4 Things Einstein Wants To Teach You Today
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4 Things Einstein Wants To Teach You Today

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4 Things Einstein Wants To Teach You Today

“I have no specific talent. I’m only passionately curious.” -Einstein


4 Things Einstein Wants To Teach You – NOW

Key Message #1: Stay Curious


Einstein couldn’t talk enough about the importance of curiosity. 

So, in the spirit of maybe the filthiest dude that ever lived, allow me to express my passion for being curious. I want to know everything. I wouldn’t have a problem with that. I would love to know the true nature of the universe, existence. Of course! Wouldn’t you? Our place in the universe? Or the question of all questions: How did I get into this body? ;) Try that one on for size.

I let curiosity drive me. I think we all can agree that we were all insatiably curious as kids. Ever since I was a kid, I knew I never wanted to grow up – what I was really feeling, was a passion for curiosity. That that part of me never will change. It will only grow and evolve with each new piece of knowledge.

Curiosity is the most fundamental thing that makes us human. When we feel curious, we are feeling a desire to know ourselves. In Buddhist philosophy, they way that we are here simply to have experiences, that the universe created us just so it could experience itself – to learn more about itself. When we are curious about new ideas or things or experiences, this is the universe doing its job, getting closer to discovering who we actually are.

Einstein was a curious beast. Perhaps the most infamously curious person ever. That’s why I’m such a huge fan.

“Never lose a holy curiosity.”

I almost feel bad for good ol’ Einstein’s brain now that I think about it. He must have been SOcurious about how the universe worked fundamentally, that he had to devote all his energy just to figure out what was going on. He had a knack for asking questions that nobody was asking.

How does the Earth pull me down when I’m not touching it? How does the Sun hold the Earth in its grips from millions of miles away? There was NO way in his mind that he was going to die without some reasonable explanation for this.

So he thought and thought and thought about how things worked. What’s stuff made of? What would it be like to ride on a space ship traveling he speed of light? These are the deep questions that fueled his curiosity, and his contributions.

I can only imagine the depth of thought that was churning inside of his brain as he sat at his desk. Such new abstract ideas in physics were being studied that his only hope to come up with a new understanding of the fundamental workings of the universe was to think ‘outside’ the box. To completely let his mind go – and let the imagination take over.

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This is what allowed him to come up with the idea that space is a fabric, and all ‘stuff’, is embedded in it. More massive objects stretch more fabric around them, creating a slope of fabric inwards towards it, like a bowling ball on a trampoline. Objects that slide freely past these massive objects will fall down this slope, if it is steep enough. So the faster you are going, the less likely you will fall in, because you will fling yourself out of the other side of the slope, just like going down a half-pipe.

Magic. And all of a sudden, we get gravity. He thought of an idea no one had before. He had to reach into the deepest bowels of his imagination – to change his perspective of the world so vastly that almost allowed his brain to go into another state. Deep thought. It’s almost like a drug. I dig it.

Key Message #2: Change Your Perspective.

It makes sense that in order to fully understand something, you must look at it from all angles. Most of the time, however, we cannot put ourselves in a position to see the world from every single angle physically, so we have to use our imagination. In everyday life, trying to understand a situation from someone else’s point of view is called empathy, and it’s very important. Empathy in my opinion, is the biggest part of the changing perspectives lesson, and is an essential life skill.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Trying to put yourself into someone else’s head is not always easy, and it takes practice. It’s like trying to master meditation, completely shutting off the normal voice in your head and trying to listen to someone else’s voice by imagining being in their shoes. You have to imagine their past, present, and immediate future all at once – very difficult.

Most people will say they understand someone else’s situation, but they never really put in the brain power. It takes at least 5 minutes of solid concentration. At the end of fully transporting your consciousness into someone else’s, you should be drained, like how you feel after a two hour exam.

And that’s how Einstein must have felt. All the time. I wonder what kind of snacks he ate to keep his energy levels up. No chewy bars?

Key Message #3: Question Everything.

It’s the healthiest thing you could to for the mind and soul. Don’t let anybody tell you how to think. Think for yourself. Explore for yourself. Investigate for yourself.

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” – E

Check out this great resource to help you get in the right mind state called Powerful Primates. It’s a great place to start. Check out their blog, and watch their YouTube vids. Money stuff.Watch my YouTube playlists as well, I’ve compiled lots of videos teaching the stuff they don’t teach you in college, like how to find your passion. Below is a video of Joe Rogan, the ambassador of questioning everything, and a great teacher.

Key Message #4: Educate Yourself. 

One thing that I am particularly passionate about now is Self-Education. Seek out knowledge, and Educate Yourself.  I have learned more valuable info in these past 2 years after college than in my entire time in the schooling system.

Why? Because when you seek out information yourself because you want to, and not because you have to, you actually learn it. I’m a slow reader, so I educate myself on YouTube. It’s really all you need to learn about anything.

My recommendation: Unsubscribe from Cable TV, buy a $99 Apple TV on Amazon. It’s the simplest thing you can do to get smarter. Switch to the internet. It did wonders for my brain, its amazing. Americans watch a lot of TV… Imagine how smart we could get if we all watched 3 hours of Edu-tainment every day? It’s awesome when when entertainment blends with education. That’s how it should be, right?

Think about it, your favorite teacher in school was the one who had the most fun, therefore you probably learned the most. Problem is, most teachers suck in real school. On YouTube, they’re good, real good. And there’s more coming on every year. The trend is catching on. Don’t get left behind in the education revolution.

“It’s a miracle that Curiosity survives formal education.” – E

Dang, this guy sure thought curiosity was important, huh?

Yep, cuz it is. There pretty much isn’t a topic I wouldn’t love to become knowledgeable about. Sometimes I think that there just isn’t enough time to learn all the things I want to learn! To scratch all those curi-itches. Well, on my quest to live forever and know everything (like, a god, I guess?), or at least until I die, I will never be bored.  Sounds awesome.

~Here’s to it. Committed to lifelong learning.



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