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Exactly How I Make $10,000/mo on Amazon

 First, decide you wanna do this. Commit by buying an Advanced Course. Guess what, I made one –  it’s called The Amazon Method.  The Method: Private Label = Buy wholesale on, brand it, sell for Retail on for 4-10x the price.    Step 1: Find a Product to Sell  Comb thru AmazonFill out my spreadsheetPrivate Label […]

Freedom Summit 2019 Notes

Freedom Summit 2019 notes – Chiang Mai Thailand Michael Baptise – High Ticket Products all it takes is the right factors of perception to sell a high ticket product what is a high ticket product? a real life business solution that has a high real value and perceived value 1st create a product identify a […]

The Best Channels to Follow on YouTube

September 18, 2018

As a YouTuber, one way you could look at it is, that I’m in direct competition with the mainstream media… For your attention. I’ve been consuming YouTube over TV for about 8 years now, and to say the least, I’ve been enlightened on a few subjects over the years. My Review: I feel fundamentally smarter […]