Pros & Cons of the Digital Nomad Lifestyle – Living Abroad & ‘Location Independent’ Entrepreneurship
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Pros & Cons of the Digital Nomad Lifestyle – Living Abroad & ‘Location Independent’ Entrepreneurship



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I’ve been based in SE Asia for 11 months of the year for the past 3 years, while running/building my e-commerce business.  I get asked a lot about what it’s like. So figured I’d list some of my favorite, and not-so-favorite parts of the ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle / having an online-based career while being an expat in another country.

What are your thoughts & ideas! Share your experiences! I consider it my job to help people get what they want.

Pros & Cons of Living Abroad (more affordable places)

Living Abroad: (in an affordable country)


  • not around your friends & fam from home
  • no rap concerts
  • timezone change? (good for china sourcing for sure /  WeChat)
  • No coziness of your ‘home home’
  • Language inconveniences / hassles
  • Buying home comforts
  • Social life: can take time to find good friends you clique with (same with moving to any new city)
  • Relationships: can be more difficult to have serious relationships if you’re not permanently based in one city.

Either way:

  • Getting lost (*finding yourself?) (*good or bad?)
  • Being out of your comfort zone
  • Minimalist lifestyle?


  • More affordable / bootstrap into your startup
  • Longer runway for startup time
  • Don’t have to cook / cheap local meals
  • Exoticness ?
  • Networking opportunities / interesting people / likeminded people / openminded people
  • Unique experiences: New food, cultures, experiences
  • Being out of your comfort zone: Getting Lost to Find Yourself

Pros & Cons of Being Your Own Boss: Freelance / Location Independent / Entrepreneur


  • lack of structure /  confusion about what exactly to do each day?
  • No proven path to follow, putting the pieces together for everything
  • the stress / and / or obsession…. “SHOPIFY AMAZON OPTIMIZE 4HOURWORKWEEK TOOLS OF TITANS”

Either way:

  • Uncertainty of success? (*good or bad?)


  • Wake up when you want
  • Work your own hours
  • Freedom of designing your lifestyle
  • Freedom of location (
  • No income cap / Limitless potential vs a typical job
  • able to potentially live life to the fullest by outsourcing and pivoting towards your passions.


What do you think? What are your pros & cons? Comment below!

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