What to do in Istanbul! In 24 Hours or 2 Days
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What to do in Istanbul! In 24 Hours or 2 Days

I visited Istanbul for 3 days and it was amazing! But if you can only squeeze in a 24 hour layover, do it! You’ll still be able to hit the main tourist attractions. We paid for a private tour guide and he gave us a historical tour, and it was great! There are many group tours available as well.

What are your Istanbul tips! I’ll add them to this guide!

Sights to visit

  1. Havia Sophia
  2. Blue Mosque
  3. Topkapi Palace
  4. Suleiman Mosque

Turkish food must try!

  1. Have a Turkish Breakfast
  2. Try Baklava
  3. Get a Turkish ice cream


Things to do

  1. Get a Turkish Bath
  2. City historic tour
  3. Get a haircut


  1. Taksim Square

My Istanbul videos


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