How To Get 100k Instagram Followers In 48 hours
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How To Get 100k Instagram Followers In 48 hours


This post is a summary of the infamous “How to Gain 100k Followers on Instagram in 48 Hours” video, by High On Life (whom I met in Bali recently btw) …

.. I’m working on this method currently, and looking for others in the Travel and Entrepreneurship niches that might want to form a shoutout group!

If this is you, feel free to hit me up… and share your tips tricks & experiences in the comment section below!




How can I grow build my audience? How important is social media? What can you do after building up followers?

These are great questions but, they require me to go a little deeper and explain the concepts of building an audience through instagram. 100k followers in 48 hours is absolutely possible if you know what you are doing. With that being said lets get into it!

Step 1: If you need an idea to build a page – make a curation page. Aka, Find Super Viral Content and stuff that is fresh.

It’s not rocket science but, you’d be suprised at how many people overlook this little detail. You want to find amazing content that is super viral and engaging. New viral content is like a breathe of fresh air. Often times when looking for new videos you should be in the mindset of why would people want to watch this? The more captivating the better. Knowing your target audience helps too but, the viral content that you want to use specifically is the stuff that is new and different.

Once you have combed through all of your niches you want to start posting everything to your personal or curation page. Here is a quick template that you can start follow.

Line 1: Ask people what they think about the post or add a question that gets them engaged.

Line 2: Tell them to tag a friend.

Line 3: Always give credit to the creator.

So a more specific example would look like this..

“What do you guys think of this crazy video?!”

“Like our page & tag a friend for more!”

“Credit goes to”

Step 2: pay big pages to posts a video ad for your page. 

After you have finished all of this the next step is to make a video ad that is going to be posted on other peoples pages. 

Spend a little bit of time on creating this video ad. Your video ad needs to be badass and include the content that is on your page. Use premiere to add all the curated clips together then at the end of your video ad a call to action.

When you finish creating your video ad you can then go ahead and start to reach out to influencers. You want numerous pages of people who have built an audience to 1M, 2m, 3m etc. Their followers will get you to 100k very quickly.

You can start with story shares! So make a version that fits IG story size. This will be much lower cost than a post.

And they will tag you of course. E.g.  “Go Follow! They are my buddies DEF a good follow! Their youtube channel is killin it!” The more personal they can make the caption, the better. With a real non-spammy call to action.

If that works well and they are into it, negotiate a price to post on their page.

How to find a good price? On the site, pages charge from 20% -100% of their thousand followers, or sometimes even less. So for example, a page with 120,000 followers might charge $60 to $120 for a page post.  But for story post might me much less! The best way to go would be ask around for prices and get a good feel of a ballpark range. I’d start asking for 20% of their thousand followers, and negotiate from there. I’d pay no more than 100%. Depends on their engagement. I’d ask how many story views they get per day.

If you want to geek out on instagram analytics while your page is growing go on ahead. IG analytics will show you the growth of any page down to the hour.

A common question that people ask me after explaining all of this is: But how do I get other influencers to promote my page?

This can be done by straight up paying the influencer money or offering value. Remember that the people that built these pages put their blood,sweat, and tears into it. There has to be a value for value exchange. You can’t just ask someone to promote your page and not give anything in return. It’s like asking for an employer for a job but, not wanting to work XD. Other methods would include cross promoting each other especially if you already have built somewhat of an audience yourself. Another idea would to give away free clothing or any gear if you run a physical products business.

If there is one thing you take away from this article it would be that your content needs to be amazing. You can have a great ad and good editing skills but, if your content isn’t that captivating then no one is going to watch it. Heres a couple of questions you can ask yourself to see if your content is really good.

  1. Are people engaging with my posts?
  2. How is my content different than everyone elses
  3. How does my content stand out?
  4. Whats appealing about it?

Other things you can do to really boost engagement is feeding the instagram algorithim. There are two methods of doing this. The first one would be to do your hashtag research in your niche. You can easily look up hashtags in your niche and see which tags are trending. Once you find this out its as easy as posting the same hashtags in your posts.  Another tip is to only post pictures that are portrait sized. Both of these methods will help you use instagram the right way and boost your audience engagement.

Finally, heres a little step by step recap of this post.

Step 1: Pick your niche or go with your existing niche

Step 2: Find your content

Step 3: Make a sweet video edit

Step 4: Drive the traffic – pay big pages to share your video on their story and/or page and tag you


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