Work in Riley's Amazon FBA Biz – "Launch my New Product" Internship Application

Yo homies.

So here's where I'm at.

We have 3 new products in the pipeline that need to launch soon – and we'd like to someone to handle it all.

There's two ways I'm thinking of doing this: if you're experienced in product launches, I'll pay you. If you're just getting into FBA and would like to learn, I'll teach you for free.

  1. If you already have experience launching Amazon products, and you're interested in working for us on a paid freelance per-hour basis – then contact me.
  2. If you are just getting into FBA yourself, and have PLANS to launch your OWN product in the near future, or are currently in product research phase – then maybe you'd be interested in going through the sourcing/launch process with one of MY products, in exchange for the experience and coaching.

This would be a gig just for the product launch period, so probably a few months.  But we're always looking for new talent to join our team, part-time or full time.  So if you'd be interested in working with us on a longer-term paid basis, prove yourself and we'll talk.


[I'm ALSO looking for more interns in my LIVIN THAT LIFE Business... I need more video editors, and overall content creators and managers to help grow and make more money from the channel (Writing Articles, Creating Ebooks, Amazon Guides, Amazon tutorial videos, Marketing content for my Amazon course, running YouTube Ads for LTL, Facebook Ads to my course, Facebook Group Community Manager, Instagram page builder, Graphic Designer, reaching out to affiliate opportunities, reaching out to relevant influencers & brands, creating LivinThatLife T-Shirts & swag, and any way else you wish to help contribute - let's talk – apply HERE.]


My idea for the internship:

I could pay a random freelancer to help with this, but I'd rather work with someone who's HUNGRY to build their OWN Physical Product business, in exchange for hands-on coaching.

So I have a THREE new products in the pipeline that I need to launch soon. So basically, I want to hand off this task to an intern to teach them the whole launch process...

(I have three products to launch, so I'm willing to work with up to 3 interns.)

... from chatting with the supplier, to getting the packaging designed, to handing the barcode & shipping labels, to creating the Amazon Listing, to getting the photoshoot handled, to getting the reviewers lined up, etc...

Basically I'm GIVING you my product(s) to launch FOR ME – in exchange for giving you the training and HANDS ON experience on how it's all done properly.

So when it's time to launch your OWN Amazon product, you already know how, and hopefully you will avoid the beginner mistakes and thus save a lot of lost money, time and headache.



An unpaid internship? What?! That's slavery!

Many entrepreneurs bring on interns or 'Apprentices' totally 'pro-bono', or without pay – at least to start, so they can prove themselves first.  Some people would even pay ME to launch my product for the hands-on experience, let alone just SEE inside my business!

Could this evolve into a paid position?

Sure, if you want it to.  This will start off as an unpaid thing, just a value-exchange... You launch my product(s) for me in exchange for coaching, mentorship & experience.

But, if you PROVE to us that you can launch at least one product successfully on your own – then, if you wanted to continue work on a paid freelance basis for us, you can make us a proposal for a paid position, or even revenue share.

Basically, if you prove invaluable to our business and make it so I can't afford to NOT pay you to stay.... But you may not be interested in freelancing  at all... You may just want to learn & practice the product launch process then be done, and that's fine.

(If you DO already have experience launching successful products and are interested in a paid freelancing gig, then we can talk.)

Is this a work remote thing?

Yes, this would be all remote. But if you are around Thailand and/or want to come visit, sure, we could potentially do a co-working thing in cafes a few days per week.


Preference will obviously go to those who already have some experience in the online game.  And further preference to those who have already taken my Amazon course.

Anyway! That's what I'm thinking currently!

To apply, please fill out the application form:




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