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Introducing my new Amazon Podcast: FBA Lifestyle!

On my main podcast/channel Livin That Life, I’ve interviewed over 100+ digital nomads since 2015. But I get soooo many questions about Amazon, that the time has come to create a podcast dedicated to Amazon selling… and I’m calling it… FBA Lifestyle 🌴 It’s also a YouTube channel where I will be sharing short clips […]

*Reminder* – Don’t forget to sign up for this Travel Insurance before you visit abroad

TL;DR – On a real note, before you travel abroad, you NEED to get travel insurance – it will cover bills from unexpected illness & accidents & losses. Don’t be like my friend who was left with $8,000 in hospital bills from an unexpected illness because he had the wrong travel insurance! –> Quick Story: […]

The HIDDEN Downsides of the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

I stumbled on this youtube video called “The Hidden Downsides of Being A Digital Nomad” @ Hubud Bali – by Brian David Green – –  I contacted him and asked permission to use these notes to do a commentary / follow-up video. In general, many of these have to do with ‘traveling too often […]

How to Start a YouTube Channel in 2020

If you have been thinking about starting a youtube channel, but just wondering HOW to start a YouTube channel in 2020, and the best strategies and practices these days, then this is for you. Download the PDF slides here Step 1 Just f*ckin start! You will learn as you go! Upload your first shitty video! […]

How to Negotiate a Remote Work Agreement

How to negotiate a remote work agreement with your company / boss / employer/job. If living the digital nomad life is your goal, this may be the quickest way to do that – quicker than starting your own small business. Rather than sticking it out then just quitting your job, it’s possible to do your […]

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