Bali Cost of Living – Canggu (Top Digital Nomad Destination) [2021]
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Bali Cost of Living – Canggu (Top Digital Nomad Destination) [2021]

bali cost of living

I’ve been posted in Bali for a while now. A frequent question I get on my Instagram stories is, ‘yo what’s the Bali cost of living look like?’ So, here it is.

More FAQ I get on my IG:

What’s the vibe like right now? (as of April ’21) Living in paradise as usual guys! Lots of people and parties. Tons of digital nomads and expats here. Parties every night. Huge day parties at Savaya – the epic day club – every Friday & Saturday from 1-pm. From January to March, things closed early at 9pm. But things are open til 10pm or later now. Several nightclubs are open late now.

Is Bali open for travel? (as of April ’21) Not yet for regular tourism – hopefully soon. But, they are processing business visas (B211) now, which is what many people here have. Get in contact with a visa agent or check out this article from on How to Enter Bali Now for more info. Also check out Rhett & Claire on youtube – they just arrived and vlogged the whole process.

Links & resources:

Bali lost of living breakdown!


  • Budget: $300 ($10/day, local warunds are $2-4 a plate)
  • Average: $1,000 ($30 a day for 2-3 western meals)
  • Baller: $2,000 ($60 a day, fancy meals daily)


  • Budget: $300 ($10/nt basic guesthouse or hostel)
  • Average Guesthouse: $500 ($15-20/nt guesthouse)
  • Average Villa: $750-$1000 (per room)
  • Baller Villa Mansion: $1500-$2000 (per room)


  • Budget: $50 basic scooter
  • Average: $75/mo (150cc scooter)
  • Baller: $500 (big bike)

Check Airbnb and Facebook Marketplace for villas. Bali is villaland lol. Tons of villas to choose from!

Here is my Airbnb List: Canggu AC Villas. The thing about villas in Bali is most are ‘open air’ style… I prefer enclosed – that is, has AC in the main space. I went thru Airbnb and make a list of ones with an air-conditioned kitchen / living room space.


  • Budget: $50 (25hrs/mo)
  • Average: $100 (50hrs/mo)
  • Baller: $150-200 (unlimited) Most popular: Dojo, Tropical Nomad, B-Work.

Most popular co-working spaces: Dojo, Tropical Nomad, B-Work.


  • Budget: $200 (1 night a week spend $50 bucks)
  • Average: $500 (1-2 nights a week spend $50-100 bucks)
  • Baller: $1,000-$2,000 (1-2 nights a week spend $200-$500 bucks)

Bali has world-class nightlife. At the most popular beach clubs & nightclubs, a beer is $3-4, a signature cocktail is $7-10. Such as La Brisa, La Favela, The Lawn, Finns, Shi Shi, etc.


  • Budget: $30 (local gym)
  • Average: $50-75 (Avenue w/ sauna & ice bath, Fitness Plus & more)
  • Baller: $150-200 (Unlimited at Crossfit Wanderlust, Bali MMA, Body Factory w/ Recovery Center)


  • Budget: $100
  • Average: $300-$500
  • Baller: $1,000-$2,000

Random & regular life stuff: touristy stuff, shopping, taxis, laundry, massages, desserts, snacks, toiletries, etc.

For my Things To Do list, check out my Bali Guide blog post.


  • Budget: $1,000 – $2,000
  • Average: $2,500 – $4,000
  • Baller: $6,000 – $8,000

Big picture:

  • In SE Asia you can choose your own budget. Starting at $1,000/mo minimum. Above that, it’s simply up to you what you wanna spend and how much u wanna ball!
  • I spend around $3,500/mo and I recommend that budget for a great lifestyle.
  • I don’t recommend a budget of less than $2,000 per month. You’ll have too much FOMO.

Are you coming to Bali and wanna know everything I know, avoid mistakes I made, save money and make your life easier? I filmed a 30+ video Bali guide section inside my travel & living abroad tips course called Travel Boss Toolbox.

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