The Bali Guide – Areas to Stay, Things to Do, Cost of Living as a Digital Nomad, Nightlife, Food, Cafes & More

BALI TRAVEL GUIDE Welcome to the Bali travel Guide! So I’ve been in Bali for a while now…. And, if you were to ask me, “So Riley, what’s good with Bali?" (my friends are asking me this already) What are the vibes? Cheap as Chiang Mai? Where’s the best area to stay? Coffeeshop scene?  I […]

Cafes to Work at in Canggu Bali

March 23, 2018

Cafes to Work at in Canggu Rather, "Cafes I Worked at.."  So leave YOUR favorites in the comments! FAQ: Are there any 24 hour cafes in Canggu or Bali? I couldn't find any 24hr cafe to work at, so I joined Dojo Coworking space which is the only place to work 24/7 other than your […]