Best Places to Work in Bangkok – Cafes, 24 Hour Work Spots, Co-Working Spaces

Best Places to Work in Bangkok – Cafes, 24 Hour Work Spots, Co-Working Spaces

Bangkok Guide for Digital Nomads

Overall, Bangkok is like the New York City of Thailand, so it’s an endless supply of coffeeshops, cafes, coworking spaces and places to work! Being based here for most of 2017 and 2018, we’ve found ourselves working most frequently out of Starbucks. Why? Well simply cuz there are so damn many of them! It’s the most common cafe in BKK! And we usually find ourselves productive there. We mix Sbux with TomNToms, and different cozy cafes, and that sums up our Cafe Hopping digital nomad life in Bangkok!

Recently I’ve joined Hubba-to coworking space at Habito (mostly for the networking as it’s right next to my condo), and I work there a couple times per week mixed with coffeeshops. But there are many coworking spaces to choose from that are all great, and and the end of the day, you probably just want to join the one closest to where you live!

Below is an ongoing list that I will continue updating! Please share your tips in the comments and I’ll add them!


Cafes & Coffee Shops


  • All have the 100/100 mbps wifi speeds with the AIS SuperWifi. 30/30 if not.
  • Everywhere – one at every mall
  • Nitro Brew served at Thong Lor, Central World, and Central Embassy (any more?)
  • Thong Lor soi 4 one is 24 hours! But that’s the only 24hr one I know of. The rest close at 10pm.
  • Why do we find ourselves working at Starbucks so often? All about convenience & consistency. First of all you just can’t avoid them – it’s the most common coffeeshop!  Nice tables, plugs at every table, fast wifi, good coffee, good vibe.

Tom N Toms 

  • Many are 24 hours
  • Several locations
  • Most all have the 100/100 mbps wifi speeds with the AIS SuperWifi
  • Habito Mall location is 24/7, next to our condo.

AIS Workspaces

  • AIS DC Design Center – Phrom Phong BTS, Emporium Mall 5th Floor next to movie theater. I come often.
    • Cafe is open free with coffee. Library/work area is around 100 baht per day.
  • AIS TCDC Commons – Phra Khanong BTS, at W Market. B
    • Smaller version of AIS DC. 100 baht per day library-type area, no cafe.

Cozy Cafes

  • Travelers Cafe – right at Thong Lo BTS station
  • 93Army Cafe –  Rama 4
  • Casa Lapin x26 – Phrom Phong
  • S65 Coffee – Ekkamai
  • Phil Coffee – Ekkamai (strongest coffee! The specialty)
  • Nikko Cafe – Ekkamai
  • D’Ark Cafe – Thonglor
  • Hubba Cafe – Habito Mall, Phra Khanong (first floor of the coworking space is this cafe open to pubic til 8pm)
D’ark Cafe

24 Hour Cafes / Coffeeshops

  • TomToms (many are 24/7 but not all. Check Google Maps)
  • Starbucks ThongLo Soi 4
  • Too Fast To Sleep – kinda like CAMP Chiang Mai, Silom. I’ve been once.
  • New: Cafe Amazon Thonglor (Soi 55)
  • any more?


Co-working Spaces


3 Locations

  • Habito Mall
  • Ekkamai
  • Sathorn
  • Price for all:  $118/mo for Unlimited 24/7 (3,900 THB) or $12 day pass (8am-6pm) (390 THB)
    • Memberships gets access to all locations


The Hive

2 Locations

  • Thong Lor
    • ‎$165/mo for Unlimited 24/7 (5,500 THB)
    • $11 day pass (8am-8pm) (350 THB)
  • Phra Khanong
    • $135/mo for Unlimited 24/7 (4,500 THB)
    • $9 day pass (8am-8pm)(300 THB)
  • memberships include daytime access to the other location.



Brand new, at Summer Hill Mall, Pra Khanong BTS Station

  • $162 for Unlimited 24/7 (5,400 THB)
  • $9 day pass (300thb)
  • Super nice brand new space
  • Another location in Chamchuri Square
  • Gets you access to tons of locations worldwide





The Hive Thonglor


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