Top Digital Nomad Questions – FAQ
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Top Digital Nomad Questions – FAQ


How do you guys afford to travel?

We work remotely running our e-commerce business, selling physical products via Amazon FBA.

Learn about how we do Amazon selling here:

And my step-by-step private-label importing video course / mastermind group is at ➜


What gear do you use?

What is a Digital Nomad?

Someone who works from their laptop and chooses to travel for fun, and/or because the cost of living is much less in other countries, in order to invest more money into their online business, while having an exotic lifestyle.


“How do I start? I’m looking to start working remotely.”

We started from watching youtube too.  If you’re JUST starting your travel / entrepreneur dreams, I would get The 4-Hour Workweek on with free trial

  1. Start a blog to document your journey, and what your tips & tricks you learn along the way. You will learn about the blogosphere.
    1. Start writing posts about what you naturally like to talk about.
  2. Start Freelancing. Create a freelancing profile on and start.  Look into different skills that you might want to offer. Start making money remotely the soonest, and doesn’t require money investment.
  3. Look into different online business models. There are many. From selling physical products, selling digital products, doing client work, affiliate marketing (driving traffic), Facebook advertising, physical product drop shipping, Amazon FBA, retail arbitrage etc etc… watch youtube videos until one model clicks with you then try it out!
    1. Go here –



AMAfeed questions:

Q: Does traveling add anything to your online biz.


A: “ .. LONGTERM TRAVEL and ONLINE BIZ… they go hand in hand. 🙂 If you want the former, you need the latter:) I don’t see it happening any other way.. 🙂 “

Interesting question! Well first of all, our main goal after college was to travel / live abroad for a bit… so that’s why we went down the online biz route in the first place… because its a career that lets you live anywhere..

And we got started based in SE Asia because its around 1/3 to 1/4 the cost of living of most US cities like Seattle.. so thats why a lot of internet startups and bootstrapping entrepreneurs like us will base there for part of the year, to save ca$h and invest it in business stuff, to scale faster…

… so yes, being able to ‘travel’, or just live in other countries, adds to our online business by actually SAVING us money…

.. LONGTERM TRAVEL and ONLINE BIZ… they go hand in hand. 🙂 If you want the former, you need the latter:) I don’t see any other way.. 🙂


That’s a funny question! Because my Dad tells me that when his friends ask what I do, he’s not really sure how to phrase it! Lol. Cuz there are many different things I could say to describe ‘what I do for a living’ .. aka how I make money right!

…I could say….

i’m an Amazon seller

I sell products on amazon

i do online marketing

i do amazon marketing

I do importing

i sell physical products

I do digital marketing

I do online marketing

i sell stuff online

i have an Ecommerce company

I have a physical products company

i do private-labeling

i do global trading

i do Amazon FBA

I have my own brand of physical products

I have my own online business

I work from my laptop

I’m a digital nomad

I’m an internet entrepreneur

I create and source and products

I’m a travelpreneuer

I’m a youtuber

I’m a location independent entrepreneur

I’m an internet marketer

I’m a student of The 4-Hour Workweek ??

…And my favorite, I do online stuff ☺️

… but at the end of the day, it depends who’s asking ?

Why not all of them!:)

But really I hope to keep exploring and ‘nomading’ for the rest of my life… once you start its kinda like.. why would you stop? Many nomads feel the same way …. the world is a big place and your can never see every city…




But no doubt Thailand is a great place to live… a very popular retirement destination……. but there are popular retirement destinations all around the world ! VIrtually every country has their own ‘retired expat’ community ….. from Thailand and Vietnam to Equador to Malindi Beach Kenya  to Mexico to Greece…. 🙂

Until then, #keepexploringI just googled “most popular retirement countries” 🙂

Here are this year’s picks – along with a step-by-step scenario for settling in foreign lands.

  • Mexico. After reaching third place last year in the rankings, Mexico jumped to number one, just edging ahead of Panama. …
  • Panama. …
  • Ecuador. …
  • Costa Rica. …
  • Colombia. …
  • Malaysia. …
  • Spain. …
  • Nicaragua.

I sell physical products on Amazon. I have my own brand that i get manufactured in China.

I have a video called “Amazon 101” that explains the whole process;) ?

Woowwwwww thats a great question! I always ask people this too:)

Travel the world, doing what I want, on my own time, with my best friends, creating and being real:)

(I’ll try to make a youtube video with deeper answer:)


Good question! Well it started with a desire to travel after college … and after a 2-week trip to Thailand in 2013, me and my best friend Parker decided to look into job opportunities in Thailand to potentially do a work abroad for a year type thing.

Then we started watching a lot of YouTube about Thailand , and found a video by Johnny FD about a marketing conference happening in Chiang Mai Thailand, October 2014…. so we put that on the calendar and saved up as much as we could from our corporate jobs as we could (about 10kusd each, enough to live for 6+ Months in Chiang Mai) and took the leap to take our online businesses full time! We had been building dropshipping stores at the time, but not really profitable yet. Then we got into Amazon and we still here 🙂

Thanks for tha Q brotha. Well I’ve never actually solo traveled. My best friend and I started this journey together and went into biz together, which I’m blessed for because it made it easier to take that leap of faith …..

… but I’ve met many solo travelers and I would highly recommend it ??


What’s the best way to get started?

Yo man!

Start Freelancing on right away!

And at the same time start a youtube channel about your experience getting started as a freelancer and share your tips with others!

But a YouTube channel will take years to build an audience and start monetizing …… Freelancing u can start making & this week. ??


Hey! Wellp! That’s why a lot of nomads are based in other countries, because its more affordable here… we started in Chiang Mai living a good life off  around $1000/mo including everything …. and now we are based in Bangkok living off $3000/mo including everything, and living quite a good life……… including eating out every meal, gym, motorbike, nice studio apartment, going out on weekends, etc etc. 🙂

But the beauty of living in a place like SE Asia is you can start small and bootstrap while you build your business online.



Hey man! I know it sounds cliche but, every city in the world has beautiful girls….. and they are all friendly.



From other Digital Nomad AMA’s:

Nina Kolari via

What advice do you have for those that want to travel but feel financially stuck?

Start working as an online freelancer part-time now to save money and to build a business that allows you to start digital nomad lifestyle and quit your day job. Most important thing is to take consistent action that takes you away from being financially stuck.

Key:  Cliche but, don’t =give up when first obstacle came about! There are many when starting up a business so persistance is the key. I worked really hard to find opportunities, kept learning more and was willing to change/adapt my approach.

Sounds interesting and exciting. I am planning to do the same thing.  Has digital nomad lifestyle improved your every day life quality? 

Yes it has! First of all I love the freedom I have now. I can plan my day in any way I want. I also can visit awesome cafes all around the world during my breaks, or even work at and once all work done I have whole new place to discover.

Nomadic lifestyle has some downsides but luckily there are way more upsides.


What were some of your best experiences abroad?

Meeting locals and seeing local lifestyle, meeting local business owners, cultural experiences, delicious cousine all around the world… list is pretty much endless!


How are you able to maintain your sense if routine when you are on the road?

After settling in I follow similar work routine no matter where I am. I prefer to work in the early morning to get work out of the way of the day. After work is done I dont follow routine, I just take day as it comes.


Shat answer would you give if you are asked “is nomadism safe?”

Yes! I dont see why it would not be safe. Of course one must be careful and considerate but that applies to everywhere.


I would like to work just like you do, can you tell me more about your job?

I am digital marketer and work with selected clients helping them sell more online. I also have own digital products like online courses that I sell.  Many of my clients come from freelance websites likes Upwork.


How were you able to cope with loneliness on the road?

This can be problem at times especially if moving around a lot. I tend to spend months in one place at a time rather than move every week. Best is to travel with someone.


What do you think about the quote, “You can’t run away from your own feet?” and the idea that travel is a bandaid solution for acquiring happiness?

Why would it be a bandaid? Maybe some people just prefer to live this way. Some may be using travel to escape, but most people I know do it because they can and they love it.


How have you changed as a person since you began your nomadic adventure?

Yes, it has but for good! Yes in terms of being able to adapt to new places and change with ease. I am more open minded, relaxed and happy!

Do you ever intend to find a semi or a permanent home?

Yes, a base would be nice but have not found a place I want to the base to be in…  I keep looking until I find it and then get a couch again.

What can you say mkes up a fulfilling life?

Living a life that yourself think is fulfilling. For me it is freedom – freedom on location, freedom of work hours, freedom to choose clients I work with… being able to choose and decide myself both on personal and business life.

What books and blogs do you recommend for aspiring travelers?

I would recommend reading all kinds of business books. Nomadic lifestyle is only possible if you can get sustainable income from your business, it is a crucial part of the equation. Learn about business and your improve your expertise. [Riley: The 4-Hour Workweek for sure]

What do you think your future holds? Where do you see yourself to be in the next ten years?

10 years… no idea!  I don’t even know where I’ll be in 6 months 🙂 [Riley: same haha]


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