CHIANG MAI vs BANGKOK vs SAIGON | My Digital Nomad Guide

So I get asked a lot..

What do you like better Riley??

Chiang Mai, Bangkok, or Saigon???

Or what about the islands?!

…One of the most common questions I get!!

In this video, I discuss my thoughts on the different aspects of life in each city, like cost of living, crossfit gyms, nightlife, coworking spaces, convenience of getting around, digital nomad community, overall vibes, and my experience.

Just my honest thoughts!

They are all great places, and relatively cheap compared to America for the lifestyle. I’ve never done a full month in the beaches / islands, but I have visited Koh Samui, Koh Lanta and Koh Phangan.

For all the details, watch the full video! and share it with a friend or Facebook group!

And as always PLEASE DO leave your thoughts tips and experiences in the comments!

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