Huge Announcement! The Nomad Summit is coming to LAS VEGAS! September 1st 2018

Get Early Bird Discount tickets quick!  ▶ 🏆

Yoo guys.  Whether you are an aspiring online entrepreneur, freelancer or digital nomad OR current one looking to network and level up by seeing what's working for others and making likeminded contacts & friends -- Johnny has gone out of his was to line this up for you!

It's Goin DOWN! A Nomad Summit in the USA! The conference that I won't shut up about because it changed by life back in 2014. Get Early Bird Tix while they last!

DON'T MISS IT if you want to be a digital nomad! I wanted to be a #digitalnomad in 2014 and it worked for me so it might work for you!

If I referred you, use my link! ▶ 🌴

Even if you plan on going to the Chiang Mai Thailand 2019 Summit, I'd still highly recommend you go to Vegas as it could exponentiate everything and have you 10 steps ahead by the time you make the jump to Chiang Mai! Johnny has made it in the easiest city to get to so he's really lined it up for you!

Meet likeminded people and learn from speakers about the current 2018 online marketing trends, strategies, what business models are working, what's getting outdated, and meet friends in the same boat to mastermind with – and connect with people ahead of you who can help mentor you on your entrepreneurial journey.


August 31st - 5:00pm - 9:00pm Pre-Registration, Networking and Drinks!

September 1st - 9:00am - 9:00pm Main Conference Day + After Party!

September 2nd - 11:00am - 9:00pm Workshops and VIP Speaker's Dinner!

September 3rd - 11am - 4:00pm Pool Party and Networking!


Go now!  ▶ 🌴


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