CHINA ? Live Q&A #7 ?? Can I start Amazon Selling with $1000? + FBA Products Still Profitable?

October 11, 2017


Can I start an Amazon FBA product with $1000? Live Answer @6:40

Extended answer –

Yes, but $1000 is probably my minimum i’d say, for investing in one product.

Of course, this if money that you have SET ASIDE, and shouldn’t expect to get that money back for a few months. And IDEALLY you are not expecting to take any profit from this investment for the first YEAR… because you will want to re-invest all your Amazon payouts into more inventory!

So if you only have $1000 in your bank account … or even $5000… keep saving up.

I got started by saving up $10,000 and investing $2000.  So this is a good target i recommend to my friends.

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