Top 5 Things to DO in Amsterdam.. Real Quick! [Episode 1]
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Top 5 Things to DO in Amsterdam.. Real Quick! [Episode 1]

Top 5 Things to do in Amsterdam!

1. Smoke weed in the Coffeeshops!

In Amsterdam, a coffeeshop is a weed shop. If you are 18 or older, you can purchase cannabis and even smoke and chill inside the cool lounges! And order snacks! It’s a true weed bar! Totally the future! Try  spacecake – but eat only half!

Best Coffeeshops

  • The Bulldog
  • Katsu coffeeshop

  • Coffeeshop yoyo


2. Eat!

An international disneyland of food! There are endless munchies and restaurants to try. Two notable restaurants we hit were Hasta la Pasta and De Roode Leeuw.

Best Restaurants & Cafes:

  • Sampurna – Best Indonesian food
  • The Pantry Cafe – local food
  • Cafe de Klos – local food
  • Little Collins – brunch spot

Best Drink:

  • Snappers cocktail bar
  • Blue 360 bar – best view of the city
  • Cafe Cox bar

3. Bicycle around

Amsterdam is famous for the bikes everywhere! Rent a bike and explore the city with your buds! Be careful to watch where you are going and not be too high!:)


4. Day trip outside the city

You can take public transportation or an Uber to the beach, or head to the countryside for some authentic Dutch sights like castles and flower farms.


5. Canal Boat Tours

Amsterdam is a city of canals! The boat tours are a classic! You can pop champagne and have a high-end spread of food on some of them.



Go to the Van Gough Museum

  • last time the line was so long we didn’t even try. So perhaps get tickets in advance!

Try magic truffles

  • What are magic truffles? To my knowledge, they’re samesame as magic mushrooms – psychedelics! It’s not something to take lightly! If you have no experience with shrooms or anything, prob not a good idea unless you are with people who are pros and you guys have a plan! And as always, moderation is key! I have a friend who tried them and went to the Van Gough museum and i’m sure it’s an amazing experience:)


Being one of the most visited cities in the world, Amsterdam has a vibrant nightlife! Unlimited places to drink beer, bars, and clubs.

  • Duivel – first hip hop bar
  • Paradiso club
  • Milky Way club
  • 129 club
  • The waterhole club

Red Light District / Adult Entertainment

  • You will notice adult shows being advertised! We tried one and it’s fun for the whole family! Recommended with your friends! ? You will also notice women inside windows – these are for hire! You can go in and pay for the full service package.
  • Prostitution museum & sex shows


Even MORE!

De Pijp Neighborhood – mix of expats and locals

The Jordaan Neighborhood

Albert Cuyp Street Market – largest outdoor market in Europe

Stromma boat tours – bring a beer n relax

Amsterdam herring – popular street food

Prostitution museum & sex shows

Outdoor urinals (15 ppl die annually from falling in the canals)

The cheese company – try all the cheeses.

Golden Age museum


My 2016 Amsterdam Playlist



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