control Over Your Sales
  • Build trust and long-term relationship with your customers
  • Attract Raving Fans in Your Market
  • Launch Your Own Products
  • Feedback Loop – Future Product Ideas

How Can Your List Be a Feedback Loop?

After providing value to these consumers, they might be your biggest asset when it comes to asking them something in return like getting a feedback and suggestions on which products you could launch, and you can still extend the relationship by offering a 50% discount off the next launch.

Now the people who have contributed to your next launch should be treated specially. Since we’re talking about being special and labeled with some identification. I find it very compelling to talk about segmentation.

It is important to categorize groups in your list in whichever segmentation method you see fit. Segmentation helps in studying and testing different propositions. For example, people who have contributed must be rewarded as stated above with 25%-50% offer, and without segmentation, it would be hard to realize who is who, and maybe sell them on the next big product launch. There are many ways to name your segments in your list. You would have, for instance, an entry level audiences, keen on the subject audience, already buyer audience, followers, hobbyist, contributors,  and finally enthusiasts who would buy everything you got and follow you everywhere. You can have your own labeling of the segments with regards to the metrics and type of circumstance each specific audience experiences at the time.

More Reason to Create Your Launch List

  • New Product Launch – Sales – You already have a good list rooting for you and pretty much love what you do and much likely to buy – Imagine Apple queue line in front of the store hours before iPhone new release. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have something like that before investing in a product and launching it!
  • Back in stock boost – Rankings – in case you had a shortage of stocks, sales naturally drops and so your rankings. Your list could help boost this gap by coming in and buying simultaneously.
  • Help you with Random BSR (Best Seller Ranking) Boost.

The 3 big questions

  1. Where Do I Even Start?
  2. How Do I find People Who care
  3. How Do I get them to ACTUALLY Line-up?

Well, these questions are answered later after going thoroughly on the subject and addressing all sides of the argument So Keep Reading…

Getting Started

  • What Most People Think You Need To Do
    • A Full Website
    • A Traffic Guy or Gal
    • A fancy eBook
    • More Hours in the Day
  • What YOU Actually Need To Do
    • Step #1: Find Something Cool
    • Step #2: Show It To People

How Do We Get Started:

1.      Starting a Giveaway

2.      Finding Ideas

3.      Building a Landing Page

4.      Finding People who care? Where are they?

Starting a Giveaway

  • Product Giveaways to Get an interest – Types of Giveaways:
    • Single Product Giveaways
    • Bundle Giveaway
      • The “Starter Pack”
      • The “Ultimate Kit”
  1. Single Product Giveaway
    • The Prize/reward is a Single Product
    • Works best for High Ticket Items over $150 (this threshold seems sensible by Scotts and his teammates but can be debatable on what type of business and niche market you’re operating in).


The above product is an example of Single Product Giveaway that exceeds the threshold price, and something to get people excited about…


Or if you selling Ice Cream Soup, then your single product could be Ice Cream Maker.



  1. Bundle Giveaway

          A. The Starter Pack (Bundle)

  • Perfect for Entry Level Audiences
  • Example: Home Cooking Essentials Starter Kit.

Another Example,



          B. The “Ultimate Kit” (Bundle)

  • Perfect if you’re targeting enthusiasts

Finding Ideas

  • Finding Ideas – Platforms to source ideas
    • Pinterest: Type your keyword and Discover New Things (products, designs, packaging)
    • Facebook Groups: Almost Every Niche Has a Facebook Group
      • Get ideas from what people are talking about in these groups
      • Ask for ideas – organize a poll or a question post that says; “If You Guys Could Win a Prize that’s under $200, What would It Be?. They help you at least brainstorm
    • Blogs: Usually Bloggers in Your Niche are Always on Top of New and Hottest Products
    • Shut Up and Take My Money – Link:
  •  The Sub-Reddit is a Great Source of Ideas. People post things that they would buy if they had the money.
    • Google Search – Try Searching Using “Keyword” + Giveaway

Example: “skateboard” + giveaway

Another Example of a giveaway,

For more showcasing, here is another example I like….


Building a Landing Page

  • What Do You Actually Need To Do This?
    • A Headline
    • From 1 Up To 5 Images
    • Marketing Software Tool for giveaway landing pages…Usually is Cheap…anything will do.

Based on the things you have seen so far, Do You Think That You Can All Go Out and Do 2 Things

  1. Can you find something cool that appeals to your Market
  2. Do You Think You Can Show it to them?

You Don’t Need; Massive Website, Hire Traffic Guy… Nothing! Come On Big Guy, It Doesn’t Get Easier.

Finding People Who Care? Where Are They?

What Most People Think You Need To Do

  • Learn about Pixels, CTR, CPC, CPL
  • Spend Tons OF Money Making Mistakes
  • Be Everywhere
    • Facebook
    • Pinterest
    • Twitter
    • Google
    • Etc

What You Actually Need To Do

  • Pick One Method
  • Be Consistent

Two Easy Ways to find people who care!

  • Instagram Ads:

Search for influencers in your domain (Niche) with a good following and reach some agreement with an appropriate budget to advertise your content.

Primary Things To Consider when finding influencers on Instagram:

  1. Number of followers
  2. Locate the word “Ads” or their Email Address to contact them
  3. You can Reach Them Usually Through Direct Message
  4. Send a Message Saying; “Hey (account name), I am interested in advertising cool contest giveaway. What is your rate or How much?
  5. Finally, Come with an agreement with them to place your Ad
    • Outreach – (This method is used if you want to do it without advertisement or having a little budget).
      • Free, but Takes Tim
        • Where Do I Find These People?
          • Bloggers
          • YouTube Accounts
          • Instagram Accounts
          • Facebook Groups
          • Forums

How to Find a List outreaching blogs and bloggers (This can be applied to YouTube, Insta, FB, Forums)  

  • Run A Google Search for “Your Niche Keyword” + Blog or Giveaway
  • Use Tomoson: network of bloggers, all you have to do is outreach

Basically, Find their email addresses and start communicating…

Send an Outreach Email

  • Larger Outlets Generally Charge
  • Smaller Outlets are often free

They’re On My List!

Now What?

What People Think You Need To Do:  Send Emails that look like…



What You Actually Need To Do; Send Email by…

  • Find Something Cool and SHARE IT
  • Provide Some Value
  • When You’re Ready…ASK For Something In Return
  • HubSpot Did a Study:
    • Fewer People Open Fancy Emails

Example of the Email template

This Email looks very personal as if you are sending it to your friends, and also Useful Tip for Garlic Press users.

Benefits of Emails

  • Building A Connection
    • Show Off Personality
    • Create Connection
  • Keep You in Touch
  • Make Sales Emails More Effective

HOW-TO Process

  • Run a Google Search For you Niche
  • Share The Cool Content You Find
  • Send Emails Weekly (3-5 Emails)

At the backend of the giveaways, these Emails are going to engage our list for 3-5 weeks (One Email is Sent Each Week).

You can use one of the Email Marketing automation tools to schedule your weekly emails such as ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, MailChimp.


The launch Day

Now that I have created a list of emails, You should start sending Sales Emails

  • Sales emails should start with some personality
  • Tell them a story
    • What will do for them
    • How will it help them get delight or avoid pain

Example of Sales Email Template


Recap the 3 Big Questions

  • Where Do I Even Start?

Ans: Run a Giveaway

  • How Do I Find People Who Care?

Ans: Choose a Traffic Source

  • How Do I get them to ACTUALLY Line-up?

Ans: Send them cool stuff.

Contest List Building Strategy (Case Study)

The Idea? Build Email List, and offer Products


  • Attract Raving Fans in Your Market
  • Launch Your Own Products
  • Feedback Loop – Future Product Ideas

Channel: Instagram

Goal: Email List Building

The Basic Funnel


Step1: Drive Traffic

  • Create Contest Graphic:

  • Outreach – Sponsored Posts

Search for keywords of your niche market and find Instagram accounts with a good following, although you must consider your budget in conjunction with the number of followers these influencers have. Clearly, the more following each account has, the more they would charge. The charge could start from as low as $5 and it escalates from there. However, once you have selected suitable accounts and agreed on terms with the sponsors (influencers) and how much you should pay, always monitor the performance of each account and how many leads it generates. This is very important because it sets ground rules and metrics for your next influencer selection and to optimize for better fetching.

Finally, in order to double on your investment, you can then create your Instagram account and send emails to your already garnered list to follow you using your own Instagram. This way you don’t have to wait for too long to make a significant number of followings. Consequently, you can then promote your own materials at no cost.

  • Optional: Facebook Ads

Step2: Contest –Lead Magnet Page (Landing Page)

Example: Enter a contest by log in your Email to win a pair of shoes

The Tech stuff (Building a Landing Page):

  • Option 1: Hire Web Developer
    • Cost: $400- $500
    • Tasks
      • Custom Layout and Design
      • Custom Tracking Code
      • Contest Update
    • Option 2: Use Hosted Service or Cheap Marketing Tool for giveaway landing pages.

Remember you don’t need to have an auto-responder upfront; you can collect emails and then export (upload) those to an auto-responder.

Step3: Thank You Page, and Share icons

Step4: Email Follow-Up

Email “Follow-up” Template


Now What?

  • Continue Contest
  • Choose and Email Winner
  • Email Non-Winners

Say something like; “Sorry you didn’t win but because you entered, we going to give you 50% discount or 25% offer.”

  • Offer Discount
  • Drive Sales on Amazon or Website
  • Use List and Page to Discover New ideas

Rinse and Repeat

  • Monthly or Weekly Contest
  • Build Email List
  • Product Offers
  • Survey Audience

Email Follow-Up

  • Useful Content (Reporter Style)
  • Promote Your Own Products
  • Surveys
  • Affiliate Products
  • Email Shares: Find entrepreneur in the same niche and offer him to send emails to your list if he agrees to do the same in exchange.









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