ICO Crypto Investing for Beginners Guide 2019

August 30, 2018

Crypto ICO Investing 101

(this is not financial advice)

I’m new to this field so these are the notes I gathered from chatting with Joe! He runs an ICO investing fund. His company is http://varys.capital

Share your tips & know-how in the comments below!


What are your favorite resources? Share!


How to Research an ICO

  • Compare spreadsheets and see which ICOs are coming up highly ranked across multiple sheets
  • Look into the company members
  • The biggest ICOs will be harder to invest in, usually require high investment minimum


How to get the best deal

  • The biggest ICOs will only offer a discount to huge investors
  • Smaller projects typically put out buy-in specials like “50% discount this week only” and offer bonuses
    • Doesn’t mean they’re shady or won’t be successful, just not the biggest projects
  • Many people pool their money into a large fund to get a discount, but sounds like this is illegal. Do your own research!


When to take money

  • Short term investors just looking for a quick ICO flip typically withdraw ALL their tokens shortly after the ICO launch when the price initially spikes.
  • Sounds like most at least take out the amount of their initial investment – thus getting their money back right away.
  • Longer term investors that

What are your cryptocurrency investing tips! I’m new in this space so please share!

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