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Have you ever heard the expression work smarter not harder?  Its not even too common to hear out there in the business world.  I for sure had not heard the term until recently I embarked on my journey to decondition myself as an employee-mindset person and recondition my mind into an entrepreneurial thinking one..

See, my dad always told me that to make a lot of money is takes hard work, and it does!

Don’t get me wrong, of course nothing is easy that is worth doing….. But there was a second part of that sentence that he left out…. Which potentially cost him millions of dollars over his lifetime… Just sayin..

That part was incorporate SMART work into that equation with hard work, and you’re making adifferent kind of money.

A different kind of money??? WTF?

Yes, a different kind of money. The kind that you don’t have to show up to work for.

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You see, where I live, in a rich suburban neighborhood outside Seattle, there are wealthy professionals, and then there are wealthy business owners.  The professionals, aka specialists, like doctors, lawyers, surgeons, self-employed people and stuff like that, they have to get up and  go to work every morning to get paid that day.. Sleep in, no business done… Break a hand or get sick? Nothing gets done.. No money coming in.

The difference is, the business owners DON’T!

They get paid because their business runs and makes money whether they are there or not, and that’s why they live on the waterfront properties lol..

Simply put, they were smart, so they got other people do go to work for them.

Of course, it takes hard work to be a business person and deal with people and work on (notice I didn’t say in) your business and to even seek out and acquire the knowledge that it takes to become a big business owner.  I say BIG because a lot of small business owners are not in it for the time freedom anyway.. They just plain like running their business themselves because they like it and thats dope!  Big business owners know about acquiring assets.  Assets that pay you even once you die.

All i’m saying is that when we say HARD WORK in business, we also need to say SMART WORK.

If financial success is the goal, which it is to most of us because financial success just means energy success, and with more energy you can do more on this world, so that makes sense..

More Energy = More FUN!

And what’s life all about when you look deep enough??




(aka pleasant experience)

Hard work will only get you so far, just incorporate a little bit of SMART WORK, and your efforts might be able to duplicate and expand beyond your personal energy level.  You can’t always duplicate your efforts just by working harder because you can only work so hard and you only have to many hours in the day….

There are people out there that are working Extremely hard who were never told that it also takes smart work and strategy and careful planning to reach the upper-echelon

Think waterfront….. What do they know that the layman doesn’t?


Some people have never even heard of that…. it pissed me off.. lets change that.

Rant over. I’m passin out. Monkey balls.

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