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Amazon FBA Sales Machine: How To Literally Guarantee Sales From Day One Without Being A Social Media Celebrity Or Having ANY Following To Start!

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve found a product, sourced it, and have placed your first order with your supplier. You’re all excited to start making those Amazon FBA sales that others are making! Now, you’re waiting for your product to arrive at Amazon’s warehouses. This is a crucial time that can make or break your launch. The waiting […]

The HIDDEN Downsides of the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

I stumbled on this youtube video called “The Hidden Downsides of Being A Digital Nomad” @ Hubud Bali – by Brian David Green – –  I contacted him and asked permission to use these notes to do a commentary / follow-up video. In general, many of these have to do with ‘traveling too often […]

How to Start a YouTube Channel in 2020

If you have been thinking about starting a youtube channel, but just wondering HOW to start a YouTube channel in 2020, and the best strategies and practices these days, then this is for you. Download the PDF slides here Step 1 Just f*ckin start! You will learn as you go! Upload your first shitty video! […]

How to Negotiate a Remote Work Agreement

How to negotiate a remote work agreement with your company / boss / employer/job. If living the digital nomad life is your goal, this may be the quickest way to do that – quicker than starting your own small business. Rather than sticking it out then just quitting your job, it’s possible to do your […]

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