Euro Trip Summer ’18! Filmmaker Volunteer Contest
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Euro Trip Summer ’18! Filmmaker Volunteer Contest

It’s goin down!

We’re planning an Epic European Vlog Trip this summer.

Tentative dates are July 25 – August 15

We will start in Istanbul Turkey, and make our way thru Eastern Europe.

Apply by filling out this survey! Before its too late:)

Applications close June 30th.

Time left to apply:

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Here’s what I’m thinking…

As you know, the longterm goal is to have a full-time paid traveling filmmaker to make dope videos around the world, just like how Jubril has Anthony for PassportHeavy. And how HighOnLife has a Josh as a full time editor and 2 full time camera guys.  This is coming.

That being said, I actually bumped into a filmmaker volunteer for HighOnLife in Bali (that’s how I ended up doing a video with them) – he contacted them and flew out bro-bono to work on projects.

But as of now, the LivinThatLife channel is just not bringing in the passive income to pay for a filmmaker’s expenses… yet. It’s still cashflowing less than $1000 a month.. and most of that is going to my current 2 video editors, and web services.


If you know any video people who’d love to join this trip for fun and be the filmmaker – Share this!


[If you cant swing it pro-bono this time, but still interested in future paid-filmmaking gigs (like for 2019 and beyond), still apply here and let me know in the thoughts section – so we can start tossing ideas around?]


However you will be paid in exposure, experience, and priceless memories🙂


As always, I’m open to ideas – something that would be a win-win for everyone.


Maybe you’re a YouTuber and you’d benefit from the exposure on my channel.

(we’d obviously do multiple collab videos – it would be a whole collab-series – could even do some 2-part vlogs, to get people to click over to your channel… the ideas are endless)

OR maybe you’re a digital nomad with a nice camera, and just down for an adventure! 

In exchange for taking the brunt of the camera work out of my hands, you’ll join in on an adventure with some incredibly fun dudes on the trip of a lifetime.  And build a relationship with us for the future.

Or maybe you live in Europe and would like to join in on just a portion of the trip!  Film help is ideal, but if you’re not a filmmaker, maybe you could bring value in other ways, like being our exclusive city tour guide, showing us exclusive spots to get rare content, make local connections, etc…

So you have an amazing camera but just a photographer-only? Or Instagrammer? If you’re a super dope photographer or instagrammer I’d be open to ideas.


  • I’ll also be looking for a freelancer to send out tons of emails to help us line-up brand sponsorships… (Hotels, home-stays, activities, restaurants, travel companies, etc. – for free stuff in exchange for review, or paid content) .. So if you know someone who has experience in this, pls contact.


So.. I don’t need a camera guy on this trip… I obviously plan to daily-vlog the trip as usual… But I’m always open to ideas… ??

If we were to let someone join us, here would be the ideal expectations…

(I had Tom as my videographer for the Bali trip, so I have a good sense of how to do it right, what I like, what works and what doesn’t.)


  • Film the trip daily  – daily muthafuccin vlogs! It’s work. But fun work.
    • We are co-directors of classic daily vlogs.
    • Casey Neistat Style, FunForLouis Style, and most recently and notably, HighOnLife Bali-trip style.
    • I control you. Lol – you are working for me the whole agreed upon time, all day, on my time.
      • We’ll agree on the dates beforehand. (Either the full trip or partial trip)
    • But You ideally lead the way as Lead Director & Lead Camera – while I am Executive Director & Second Camera.
      • Sometimes I want want to take over as director and say ok you need to get this shot, this shot, this shot. (gonna be TONS of beautiful B-roll to capture:)
      • But Ideally you will already know all the obvious B-roll shots to get without me having to tell you ok film this, film this, film this…
      • Sometimes I will take over filming
        • I have the right to take the camera as I feel (aka I can use your camera whenever)
      • You remind me throughout the day to give updates and ask me questions to address the vlog.
        • You are lead-director of the vlog – up to YOU to get all the necessary shots, address the camera with context as we arrive and leave places, get transitionary footage, keep an eye out for interesting things, interesting locals to interview, the hottest girls to give them my instagram, etc. 😉 ???


  • Pay your own expenses – accommodation, transportation, food, fees, etc… everything.
    • Expect at least $3,000 budget for 3 weeks in Europe.
      • We’re gonna want to to ALL THE THINGS
      • Tourist activities, thrill-seeking, exclusive local restaurants, we wanna experience it all.
        • Motorbiking thru Greece anyone? 🙂
    • We will mostly be staying in medium-high price hotels and eating medium-high price food
    • But, I could be down (some of the time) to stay at cheaper accommodation with you (aka the hostel down the street) and eat street food with you (aka the stall down the street) if you’re super dope and that’s the only way it could work.
    • And several times a day we’ll want to film the best meals – #foodporntime –  so if you don’t want or can’t afford the same food, you’re on your own. But we don’t want that to slow the group down so..
    • Ideally not someone with a super tight budget and who’s a happy camper as we don’t want to get slowed down by you.


  • Upload the raw footage nightly for the editor
    • ideally, hotel internet is good enough for this. If not, we’ll have occasional coffeeshop time. (Including Amsterdam coffeeshops ?)


Video editing: separate deal

  • If you’d be interested in editing the vlogs as well, we can talk.
  • But I currently pay my Indian vlog editors $5/hr, so I won’t be paying more than that for editing right now…
  • But ya I’m open to paying $5/hr for vlog editing.
    • Could be nightly during the trip if you really wanted to, or post-trip.
    • My Indian editor can edit 1 vlog for 6-8 hrs, every other day for $5/hr
      • So if you want to do better/faster than that, starting immediately post-trip, we can talk

Tentative places wanna hit – open to all ideas. If you have expertise in these areas and could help us plan and add value, it would be a huge plus. Pls contact via the survey.

General plan: Istanbul – to – Amsterdam

I know there are a million places we could hit, but here’s a few we’d probably for sure wanna hit.

A travel planner made this for us – open to ideas!

First draft rough itinerary ideas


So that’s what we’re thinkin!

At the end of the day, as always, we’re open to ideas to collab with people who can bring value, and we’ll bring value to you in return.

A good ol’ fashioned value-exchange.  In the form of priceless memories, exposure for your brand, friendship, mentorship, connections, future opportunities with us, or something else you’d like!

Not only will it be fun as f*ck, but maybe you’re starting an online business and we could offer you mentorship.

Ok that’s it for now!

Fill out this survey to apply.


Join my email list and I’ll send out updates & itinerary details as we get closer:)


? Some images to get u pumped ?


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