Danny Carlson: tips & tricks I learned from building & selling my Amazon agency for multi 6-figures
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Danny Carlson: tips & tricks I learned from building & selling my Amazon agency for multi 6-figures

General Things I Wish I Knew Sooner Apply for a loans-cash.net fast cash loans now.

Learn proper cashflow management

  • An agency guy had a budget spreadsheet, with percentages of what you should be spending on Team, B, C etc.

Organic Google Traffic was our Bread & Butter

  • I would’ve also focus more on YouTube
  • Pro Tip: Podcast embeds on our website was crucial for improving DA and getting people to stay on our websites

Use Mentors Faster in different situations

  • Spend on masterminds & mentors
  • There were some KEY hires that I could’ve made sooner. E.g. Bookkeeper, Operations manager, 
  • I had a scarcity mindset the first few years in my agency… I thought I could just learn everything from podcasts… then the higher I got in my agency, I realized it was way better to just pay for a mentor and get a FAST and direct answer, that is catered to my exact situation

“As Soon As possible, hire an Operations Manager”

  • Can handle random day to day things
  • Managing contractors
  • Client messaging
  • Cleaning up little random things
  • Following up with team members

Hiring Tips

  • We had 22 full time employees
  • Hired 40 full time people all time, (not including contractors)
  • Lesson: “The time it takes to find a GREAT person is a LOT LONGER than you think. It can take 2 months and 500 applicants. Especially for a high-level ROCKSTAR like an operations manager. The VAST majority of people are NOT good employees. Think of it as a BIG investment. They should be an asset for YEARS to come. 
  • Western employees
    • Client communication
    • Managerial
    • Writers
    • Our Canadian employees
  • Overseas employees
    • The real rockstars know their worth and will have higher salaries. Not gonna find them for $10/hr normally.
    • All PH VAs went under basic contractor agreement
      • 13th month Pay Rule (local PH each December)
      • Followed typical employee rules / schedules
      • Weekends is overtime
    • We had lots of Bali VAs, we set up an Indonesian company and they were employees
  • Culture
    • 1 hour every Friday on Zoom played Jackbox phone games
    • Mural board challenge
    • Play virtual games
    • Monthly photoshop competition
  • “Fill in your weaknesses”
    • Completely get MORE things off your plate
    • Focus on what you are better at
    • What got me from $50-$100k was getting stuff off my plate (finances, operations, day to day ops).  Then I focuses my Time on LEARNING from mentors, learning better systems,
  • Paid ads
    • We did a good amount of testing, with not lots of results
    • Difficult in Amazon space bc Amazon sellers are not easy to target. 
    • Most people are PRODUCT RESEARCH DREAMERS (so its harder to crack the formula of targeting only EXISTING SELLERS)
    • INTENT-BASED MARKETING is easier , so search specific terms , like ‘amazon product photography’, that qualifies they already have a product. 

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