I think we all want to live like a rock star in some way, deep down.

But what do we really mean when we say ‘Live the Iife of a rock star?’ What are those feelings that we associate with that lifestyle?

Excitement – music stars live exciting lives because there are always new creations to promote and perform… There is never boring monotonous repetition. It’s always a new vibe. And when something you create is pleasuring other people, that’s exciting. We want to make others feel good, and receive recognition for it as well. There’s no better feeling than making someone else feel good.

Fun – When you’re with people who are sharing the same excitement and passions with you, that’s fun.

Freedom – We typically view rockstars as touring around the country and the world. They are not tied down to one job location or household. Their love is spread around the world, experiencing different people and cultures. Free to roam. No chains attached.

Love –  music is something we like because it just makes us feel good. It brings us together to feel good together. Therefore, rock stars are living out of pure love. Pure passion. We want to love others, and we want to feel loved.

This exciting and free life filled with love and fun stuff… Adventure… Art… Creativity… Evolution… Friendships… I think we all want to live it deep down… But everyone doesn’t live like a rockstar.. Somewhere along the way, something happened.  What happened?

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~Here’s to all of us living like rockstars

–>And Remember, ‘Everything is you, and You are Everything’