Arriving in Vietnam
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Arriving in Vietnam

We’re back in Asia!

Why Ho Chi Minh?

All the Chiang Mai-ers come to HCM during the burning season and have reported only good things about it so, we decided it would be the next city we check out as aspiring digital nomads.

IMG_2530It’s got a good digital nomad scene here, and is ranked in the top 5 digital nomad hubs in the world.  A lof of ppl in the ‘Dynamite Circle’ base themselves out of HCM – a group of Online Entrepreneurs who make $10,000+ a month.

IMG_2575This is the first big dense megacity that we’ve ever lived in, so it’s definitely a new experience for sure. But I like cities, so it’s pretty cool.

Loud traffic and stimulation everywhere. Always something going down on the sidewalks. Cities in SE Asia are so compressed, that there’s always people just hanging out doing stuff on the sidewalk: taking a nap, playing checkers, eating, playing badminton….

Everyone just sits outside here, it’s a very outdoor lifestyle, which I like.

Food has been A+, obviously.

Pho in Vietnam 2015 Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon
You already kno.
Coconut milk fruit drink Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon Vietnam
Coconut milk drink with chunks of avocado, durian, lychee fruit, and other fruits.
Banh Mi Vietnamese Sandwich and Banana-Chocolate smoothie 🙂
Ho Chi Minh City Hall, built in 1908, French Colonial Style 2015
Ho Chi Minh City Hall, built in 1908, French Colonial Style

IMG_2556  IMG_2570 IMG_2574 IMG_2527  IMG_2538


War Remnants Museum… war is bad, mmkay.


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