Amazon Selling: How-to Find Profitable Products to Sell, for Beginners

Amazon Selling: How-to Find Profitable Products to Sell, for Beginners

Amazon Product Research:

How to find a product to sell on One that’s profitable, good margin, and actually makes money? mastermind call – for course members only. Join to watch the call.

I had a call yesterday with a some students who were getting into product research on Amazon.  (for my mastermind group/course at

To sum it up, there’s NO SHORTCUTS! This is a REAL BUSINESS! It takes lots of MARKET RESEARCH! Work! Some Serious Due diligence!  Just like any successful business!

…. and also (for the most successful products) …a Good IDEA!

How about that! A business started from a good idea! ?

That being said.. quickly testing/launching your own product on Amazon is the easiest it’s ever been to start a small retail business in history.



What’s the philosophy?

  • It takes TIME. 1-month minimum of research, combing thru Amazon jungle.
  • Always be asking: ‘why would a shopper buy mine over the other guys with more reviews?’ = you must be UNIQUE. Physically unique with unique useful features / add ons  / value adds.
  • Go WIDE your first 2 weeks
    • Get your eyes on as many different niches as possible.. Hundreds.
    • Open a tab for anything plausible
      • Then go thru the dozens tabs and glance at the Page1 search results for that type of item
      • If it looks too competitive at first glance (there’s 3+ sellers w/ 1000+ reviews), close the tab and forget it.
      • If it looks possible, keep the tab open.
      • DON’T start to crunch the numbers yet
  • After a good 1-2 weeks of going WIDE
    • Start to go DEEP
    • Of the tabs you still have open, glance at the JungleScout chrome extension data for that search term.
      • If at first glance there’s not at least 3+ sellers doing 300+ sales a month, close the tab and forget it.
      • If it looks possible, add it to your spreadsheet
    • DON’T spend more than 5-10 minutes analyzing one product
    • Keep glancing at the numbers for as many niches as possible
    • Have MERCHANTWORDS.COM open to constantly investigate ‘niche within a niche’ terms if there are any possible ones.
    • Don’t go too deep yet.
  • AFTER a couple weeks of glancing at the numbers of at least 30 niches (100+ ideally)
    • Then start to analyze those further
    • Make notes of differentiation ideas
    • The BEST products will be the most differentiated
    • Use to find potential differentiating ideas
    • Use to find differentiating ideas
  • After a week digging DEEP
    • Start to narrow down your spreadsheet
    • The Best possible differentiation ideas make your short list
    • Keep narrowing down to top 3-5
    • Go to Alibaba and order samples
      • Could be multiple models of each of your top 3 products
      • Or just multiple models of your nop #1 product
    • Pick your favorite sample
    • Hopefully it has a unique feature and unique keyword you can rank on Page 1 for.
    • Run it by me if you want. Then make a test order of 200-300 units ($1000-$3000) or whatever you’re comfortable with!


To learn more:

My mastermind group/full step-by-step online video course on how I found, sourced & launched a profitable product on Amazon that makes me over $5,000 PROFIT a month. No BS, just how I did it – at



“Amazon 101” – The Private Labeling / Importing from China Process:


Using JungleScout Quick Tutorial: the online tool that crunches sales numbers on Amazon .



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